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Garmin HRM-PRO Plus

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User submitted reviews

Review by CYinPA

Great product, stays in place super well
by CYinPA
Competitive Racer

I have had a few different variations of Garmin's HRM products, and also some cheapie models too. I have zero issues with accuracy and consistency with them, even the bobo knockoff models.

What I do have issues with is the fit. I'm a skinny rider, 5' 11", 151 pounds, and getting something to stay in place is sometimes tough. I think Garmin made this model for skinny people, because I actually had to adjust it wider, which is almost never for me. I actually thought at first I was gaining a few, but nope, it's just a good, snug fit.

No issues with it at all. I don't use any of the run features it has, but for cycling, it's perfect. I do think it's expensive, but don't fault it, you know how much it costs before you buy it, it's not a surprise, so I made that decision.

Battery life seems incredible, haven't had it even drop off of new status and I ride 15 hours a week.

Even works well in cold, before you get a layer of sweat on there to help conduction.

I guess the only issue is if you're a larger framed user, may not fit, but haven't tested to confirm my hunch.

Reviewed 2/23/2024
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Review by Andrew T.

Works Great compared to my last HRM Dual
by Andrew T.
San Francisco
7 of 7 customers found this review helpful.

This one seems to work the best out of all the Garmin HRMs I've used so far. My last HRM Dual and the original HRM that came with my 520 Edge both had descent lives but started to become faulty. I figured I'd just go with this one as their successor since it is water proof and I might want to swim in a wet suit with it, plus I sweat like the ocean anyway. Also, the care instructions are way different, with hand washing only, so be sure to read them.

Overall, this one is always instantly picked up on my head unit and it appears very accurate, so the output signal must be super solid. My old HRMs were all over the place and I finally feel like I'm getting accurate feedback at the beginning and end of the entire ride. I also see that I'm getting spot on readings during max FTP training efforts, so I can push if there's anything left in the tank.

There was nothing more frustrating than wearing an HRM for it just to drop off early after being inaccurate for most the ride and this one does not do that at all, and my mind is at ease again aka back to focusing on just riding and not HRM system resets, strap adjustments, fiddly battery replacements.

I've been training with my zones on my head unit display and it's been nice to see my data once again on Zwift.

The new adjustment and clasp design is more streamlined and I think it is more secure and more comfortable across the torso. It has less fabric doubled across the strap so it seems to be a better system for setting and securing the adjustment across your body when compared to the older HRM Dual (washable) strap style. Which I used to wash in a laundry bag hoping to extend the life.

Overall, I have been super pleased with this product. The price is a bit high but I think it's good to splurge for something that will be reliable and secure on your body, day in and day out, when out there putting in the hard training miles.

Reviewed 2/7/2023
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Review by CDS

Needed a back up
by CDS
Cycling Enthusiast
Chattanooga Tennessee

Planning a 200+mile ride this summer wanted a back up.I have an older Garmin 920XT and this works great with it,tried it with the old H.R.M. that came with 920XT and they are both providing the same data. GARMIN is a great platform and I will continue to use it.

Reviewed 4/2/2024
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Review by Michigan Rider

Revised Battery Compartment Design - We'll See!
by Michigan Rider
Competitive Racer
SE Michigan
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

This is my third Garmin Pro hr strap. First I had the one with the red cover and after the first battery change (about a year), the compartment was somehow compromised. Moisture got in and the batteries began to live shorter and shorter lives and then the strap started having transmission issues. This problem is widely known and discussed on various forums. It is likely due to the thin, fragile o-ring/gasket they use for the cover. Once the cover comes off, that gasket never seats properly again or gets deformed. I reached out to Garmin and they sent me a new one under warranty. The one with the yellow cover. Same experience. I didn't reach out to Garmin again. Instead I just bought this one. The battery compartment cover has been re-designed. We'll see what happens after the first battery change.

Reviewed 7/20/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Excellent heart rate strap, connects to Garmin
by Anonymous
South Florida

I upgraded my heart rate strap to this Garmin HRM-PRO plus so that I could connect and share data with Garmin Connect.

So far I have no issues.

Reviewed 3/14/2024
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Review by Kim Butler

Better fit
by Kim Butler
Wheeling WV

Strap can adjust tighter. So also works on small females Seems more accurate doing HRV apps Only downside is pricey

Reviewed 1/12/2024
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Review by stupech

They don't last forever
by stupech
Cycling Enthusiast
Delray Beach, Florida
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Had to replace an older version of the same when it would no longer communicate with my bike computer, even though it still worked with my garmin watch. But long before this, I had to sew the strap where it deteriorated. Although this HRM is supposed to be usable for swimming, I think that's what really led to strap damage, because it still worked on the bike long after I could no longer use it swimming. This new one, I am only using on the bike. It works great, and is comfortable, but I'm sure it will wear out at some point also.

Reviewed 8/17/2023
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Review by la15ota

Very useful
by la15ota
Casual Cyclist
San Jose, CA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

A colleague recommended I pick this heart rate monitor to better track my heart rate during my training for my first half ironman. I don't have anything to compare it to, but I like it. It's comfortable to wear.

Reviewed 2/16/2023
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Review by UtahJock

Seems to work okay.....
by UtahJock
Cycling Enthusiast
1 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I wear two of these simultaneously while riding my stationary bike - the new is connected to my laptop for the Rouvy cycling app, my old is connected to the Garmin app on my cell phone. They are nearly touching each other on my chest when worn. Interestingly, they do not record identical max heart rates. They are are as much as 10% different.

Reviewed 1/20/2023
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