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Garmin Venu 3 GPS Watch

GarminVenu 3 GPS Watch(Return to Product Page)

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Review by LF

This is a great watch for riding and everyday use
by LF
Cycling Enthusiast
Saratoga, California

I had a first gen Venu that was good but eventually the screen became unreadable. I attributed this to "new design" issues and replaced it with the Venu 3. What an improvement. The screen is easily readable, even when riding in a broad range of weather conditions. It syncs to the GPS satellites quickly and seems to be accurate. There is a slight discrepancy in distance between the Venu-3 and the 510, but I don't know which is more accurate and, for my purposes, it doesn't matter. I have not had any lost signal issues in steep canyons or heavy forests.

The heart rate capability is great. I don't like wearing the chest strap, so the watch is a good alternative. It seems accurate and gives me the instant readout and the zone allocation across a full ride. It has a HRV mode but the minimum pulse is 50, so I usually don't get measurements. The morning summary of sleep and other stats is nice.

I have not looked at all of the features but have used the common ones frequently and they work. I am not a competitive rider, so I don't need the most advanced metrics and techniques that are available on some of the other watches. I ride multiple times per week and the Venu-3 more than meets my needs.

The connection to my phone has not had any problems. My rides are quickly sync'ed to Garmin and Strava. I like getting call/text/news alerts on my watch and yet it doesn't feel overwhelming.

There are a couple of things I don't like. The "crash detection" sensor is too sensitive and can't be adjusted. I have triggered it a couple of times that were not crashes (or even stops) and missed cancelling the warning which caused my spouse a lot of anxiety. A niggle is that after a long day in the saddle, it tells me to "get moving" after I sit down to relax. I feel that my movement metric has been more than satisfied after a multi-hour ride and I don't need this erroneous reminder. But it is easily ignored.

This watch is a bit pricey, but between riding and wearing as an everyday watch I find it more than meets my needs.

Reviewed 3/15/2024
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