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Fizik R5 Artica GTX Road Shoe

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Review by Chris

Wet feet, but warm
by Chris

Had high hopes for these being a good winter rain boot for the wet Portland rides. Unfortunately all the water still seeps in through the neoprene ankle cuff and then the shoe turns into a pool of water.

They do keep the foot warm in the cold weather, but fall pretty short in the rain.

Reviewed 11/22/2023
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Review by Curtissimo

If you ride in the winter, you need winter shoes!
by Curtissimo
Washington, D.C.

Got these for the really cold days, below 40F. I previously rode with my Bontrager XXX Road Shoes with rain covers. It worked, I wasn't freezing, but I wasn't comfortable either. Switched to these and winter riding is now comfortable even in below freezing conditions.

Fit is good. I�m a 44.5 in Bontrager and it is the same here. Shoe is a bit more narrow, so if you have wide feet, this may not be for you.

I haven't used them long enough to comment on durability. I got them in white (have to match the helmet), so time will tell how the hold up to the winter roads. If they had a HiViz option, I may have opted for that instead considering the short dark days in the Northeast.

Reviewed 6/20/2023
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Review by hindsneville

A great cycling boots. I will be purchasing the all-white. I have the black ones.
by hindsneville
Casual Cyclist

Its comfortable and warm

Reviewed 11/2/2023
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Review by CYinPA

Purpose built shoe that works....
by CYinPA
Competitive Racer

I caught a sale on these, and wanted to try them out. I have the Sidi version of these, and they are actually a great winter shoe as well. I felt they were bulky though, I wasn't unhappy with them, but thought they could be slimmed down.

Tried these out and they are basically the same shoe, but not so chunky. I had them down into the 20's with just a thin merino wool sock (my normal for the winter), and no issues. Your feet actually get warm, they aren't meant to ventilate, so basically don't go nuts with sock thickness. The other great part with these is since they aren't so bulky, you could fit an overshoe over them if you needed to (haven't had to).

Also they do keep you dry from the elements, but do be aware that water can run down into them from higher up the leg, it's just how live is unless you wear something that goes over them.

Boa dial stays where you set it, holds the foot well, I did put an aftermarket insole in them for some arch support, but I do that with all of my shoes.

Reviewed 5/3/2023
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Review by Anonymous

These are amazing shoes, but use them for what they were intended for...
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast

I am super happy with these shoes! After putting about 400 miles on them, I can confidently say they have met my expectations. They are quite comfortable, good looking and reasonably warm. To be fair, they probably won't keep your feet warm below about 35 degrees, but anything about that and these do a great job and prevent the need to use unseemly and bulky shoe covers that never seem to work. I would recommend these. I just did an 80 mile ride last week and these were comfortable the entire way. They are true to size and were the same fit as my Shimano RC900 road shoes.

Reviewed 4/3/2023
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Review by Du-man

Solid Winter Shoe
by Du-man
Cycling Enthusiast
New York City

Not bulky or heavy like older Sidi winter shoes I own, more akin to a regular road shoe. Keeps your feet and toes warm. I have not been out in below 35 degrees so can�t attest to very cold conditions. Width is a bit snug on the toe box. Had some discomfort pressure on the outside my right small toe metatarsal, a shoe tree fixed the issue. I would suggest measuring your foot in milli meters and add 10 mm to your size on the Fizik sizing chart https://www.fizik.com/rw_en/shoe-sizing-guide. Cleat position is more towards midfoot, good position if you like your cleats back, if you like them forward, may not be for you. BOA dial and Velcro on top provide a nice adjustable fit. Overall, a nice winter shoe.

Reviewed 3/3/2023
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Review by Greg S

Warm and dry
by Greg S
Cycling Enthusiast

These are fur lined, no bottom vents, and waterproof. Very comfortable and warm. They are technically boots, so a bit more bulk to them. I've worn them with waterproof socks, but rain can still get in around the ankle, so shoe covers (to guard the ankles) are still needed for long rides in the rain. I've even set some PRs with these. I wear a 43.5 for summer shoes, and the same size fits perfectly for these. Quality made. Highly recommend them.

Reviewed 2/17/2023
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Review by Steve F

Summer shoe comfort
by Steve F
Saugus, MA

These are very comfortable but not quite as warm as I was hoping. I forget that most winter shoes are designed for European temperatures. I�ve been using shoe covers for anything below 40 degrees, from 40-45 my feet start getting a little bit cold after 60 minutes or so but never painfully cold. My feet do tend to run cold and I don�t like wearing extra thick socks so these are probably warm enough for plenty of cyclists, the fleece lining does seem to be pretty effective as well. I like that these to not come up very high on the ankles as well, my dexterity or lack there of has not been effected. I don�t really like how the cleat position is set back on these though, I have them all the way forward and I�m still getting the occasional toe rub on turns when I�m not paying attention. It�s not uncomfortable I�m just used to a more forward position.

Reviewed 1/30/2023
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Review by Calme

Best buy
by Calme
New Milford NJ
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I am so happy with this winter shoes. I had the Fizik R5 Artica ( not the GTX ) but it was heavy and rubbing against the crank arm. The GTX is suave! I used it 3x on 35-42� and added a toe warmer, my toes were warm on my entire 40, 50 miler rides.

Reviewed 12/12/2022
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Review by NJ Cyclist

This should be your winter shoe of choice
by NJ Cyclist
Cycling Enthusiast

After wearing booties for years and constantly having trouble keeping my feet warm, I decided I needed a reliable winter shoe. These do not disappoint. The fleece lining really keeps your feet and toes nice and warm. The shoe fits snug, especially if you wear heavier socks. You may consider a half size larger than your normal road shoe. The BOA closure enables the shoe to fit your foot snuggly.

Reviewed 4/6/2023
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Review by thom

good comfortable shoe right out of the box
by thom
Cycling Enthusiast
redmond, washington

I wear an 11 tennis shoe, with this shoe i wear the same size as my regular road shoe, a 45. I have neither a narrow or wide foot. Right out of the box i put these on and did 1.5 hours on the trainer. Very comfortable shoe and no issues whatsoever. Shoe is just the right height, sorta between a high and low top shoe. Quality is good and looks also.

Reviewed 2/21/2023
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Review by Bob S.

Warm and better than summer shoes plus covers
by Bob S.
Cycling Enthusiast
Maineville, Ohio

Really warm. With wool socks and toe heaters, I was comfortable at 30 degrees. So much easier than dealing with shoe covers. They do run narrow and both my wife and I had to return for a size up.

Reviewed 2/16/2023
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Review by viva velo

Happy feet
by viva velo
Cycling Enthusiast
Grand Junction, Colorado
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I rode over 2 hours and had no frozen feet when I finished my ride. high temperature was 45 degrees , little sun, the first real winter ride here in Colorado. The shoes are very comfortable and it was way less hassle then shoe covers. I wish i had had these in the mid 1980`s when all they had were the Sean Kelley`s Belgian booties. Quality product, worth the price if you are a year round rider like myself. Cheers, viva velo

Reviewed 11/26/2022
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Review by Jon

Me like
by Jon
Denver, Colorado

I love these shoes for winter. Comfortable and warm for the cold winter rides. Below 45 degrees I still recommend toe covers or shoe covers. Good shoe, I'd buy them again.

Reviewed 3/13/2023
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