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Feedback Sports Scorpion 2 Piece Floor Stand

Feedback SportsScorpion 2 Piece Floor Stand(Return to Product Page)

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Review by KevinS

Love the functionality and color of this rack
by KevinS
Cycling Enthusiast
Roanoke, VA

This rack is very compact and convenient if you have Hollow cranks. I have both the red and the black versions, and the black is my favorite. I did have difficulty starting the hex head screw that holds the two sections together. Be sure to test the screw using fingers only in the threads before assembling, and put some oil on the threads, Be careful to avoid cross-threading. The only other negative is that the screw on my older red rack gets loose. It is easy to tighten periodically, and I might just put some blue Loctite on the screw. I haven't had the black rack long enough to know if it also happens there. I love this rack for its functionality, compactness, and ease of use. Not only does it work for storage, but also for minor maintenance when I don't feel like pulling out the large tripod service stand.

Reviewed 5/5/2023
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Review by BigMotor

Why did I wait so long???
by BigMotor
Valencia CA

I have several bikes and all are on Feedback Sports Rakk Bike Storage Stands. I got a gravel and knew I needed a stand that would hold the bike up better for maintenance and cleaning. A few buddies told me to go with the Scorpion Stand and I wouldn't regret it.

They're right! The stand takes up a smaller footprint, holds the rear end off the ground for chain cleaning and rear wheel removal. As a matter of fact, I now seldom use my Pro-Elite stand!

To those who are considering between the Rakk Bike Storage Stand or the Scorpion, it's a no brainier. The Scorpion is hands down the better more robust and useful stand. It'll be the only floor stand I buy going forward!

Reviewed 8/22/2022
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Review by Roll''n

Good Stand
by Roll''n
Cycling Enthusiast

The stand is great for washing bikes, etc. Especially with a chain cleaner. However, out of my (3) bikes, it fit through the hole on (2) of them. The third bike's hole is too small to accept the rod. Anyways, something to consider. All in all it's a nice solution.

Reviewed 5/1/2023
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Review by Art in CO

A useful storage option
by Art in CO
Cycling Enthusiast
Erie, CO

I use this to store my fat bike and I like it particularly because it puts the rear wheel off the ground so it is easy to check tire pressures, wash the bike, or to do any other minor maintenance that doesn't require a repair stand. It comes with three different size tubes that will match the size of most hollow axles. Easy to assemble and easy to use. Worth considering if you have a hollow axle.

Reviewed 8/26/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Good stand
by Anonymous

Good stand, only complaint is the it only fits on one side of the crank

Reviewed 11/21/2022
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Review by Doug

A great stand for at home and at races.
by Doug
Competitive Racer
Los Angeles, CA

The stand is light weight and really easy to use. Its pretty stable and holds your rear wheel up, so you can turn the cranks and adjust your shifting. A must have for races, so you don't have to rely on resting your bike against object and risking a fall.

Reviewed 10/28/2021
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Review by Kav

Better than the Rakk
by Kav
Competitive Racer
Silver Spring, MD

I have the Rakk and prefer the Scorpion now I picked one up. Works as a quick rack if I need to do any adjusting on the rear wheel.

Reviewed 10/10/2022
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Review by Anonymous

It works but cheep design
by Anonymous

If i new this two piece design held together by a single bolt i would have not bought this.. Bolt fits but washer does not. It looks like stand is bent because of loose bolt not able to tighten two pieces together enough.

Reviewed 4/8/2019
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Review by Blu109

I now have three
by Blu109
Cycling Enthusiast
SW Florida
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When I camp I like to line my bikes up so they fit under a cover. This is the best stand for that.

Reviewed 4/19/2018
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Review by Blu109

The Best
by Blu109
SW Florida

This works so well Ive got three now. Keeps bikes upright when camping and when covered. I also like using for light maintenance and cleaning.

Reviewed 4/12/2018
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Review by Anonymous

Great general purpose stand
by Anonymous
San Diego

Awesome for washing the bike and it's small and out of the way in my garage. Very well built and comes with extra dowels for different sized cranks

Reviewed 12/17/2020
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Review by Ichi

This is a cool stand especially after a ride
by Ichi
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I just slip the bike onto the stand and with a brush I clean the chai, lube everything, it is super easy with no hassle

Reviewed 12/15/2017
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Review by Ryan

Great purchase
by Ryan

I�m glad I purchased this floor stand. It is very easy to assemble and use. Great for lubricating a chain and simple repairs. It�s also very mobile.

Reviewed 8/22/2020
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