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Elite Sterzo Smart Interactive Steering Block

EliteSterzo Smart Interactive Steering Block(Return to Product Page)

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Review by Anonymous

Fun addition to Zwift
by Anonymous
SF bay area
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

The sterzo smart is a riser block that connects to Zwift (and I assume other apps) and allows in game steering. The steering in reality is more lane changing within your side of the road rather than smooth moving across the road. Even so, it is freeing to not be stuck wherever Zwift places you. You can apex turns and put yourself in a better draft position. Also there's Repack Ridge which is mountain bike course. Another benefit even when not steering is your handlebars are locked in place and move more naturally with your body motion. If you don't steer Zwift still makes all the turns if you choose a defined route. Using steering helps also me stay engaged in the ride. Negatives would be if you use AppleTV you have to run your sterzo, heart rate monitor, and smart trainer blue tooth connections through the companion app because the AppleTV only has two blue tooth connections. Also, some group rides and races have steering disabled.

Reviewed 1/27/2022
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Review by bkuehn

Best upgrade for Zwift
by bkuehn
Competitive Racer
Bend, Oregon

The Elite Sterzo smart steering block is probably the best upgrade you can get for Zwift; other than a slant board, and it's far more affordable. The steering block is remarkably quick to set up; nearly out of the box ready. The improvement in the Zwift experience is extraordinary. While there are limitations to the steering it is fr more realistic than going with a stationary front wheel. Where it is most effective and useful is in position going into corners and moving around to better improve drafting. It is well worth the small investment.

Reviewed 1/24/2022
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Review by John

Too much fun for Zwifting to pass up!
by John
Cycling Enthusiast
Viera Florida
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

This is a great addition for the Pain Cave. Although not necessary, it gives an extra edge in Zwift for choosing the best lines. Zwift places your avatar in the center of the lane throughout the corners and interfering through other riders that just slow you down. I found that I have much faster lap times, and now winning a few sprints and KOM's as I can choose the best lines and overtake riders in corners more quickly than before. This capability is loads of fun and adds a much more realistic aspect to indoor cycling apps like Zwift!

Reviewed 3/25/2021
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Review by JB

Great addition to Zwift.
by JB
Cycling Enthusiast
Southern Indiana
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

This really is awesome for Zwift. Choose your position, take inside corners, draft or don't let someone draft off you. Makes the game much more realistic . Also nice your handlebars move and are not locked into position. I connect thru the companion app on an iPad and use AppleTV. Sometimes it can be a pain to connect for some unknown reason. Seems to be connected in the order of how my devices connect. trainer, HR monitor and Sterzo.

Reviewed 1/25/2021
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Review by E-Rock

A nice designed steering block that is a great addition to your indoor trainer setup
by E-Rock
Cycling Enthusiast
Raleigh, NC
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I was psyched to find this steering block to pair with my Elite Direto X. The perfect addition to up my indoor cycling game. There is nothing to the setup, pairs easily with Zwift and when available, it works a treat. It is sturdy and action is smooth, with a nice return to center. It adds to the more 'real riding' feel when on a stationary trainer. Definitely recommend putting it on a mat or something that prevents it from rotating. I have found it stays generally in place when the handlebars are weighted.

My only disappointed is not with the steering block, but how often I am finding it disabled during Zwift events. Perhaps other apps allow its use more often during events.

If you have an opportunity to include a smart steering block with your indoor riding setup, i highly recommend the Elite Sterzo.

Reviewed 12/18/2020
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Review by shainline

Fun addition to the Zwift setup.
by shainline
Cycling Enthusiast
Boston, MA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

When i first heard about this device, I was really interested. It was backordered for a few months but i finally got one. Setting up is very straightforward and easy. Pairing with Zwift was simple as well but took a few tries to get it to work perfectly each time I logged in. Setting off on my first ride with it , I immediately saw the advantage in cutting corners and sliding way ahead on other riders in my group. Also took quick advantage of choosing my lane in order for others to not draft behind me. On twisty courses , its great to look at the mini map in Zwift and choose my lane well ahead of any major turns. I can see this becoming a must have item for anyone who wants any advantage in a race. Only issue so far is that most Races and Group rides don't allow it yet and turn off the functionality for that event. Otherwise it works as advertised. Returning to center after turns. Love it.

Reviewed 12/17/2020
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Review by Beth

by Beth
Cycling Enthusiast
Ventura, CA
1 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

This was a real splurge item, for me. I'm not a racer, er, don't tell my other D category Zwifters that! But it adds a little bit of gamification and that's all I expected. So, give yourself a treato and buy a Sterzo! :)

Reviewed 8/27/2021
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Review by Anonymous

Game changer on Zwift.
by Anonymous
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Steering andChoosing your line on Zwift totally changes the experience. It's so much more engaged. I got this for racing, to improve drafting and the fastest line through corners... which it does perfectly. I didn't expect it to improve training rides so much. It's a bargain for what it does.

Reviewed 3/22/2021
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Review by JessiStinson

Makes Zwifting more comfortable for me.
by JessiStinson
Cycling Enthusiast
Eugene, OR
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Right away I felt less stress on my hands and shoulders. Having anything be in a set position while riding on a indoor riding set-up feels unnatural and hard on my body after just a few minutes of riding. Even if it doesn't add a huge change to my Zwifting, it is making everything more comfortable.

Reviewed 3/12/2021
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Review by jwrtoo

More immersive Zwifting!
by jwrtoo
Cycling Enthusiast
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I run Zwift on Win 10 PC with a gaming monitor and a Hammer smart trainer.

The Elite Sterzo Smart connects via bluetooth and make Zwifting MUCH more immersive and exciting.

The Elite Sterzo Smart connected with no problems and the in game calibration makes for a great experience. I have used it on Repack Ridge and during free rides and it really enhances the experience.

Reviewed 12/17/2020
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Review by LeoTri

by LeoTri
Cycling Enthusiast

Functionality in Zwift is very limited. Does not apply to large group rides or races. Should have saved more money for other add-ons for the trainer.

Reviewed 3/10/2022
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Review by MTB Rob

Works as described
by MTB Rob
Shasta County CA.

I use with Zwift, works as advertised. Adds another dimension to the Zwift experience.

Reviewed 12/11/2021
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