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Giro Vanquish MIPS Helmet

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Pretty cool hemlet
by Adinmem
Competitive Racer
Memphis, TN
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I debated this purchase for a while, then caught it on sale last month (still on sale now, so jump on this while you can). The fit is comfortable (medium for my 7-38 head and I have plenty of room to loosen and a few turns of the screw to tighten, so I am not struggling with a helmet that barely fits). Typical of Giro's top-end helmets (I've never had an entry-level one of theirs), the adjustments are easy and I'm expecting no slipping of the straps in their adjusters, since that has been my experience so far.

Aero? Seems to be! Since I'm not the owner of a wind tunnel, I'll have to parrot the other reviewers and say that it feels fast.

The visor..... attaches with four small integrated magnets, unlike the three prominent round ones on the Air Attack Shield. The visor goes on easily, securely, and makes a good seal. There are small ventilation holes in the top of the visor, so fogging won', I expect, be an issue (remember sitting still means no air movement, so even ventilated sunglasses can fog when you're stopped). I've seen many reviews that say the visor doesn't feel secure when flipped upside down on the helmet. There is a little truth to this in that the stowed position of the visor is higher than the regular position, so it does not into engage the channels (that exist for aero purposes and as a consequence, to help keep it securely in place), and only has the back two magnets holding it. This causes the visor to have a little travel, as it can swivel up a little, but the truth is that I've not had any trouble on the road with the visor stowed this way. I've been on one rough patch of road that I hate (the group ride took us there), and I was worried that something would give up there, but all was fine. I've not gone off-road nor done any bunny-hopping to test things, but I'm going to trust Giro's QA on this based on my very limited unintentional test.

Two complaints first, there are still no other colors of visor available other than what comes with the helmet, nor are replacements available. Second, and this ties in a bit to the first, is that the visor sits very close to the face and allows no room to wear glasses underneath without the two touching. I understand why, and love the functionality, and no, I don't wear prescription glasses, but those that do will potentially have a problem, depending on the size of their frames. My personal issue is that with the old Air Attack Shield, if my ride was going to last until after dark, I could wear the dark visor and clear glasses underneath, then stow the dark visor as he light faded and already have on glasses without having to worry about scratching them in a pocket (or using pocket space better left to calories on a long ride).


Reviewed 3/20/2018
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Great Fit
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
San Diego
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Great upgrade. I seldom use the wind shield on group rides.

Reviewed 3/2/2018
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All the usual Giro quality
by Anonymous
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

Great helmet. One small complaint. I cant figure out how to properly secure the visor in the stowed position. It feels like it will fall off easily. This is very easy and very secure on the Aerohead.

Visor is very secure in the down position though.

Reviewed 1/19/2018
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Versatile helmet - Road or Triathlon
by Josh W
Saint Pete, Fl

Great helmet. Super comfortable and very versatile between road cycling or time trial (Triathlon).

Reviewed 8/14/2019
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by Anonymous

I am bummed that when descending or riding in the wind it is like having a fan pushing air directly at my eyeballs. It is comfortable otherwise

Reviewed 7/8/2019
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