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Feedback Sports TT-15B Tool Tray

Feedback SportsTT-15B Tool Tray(Return to Product Page)

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User submitted reviews

Review by Ydropnv

Must have for working on your bike
by Ydropnv
Cycling Enthusiast
Sparks Nv

Was always laying down my tools while working on my bikes. Always had to look for them .

This tray keeps hem all within reach. The first time I used it l kept forgetting it was there and was looking all around for my tools. A great addition.

Reviewed 1/12/2024
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Review by Anonymous

Great Addition to the Stand with some quirks
by Anonymous

This thing is pretty handy. Short of a fully decked workbench with pegboard or a foam insert toolbox of course, this gets you started with some basic organization options. Especially handy if it�s used in a semi permanent state. I will still fold up the legs partially in order to bring the stand in and out of my garage when it�s nice out, and this tray doesn�t impede that.

My biggest gripe with this tray, and it�s pretty significant, is the weird U hook that it uses to wedge on to the main stanchion. in order to put the tray in a usable position, this hook protrudes ride into where your pedals want to go. It�s hard to avoid hitting it when turning the cranks if you have any sort of wider platform pedals (road and narrower xc pedals less of an issue) even if you move the bike up or down (as you know the cranks span roughly a 340mm distance +/- the length of the pedal body). It gets really really annoying and I wish they would resolve the issue with a new piece.

The only other gripe I have is that the somewhat diminutive size is more suited to just a handful of tools, and quick jobs. Mine quickly gets overwhelmed with rags tools and random bits from the bike, but that says more about my organizational style or lack thereof.

Reviewed 6/23/2023
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Review by Jd

Very necessary
by Jd

Definitely simplifies working on bikes. Helps keep me from setting my tools somewhere else and constantly losing the 4mm

Reviewed 10/20/2022
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Review by CycleRef

Good overall tray. With there were a few more options for tools
by CycleRef
Cycling Enthusiast

It fits great on my bike rack. I do forget it's there though and have washed by bike several times on the stand and ended up flooding my tray with water. But luckily, the built-in drain does help with that a bit. :)

My main gripe is a lack of tool holes for larger tools. For example. I can't put my Park Tool torque wrench in the holder anywhere so it just flops around in the main body of the tray. I guess depending on your specific tool setup, it might or might not be an issue for you. But that's really the only complaint I have.

Reviewed 6/3/2022
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Review by Anonymous

like a spare set of hands
by Anonymous

I had purchased this tray on a whim while purchasing a new work stand and truing stand. This has been super handy for holding tools, parts, and beer conveniently nearby while I work. It was worth every penny.

Reviewed 1/13/2023
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Review by miken

Tool Tray life saver
by miken
Cycling Enthusiast
Menomonie WI

very well made thick plastic not going to break easily, love the beverage holder

Reviewed 12/13/2018
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Review by Anonymous

It works
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast

It is OK. Could use some improvement.

Reviewed 3/29/2021
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Review by whereizben

Works well, does just what it is supposed to do
by whereizben
Daily Commuter
Portland, OR

Lightweight, easy to attach and has nice storage compartments. Glad I got it!

Reviewed 10/16/2017
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Review by Noel

Great convenience
by Noel
Cycling Enthusiast
Northern California

Perfect match for my Sport Mechanic Repair Stand. As with other Feedback Sports products, it has thoughtful design and is well made.

Reviewed 1/14/2021
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Review by 53x11

Very nice and useful
by 53x11
Cycling Enthusiast
Redwood City, CA
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Very happy with this. It is much more useful than the tray for Park Work Stands. All of the typical tools, like hex wrenches, fit and store nicely. I've owned both Park and Feedback stands and because of this tray, I like the Feedback stand more.

Reviewed 8/11/2017
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Review by Anonymous

A great tray!
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Houston, TX

Not much you can say about this tray - it does what it's supposed to and seems durable!

Reviewed 11/9/2020
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Review by Anonymous

A handy-dandy tool tray!
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Burlington, VT
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I'm using this tray with the Feedback Pro Elite repair stand. It mounts securely without any tools or hardware. Assorted slots help to organize allen keys, and other tools. It comes in really handy for keeping small parts within reach. It needs to be positioned high enough so that it doesn't get hit by the pedals if you are rotating the cranks. That is easily accomplished by sliding the tray up andor rotating it.

Reviewed 5/16/2013
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Review by BobC

Not as handy to use as I anticipated
by BobC
Cycling Enthusiast
Vancouver, wa
5 of 6 customers found this review helpful.

The Feedback stand folds easily, but this must be removed every time. It's not as easily attacheddetached as it could be.

Reviewed 4/4/2012
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