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Feedback Sports Rakk Storage Stand

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User submitted reviews

Review by Art in CO

Surprisingly useful
by Art in CO
Cycling Enthusiast
Erie, CO

I bought this to get my bike into a more accessible position in the garage. This works so well that I bought a second one. They attach to one another to make it even easier to position them. If you want to get your bike off the wall, this is a good solution.

Reviewed 6/3/2022
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Review by PK-Cyclist

Not so Great for Touring Bikes
by PK-Cyclist
Cycling Enthusiast
San Jose, CA

I'll have to be the only dissenter here but just wanted to give heads up to those seeking a stand for their touring bikes. I have a Salsa Vaya w rear rack and Portland Design metal fenders. I also use the bike as a everyday commuter and grocery-getter so I put a Topeak milk carton style rear cargo crate on the rear rack. This makes the bike a bit top heavy so I have to use a handlebar holder to prevent the bar from flopping and dumping the bike on its side.

The other issue is that with a rear fender on, I have to put the front wheel into the stand, if I put the rear wheel into the stand, which is more stable, it will crush the rear fender. Lastly, one of the rubber caps that covers the feet of the stand is so loose I can almost shake it off, it drove me mad so I finally broke down and glued it in.

I'm sure if you have typical road or mtn. bike the stand will work fine, just be prepared to make some compromises if you have a heavy touring bike.

Reviewed 4/13/2019
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Review by Fred

Feedback Sports makes the best bike accessories I have ever used!
by Fred
Cycling Enthusiast

I own a carbon frame bike that can't take a kickstand so I'm always leaning it against something at home. I've recently decided to keep my bike inside at night and needed a way to keep it upright. Feedback's stand is simple, small, cushioned (hardwood floors) and no matter how full my hands are it is the simplest thing in the world to put either the front or rear wheel in the stand to keep the bike upright. Equally easy to roll it off.

Reviewed 5/20/2022
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Review by Bobby

Great Product
by Bobby
Cycling Enthusiast

Great product, holds our bikes just like promised. Low price and great function.

Reviewed 12/10/2018
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Review by Oleman53

Nice.. but there are better out there.
by Oleman53
Cycling Enthusiast
High Desert

Unstable by itself. Narrow tires are not held firmly and the base is too narrow to be stable, by itself. My road bike has 30mm tires. Wobbles side to side way too easy. Gravel tires 42mm is better, but the legs are still too short IMHO.

Reviewed 3/19/2022
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Review by Bahia

Good stand
by Bahia
Elk Grove

Really like the stand. I got 2 of them for 2 gravel bikes.

Reviewed 11/18/2021
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Review by Anonymous

Well engineered and well made.
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Mountains of Colorado
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

This bike rack is outstanding. It is functional and flexible. It is the perfect bike rack. I recommend it highly.

Reviewed 7/31/2017
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Review by Anonymous

Perfect stand for limited space!
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast

It's a pain to hang my bikes from the ceiling after every ride only to bringing down the next day lean it against the workbench to pump the tires. This Rakk Storage Stand allows me to pump the tires and grab the bike and go.

Reviewed 9/16/2021
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Review by Anonymous

So far, so good
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast

Convenient way to store my bikes for easy access. Holds my steel 29 MTB decently. My road bike feels super solid.

Reviewed 7/3/2017
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Review by Tim

Happy wife - happy life!
by Tim
Competitive Racer
New Jersey

It took me years to discover that what bothered my wife most was bikes leaning against paintwork. The Feedback Sports Rakk Storage stand has solved that problem - and proves to be very convenient too.

Reviewed 8/19/2021
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Review by Paul

Best bike stand out there
by Paul
Long Island NY

Finally found the perfect compact bike stand for our two road bikes. Great complement to display your bikes inside your home.

Reviewed 8/14/2021
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Review by Anonymous

Very well made and perfect bike stand
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
cincinnati ohio

Used to store my bike in the basement . Very easy to use and holds the bike steady without adjustments. Nothing I don't like

Reviewed 7/20/2021
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Review by Clyde Hohn

Works great
by Clyde Hohn
Cycling Enthusiast

Set up is instantaneous. My old , handmade stand, was set up for 23 width tires. When I started using 25's, it was a tight fit. 28's would not work at all. This stand will hold 23's up to 38's(my guess). The little spool thing on top of the vertical arm is made of 2 cones, narrow at the center. It is very easy to put the bike in and out. It's very stable.

Reviewed 7/16/2021
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Review by Anonymous

A good stand
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Des Moines, IA

I purchased this to replace one that my wife claimed as her own. This is a good stand. You roll your bike into it and it does a good job of keeping it upright. I like the option it has to connect them to another stand. I will look for this brand again the next time I need a stand.

Reviewed 7/16/2021
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Review by Dirty-D

great stand!!!
by Dirty-D
Cycling Enthusiast
san antonio, tx

little expensive but it will last a lifetime, really cleaned up my garage getting all my bikes lined up!

Reviewed 1/3/2017
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Review by Cyclesteve1

Great stand, easy to use and very compact in footprint
by Cyclesteve1
Cycling Enthusiast
Aliso Viejo, CA
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I gave this 4 stars only because its a bit narrow for a 2.4" mountain bike tire. Its does state 2.3" so perhaps I'm using it out of spec!

Reviewed 11/21/2022
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Review by PSBiker

Handy way to park a bike
by PSBiker
Cycling Enthusiast
Palm Springs, CA

I bought this for use with a road bike. I don't really have a good place to hang a bike in my garage, and I got tired of leaning the bike up against the wall. This was a good solution because it keeps the bike in a stable position, and I can move it around the garage or house as needed.

Reviewed 1/22/2021
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Review by Noel

Well designed, very stable
by Noel
Cycling Enthusiast
Northern California
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Impeccably designed, high quality materials and manufacturing, very stable, and easy to use. I like how it holds on to the tire without anything hitting the spokes. I should've bought a long time ago instead of putting up with my homemade, PVC-tubing stand!

Reviewed 1/14/2021
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Review by Anonymous

Great Stand
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast

Bought the stand so I could keep my bike in a different area of the house (wife did not like where I used to keep it) and it was the simplest installation ever. Worked right out of the box, set it on the floor and voila, bike is nice and straight and does not move, so I highly recommend this stand

Reviewed 1/8/2021
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Review by SeattleBiker

Great stand
by SeattleBiker
Cycling Enthusiast
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I now have three of these stands. They do a great job of holding our road bikes. I even have two hooked together holding our Colnago and BMW bikes. I had problems with our floor to sealing stand loosing up over time and eventually dropping the bikes. I was told the carpet pad was the problem. With these stands they are secure and they don't take up much more room.

Reviewed 12/6/2020
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