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Elite Fly Tex Bottle (750ml)

EliteFly Tex Bottle (750ml)(Return to Product Page)

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User submitted reviews

Review by Bg

Best water bottle ever
by Bg
Mid michigan

This is the fastest flowing easiest water bottle I have ever drank from. It is 1/2 the weight of most water bottles as well. One of the cheapest weight reductions to your setup. Retention is good. No smell or taste.

Reviewed 4/15/2024
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Review by MTKeepMoving

Elite bottles- easy opening / high flow rate
by MTKeepMoving
Cycling Enthusiast

The Elite Fly bottle (750ml) has worked well for me. I am particular about the spout, requiring ease of opening using one hand and teeth, and a good flow rate. The Elite Fly answered the mail!

The only negative is that the bottles can be easily stowed while deflated (if they are sealed before allowing to re-inflate), if stowed while deflated they are easily bounced out of the bottle cage while riding.

Overall, I recommend this product, 4-stars.

Reviewed 8/28/2023
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Review by Brian

Great flow and zero leaks
by Brian

I really like this bottle, it flows great, is soft enough to squeeze, lid doesn�t leak at all (no drink mix leaking leading to sticky hands). The top pulls apart really easy to fully clean and while the upper indent is small it has a square edge that hooks into bottle cages and keeps bottles secure even on rough gravel

Reviewed 10/1/2023
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Review by Fast Vinnie

I feel like Wout van Aert
by Fast Vinnie
Nor Cal
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As I squeeze with ease and water blasts me in the face I experience a revelation: THIS is the ultimate cycling hydration vessel.

Reviewed 8/14/2023
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Review by Stewdebiker

Not for the long haul
by Stewdebiker
Cycling Enthusiast
Raleigh, NC
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I bought 2 Elite Fly bottles 2 years ago and have been using them since. I also use a Nashbar bottle I bought 10 years ago. On 2 bottle rides I tend to use the Nashbar and one of the Elite bottles, on three bottle rides all three. After 10 years, the Nashbar bottle is still holding up, even its graphics mostly intact. The Elite bottle I use on two bottle rides is coming apart. The outer layers are peeling away, no graphics left. The bottle feels flimsy, but so far is not leaking. It looks like the inside surface is starting to bubble up a little bit, but so far the bubbles seem intact. With my other Elite bottle, the one that gets less use, the outer layer is starting to peel, but some of the graphic still shows. The flow from the Elite is more than the Nashbar, but the Nashbar is enough. I find I empty the Elite bottle sooner than I need to.

Reviewed 10/3/2023
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Review by EdC

Textured Hit
by EdC
Antioch il
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Bottle is just as functional as the older models and super light weight. New textured bottom half almost eliminates all of the marring that is visible on my older bottles. I feel that the bottle is also not as slick when wet due to the texture. Great buy.

Reviewed 8/29/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Excellent water bottle!
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast

Wow, this is an excellent water bottle. I switched over from the 550ml Elite Corsa and can't be happier. It's a very lightweight bottle with softer pliability that makes it much easier to drink your liquids. And it slides in and out of my elite cages very great ease and stays very secure. Waiting for more to arrive to order another one!

Reviewed 7/10/2023
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Review by MV

simple and functional
by MV
Cycling Enthusiast
Las Vegas

super light bottle, great for moderate temperatures

Reviewed 8/24/2023
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Review by John

Its grippy
by John
Viera, Fl

Inhad a problem of deopping bottles in races, the texture on tbese bottles makes it much better to grab and hold bottles even with wet hands.

Reviewed 5/15/2023
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