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Feedback Sports Flop Stop Handlebar Holder

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Review by PJF

Locking assembly is its weak point
by PJF
Cycling Enthusiast

Bought 3 of these several years ago. About a year ago, the locking assembly detached from the shaft, could no longer be locked at the desired length, threw it away. This week on one of the remaining two the head of its locking screw detached from the threaded part, could no longer adjust length, so it went into the trash. Two stars because these work well for a while. Just bought a Park Tool one, twice the price but hopefully it will last.

Reviewed 7/12/2022
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Review by Anonymous

A handy little multi-task capable tool
by Anonymous
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This little item is a clean & sturdy simplistic

design from Feedback that can serve as a bicycle transit aid or as handlebar and /or front wheel position lock when bicycle is in your mechanic stand or a through the hollow crank or rear wheel type stands. It installs in seconds a safety holds position via the handle bars & the seat post with gentle touch rubber fasteners & telescopes to desired length, then can be lock in position with a friction thumb screw it's made from strong light weight aluminum & will store inside any tool box with at least 23 inches of clearance. You will not want to work on your bike without using this ingenious inexpensive little tool that will make your bike wrenching adventures a little more professional & a little less stressful?

Yes, I highly recommend this item!

Reviewed 1/15/2021
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Review by Dan C.

Worth It
by Dan C.
Cycling Enthusiast

This thing may not cure cancer but it solves one annoying problem. Simple, easy to use and holds the front wheel in place. Worth it.

Reviewed 7/10/2022
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Review by SJ_SpinAddict

Simple Yet Effective
by SJ_SpinAddict
Cycling Enthusiast
San Jose, CA
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

You know how frustrating it is when you have your bike in the bike stand, working on say adjusting disc brake calipers, and the front end of your bike is flopping around like your drunken college friend? This gadget removes the frustration factor. And it works on all my bike with easy length adjustment and the elastic rubber strap faster.

I hesitated getting another non mission critical tool but I'm glad I added this one to the tool box. Regarding durability.... The only thing I'm concerned about is the rubber strap at both ends of the holder. It may get hard and becomes brittle over time but that may take many years if you don't leave it out in the sun so it's all good.

Reviewed 1/15/2015
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Review by Anonymous

Works perferct
by Anonymous
Daily Commuter
Santa Monica

Works like you would imagine. Exactly what I was looking for.

Reviewed 4/6/2020
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Review by Flybouy

Works well, reasonably priced
by Flybouy
Casual Cyclist

Used daily for bike maintenance and storage

Reviewed 3/11/2019
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Review by Mikey L

Great product if you like to wrench on bikes!
by Mikey L
Cycling Enthusiast
Yorba Linda, CA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

This is one of the tools I often use when I have my bikes on the work stand. Easy to use. It is unobtrusive so it is very rarely in your was and can be easily be repositioned. I had a similar tool for years and was disappointed when it finally broke after 10 years or so. Thankfully it is available again. Highly recommend this if you like to work on your own bikes and frequently flip the bike around in many different positions. Buy it!

Reviewed 2/15/2019
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Review by tonyb2760

Does what it was designed to do
by tonyb2760
Cycling Enthusiast

I use this to hold my fork in place while my bike is on the repair stand and it works perfectly.

Reviewed 6/21/2021
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Review by John

I should have gotten one of these long ago
by John

Quick, simple and easy to use.

Saves a lot of frustration.

Should have gotten one long ago!

Reviewed 4/5/2021
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Review by Anonymous

As described
by Anonymous
Casual Cyclist
Happy Valley, OR

For home repair of mountain bike.

Reviewed 12/21/2020
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Review by NV Dennis

Handy when working on or storing bike!
by NV Dennis
Casual Cyclist
South of Sin City
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Although I did not give the Handlebar Holder Five Stars, I still own two! I use the holders when my bikes are hanging up and ready to ride...keeping the front wheel straight, and when working on the bikes on my maintenance stand.

The reason for only four stars is that the set screw that should lock the bar at length does not always hold the length if the front wheel is bumped firmly...like when removing a bike from the storage stand. This is not a huge issue and not worthy of a whole star deduction, but it is an issue for me. If the set screw knob was a little larger, maybe I count tighten the set screw tighter. But that might also damage the rod or strip the screw.

Again, I like the Handlebar Holder enough to own two, the first being very old and the second just a couple months new. The holder is very easy to use, lightweight, sturdy, and affordable.

Reviewed 12/15/2017
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Review by David

A must have for the repair stand
by David
Casual Cyclist

This works as described and keeps the front end from turning while I work.

Reviewed 8/14/2020
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Review by Anonymous

Does the job
by Anonymous

This holder does the the job it was designed for. Good item for the money. I wish it were a sturdier build. If you don�t mistreat it should work well for years.

Reviewed 8/14/2020
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