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Feedback Sports Sprint Repair Stand

Feedback SportsSprint Repair Stand(Return to Product Page)

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User submitted reviews

Review by e.g. SFBiker

by e.g. SFBiker
Cycling Enthusiast

This stand doesn't care if there isn't a round tube on your bike and can't scratch your dropper post.

The ability to spin the bike is fantastic when working in poorly lit spaces. No need to reposition the whole stand to see what you need to work on.

Super stable, easy setup, easy on-off, lightweight, looks great, and keeps yo bars straight.

Reviewed 1/1/2024
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Review by BigBadWolf

Perfect if you have carbon bikes
by BigBadWolf
Competitive Racer
Austin, TX

Love this stand. With a carbon road bike and a carbon Tri bike - I wasn't comfortable with a clamp style stand for my bikes. A friend brought one of these on our trip to RideTheRockies. I was immediately sold - so easy to configure for any type of bike axle - quick release or thru axles. It's even strong enough to hold my mountain bike and my husbands e-bike. Love the ability to turn the bike and not have to constantly be walking around it. Makes any repair / adjustment so much easier. If you can get this on sale - definitely a great value - even at full price it's worth it. The last stand you'll ever need.

Reviewed 8/26/2022
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Review by Hill-Pumper

One versatile repair stand
by Hill-Pumper
Cycling Enthusiast
Willamette Valley OR
6 of 6 customers found this review helpful.

If you have a wide variety of bikes to work on, and can only afford one stand, this is one to look at. We have everything from carbon fiber road bikes, to odd shaped full suspension mountain bikes, and this stand fits them all. Also, there is no fear of crushing carbon fiber tubes, since this mounts the bike using the front or rear drop outs. I find the stand to be very stable to work on everything from drivetrain work, to putting on bar tape. The only drawback to this type of stand is doing brake adjustments. You have to do one end at a time which is not hard, but a little more time consuming.I gave it 5 stars its quality construction, ease of use,and as I have mentioned, versatility. I almost gave it 4 stars for value just because it cost so much. Then after considering that it not much more then Feedback's top of the line seat mounted stand, it is lighter weight wise then its competitor in the same price range, and includes almost all the adapters, I gave it a 5 star rating also.

Reviewed 5/18/2014
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Review by Anonymous

Excellent Repair Stand
by Anonymous
Cave Creek, AZ
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Recently purchased to replace a frame/seatpost style stand I had for 15+ years. Such an improvement! No frame contact and total flexibility with QR and thru axle bikes with 12mm and 15mm axles. Love the adjustability and rotation feature. I have a variety of bikes with many different bottom brackets spanning a couple of decades. The cradle on this stand accommodates them all, bikes are very stable on the stand. Great construction and materials. Very pleased, a really good upgrade!

Reviewed 12/15/2020
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Review by Anonymous

Super solid, saves your back
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Chicago, IL
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

This stand is fantastic. I've also owned the traditional style stand that clamps to a seat post, which was good, but this is way better. If you're on the fence even at all between this "euro-style" stand and a traditional one, get this. Because the fork is locked in I find the bike is way more stable and easier to wrench on if need be. I live in the city so space is limited and this stand is relatively light compared to a traditional stand and folds up super compact.

Reviewed 11/25/2020
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Review by frizbking

So much easier to service at eye level.
by frizbking
Cycling Enthusiast
Central Oregon
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I first set up the Sprint repair stand for washing one of the bikes. After familiarizing myself with the features I put the bike on the stand and found the proper balance point. I then put on the FS Chain Keeper I purchased and performed a chain cleaning. I washed the bike, easily accessing all the formally hard to reach spots. The bike was able to swivel so I could wash and rinse standing in one spot. I'll use it again soon to change the chain. The Sprint arrived with the adapter to use my 12mm through axle, along with other adapters. This adapter worked by unscrewing the old style skewer type and screwing it the 12mm. After use, the top slide rail is released from a pin that holds it perpendicular, and it is able to fold down the legs fold and then it is easy to hang on a wall hook.

Reviewed 8/26/2020
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Review by JimH

Almost perfect!
by JimH
Daily Commuter
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I love this stand, and almost everything about it. The one change I would like to see is to have a clamshell style clamp for the thru-axle rather than having the thread the axle shaft through the fixed tube mount. Hopefully something they can add in a future update.

Reviewed 8/24/2022
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Review by Bamicus

The Best
by Bamicus
Cycling Enthusiast

This stand is really great, and really well made. It's pricey, but it's the last one you'll ever need. Makes so much sense over a clamp, especially with carbon. I have a Giant TCR SL, clamping it would make me cringe! These reasons, and more are why ALL the pro mechanics use these stands.

Reviewed 7/14/2022
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Review by Rangzen

Love the versatility!
by Rangzen
Competitive Racer
Fairfax, CA
6 of 6 customers found this review helpful.

Great repair stand once you get used to its little quirks. I love the versatility and how small it folds. 4 stars because you have to buy the 12x142 thru axle adapters.

Reviewed 1/18/2018
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Review by Jason

Great all-around stand for cleaning and maintenance
by Jason
Cycling Enthusiast
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I purchased this based on a favorable review to replace an older repair stand with a clamp. This one takes up less space when folded, is easier to setup, and makes it easy to put the bike where you need it when cleaning and wrenching. As a result, I use it much more frequently and think nothing of taking it outside to wash the bike. It's a solid piece of kit and weighs a lot less than you'd think. Highly recommended.

Reviewed 7/17/2017
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Review by PDX-NYC

Love the security of this stand! Better than an clamp style stand.
Cycling Enthusiast
Portland OR
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Have seen these used by the pro teams for ages. Decided to put one in the garage. Was not a mistake. Great stand! Secure, adjustable, and space saver.

Reviewed 6/25/2020
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Review by CerveloRider

Bike stand worth every penny.
by CerveloRider
Cycling Enthusiast
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Cleaning with confidence and adjusting my bike this stand is stable, light and well made stand. Sprint stand made from aluminum does not corrode and used different bikes hybrids, road without issues and looks like a pro. I'm glad I've chosen this stand not worrying about my aero seat post and carbon frame.

Reviewed 7/31/2014
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Review by F.T.

This is great repair stand
by F.T.
Vancouver, CA
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

This stand is light , easy, and quick to setup. The material is also real sturdy . I use it to from cleaning my bike to even servicing bottom bracket. The only thing I can suggest is for the unit to come with some kind of strap to tide the bike down.

Reviewed 1/31/2014
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Review by JBH

Grand stand
by JBH
Portland Or,
5 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

If you have a CF frame and post that you don't want to clamp, the typical choice is between the Park PRS-2021 and the Feedback Sprint. Both work well and there is no bad choice.

The Park can attach by either the front or rear wheel and has a retaining strap across the BB area to better secure the bike. My normal attachment is to the front wheel and BB and with the Sprint I've not had any cases where a securing strap was needed though.

The Sprint is make from somewhat higher quality materials than the PRS, and the legs, collars, control, and balance are all superior with the Sprint as well. It also just looks nicer. It's a pleasure to use and a quality peice in all regards.

A key advantage for the Sprint will be for those with 15mm thru-axle mountain bikes. The Sprint comes with an adapter. With the PRS, you need to buy the 1728-TA adapter for another [$] or so.

Reviewed 11/12/2013
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Review by Anonymous

Awesome Repair Stand
by Anonymous
Lenexa, Kansas
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Love this repair stand. No fear of crushing my carbon fiber frame. Very stable with the 3 legs. Happy I made the decision to purchase this stand.

Reviewed 5/14/2018
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Review by Rajesh K

Awesome stand for Road Bikes.
by Rajesh K

I used this for buliding my Tarmac SL7, stand serveed its purpose very well without any issue.

Reviewed 4/26/2021
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Review by SoCal Biker

Great bike stand. Highly adaptable and convenient to use.
by SoCal Biker
Cycling Enthusiast
Southern California
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I had an old $40 bike stand I got off Amazon a bunch of years ago. It did the job ok, but wasn't very stable and was starting to rust in places. I much prefer the fork mount of the Sprint stand over traditional clamp stands. For one I don't have to worry about scratching or damaging the seat post. I have a triathlon bike with an aero seat post and a mountain bike with a dropper, so this was a much better solution for those. My road bike even has an expensive carbon seat post I don't want to scratch up. It's very stable as well. Adjustability is nice, I can freely move the bike up or down, and spin it around to work on one side or the other. Very convenient. The entire thing is aluminum, so no rust will be forming on this, since I use the stand to wash my bikes. It feels very sturdy, with a nice polished look. All the clamps fit snuggly without being difficult to tighten, so you don't need Popeye forearms to secure your bike, and it is easily broken down. I wish I had gotten one of these much earlier.

The only down side is the 12mm thru-axle adapter is separate and a must if you have a disc brake road bike. The 12mm forks will go on the supplied 15mm mount, but I feel the extra 3mm could damage the forks (no adapter needed to mount from the rear thru axle though). The adapter should be included, but the extra cost is minimal.

Reviewed 3/16/2018
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Review by Anonymous

Nice stand for small apartments
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I have been using this stand for about a month now and it's been great to use. It's nice that you don't have to clamp your seat post to anything, the height is easy to adjust and the stand provides easy access to the underside of your bike. The stand folds down nicely for storage which helps with the lack of storage space I have in my small urban apartment.

Reviewed 11/23/2017
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Review by Doc Wheels

Perfectly stable workstand
by Doc Wheels
Monterey Peninsula
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Brake work, routing cables, and taping handlebars are just three tasks made easier by this workstand. No more struggling with flopping handlebars. My frame is held high enough that I don't have to bend over the bike. Once attached, swinging the frame into any position is very easy. This is the stand used by the pros on tour for a reason.

Reviewed 9/9/2017
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Review by Russ

Well made except for bottom bracket rest.
by Russ
Cycling Enthusiast
3 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

The bottom bracket rest does not trap internal bb86, bb92 style bottom brackets on carbon frames. Pedaling during derailleur adjustment causes the bottom bracket to shift against the smaller chainring. I replaced the rests with auto fuel line slit lengthwise to decrease side shifting.

Reviewed 8/22/2017
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