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Garmin Running Dynamics Pod

GarminRunning Dynamics Pod(Return to Product Page)

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User submitted reviews

Review by mick

running replacement for chest strap
by mick
Cycling Enthusiast
Tampa Bat , Florida

Used to replace a chest strap for summers hot humid weather on runs, it works great. Paired easy to a Garmin 735xt.

I like the feature showing ground contact time for each foot, & the other run features on Garmin.

Still use a chest strap for rides.

Reviewed 7/17/2017
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Review by Nb01

Battery needs replacing a lot
by Nb01

It does what it should...I have great stats now.

The battery needed replacement after 2 weeks/4 uses. The new one hasn't lasted too much more than that.

Reviewed 11/22/2021
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Review by trekdeerslayer

You can't fix running inefficiencies, if you don't know what they are.
by trekdeerslayer
Competitive Racer
Geneseo, NY
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Using this pod has shown me that I use my balance is off and that I favor my left leg, I am now working at using both legs the same. I have also found out just how much I bounce. You can do two things after reviewing your own data, do nothing or fix it. After 3 weeks of using the pod I have become much smoother, I don't notice some of the aches I had before. I would recommend this product if you want to become a more efficient smoother runner.

Reviewed 2/15/2018
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Review by NG

Device works fine but Garmin's app for comparing run dynamics to previous runs is not
by NG
Competitive Racer

Insight into your running dynamics is valuable data to aid with improving form and performance. This device works well with regard to how you performed on a given run (cadence, stride length, leftright balance, vertical oscillation). My disappointment is with Garmin's app. There is no way to compare data from previous runs to demonstrate change or improvements. Again, the device does it's job but I hope Garmin's improves their app.

Reviewed 10/12/2017
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Review by Anonymous

Works great!
by Anonymous

Love the extra info. Small & compact, clips easily to waist.

Reviewed 9/5/2017
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Review by wrandall22

works well if you dont carry anything
by wrandall22
Cycling Enthusiast
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I have used this a number of times and found that it is not as accurate as the chest strap dynamic system. This requires you to wear it on the back middle of your shorts. If you have any shorts that have a pockets in the back the sensor accuracy is thrown off when you carry gels or a phoneipod. The weight of the item in your pocket makes the Garmin Pod bounce more than if there is nothing in the pocket. It also cant be worn if you are using a hydration belt because it would be under the belt. It did work well at the track because I didn't have anything in my pockets. I owned the chest strap version and found the information very helpful.

Reviewed 8/18/2017
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