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DT Swiss RWS MTB Skewer

DT SwissRWS MTB Skewer(Return to Product Page)

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User submitted reviews

Review by Gunnar

Should have purchased years ago - much more secure than a standard QR skewer.
by Gunnar
Cycling Enthusiast
Bluffton SC

I have never liked using the standard quick release skewer - when installing the wheel, either it is not tight enough or too problem just a hassle to get it correct. Infrequently, I have had my front wheel skewer start to loosen after many miles of riding. One of my other bikes has a thru axle front fork, which is very secure. While. shopping for a new QR skewer, I stumbled upon the DT Swiss RWS skewer.....a perfect solution. Very secure, and quicker and easier to correctly tighten. My front wheel is now as secure with the DT Swiss skewer as it would be with a thru axle bolt.

Reviewed 4/18/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Best option out there for a QR hub
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer

I bought these for my Ridley CX bike. The skewers that came with my original wheelset, and the race wheels I use, constantly had the skewers loosening up during a training ride, or worse, during a race. These skewers allow you to keep tightening the skewer until you are happy with its force, and then you can simply push in the end and rotate the lever out of the way. Stays tight!

Reviewed 10/12/2016
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Review by Anonymous

Well worth the money
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
SF Bay Area
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I have a DT Swiss through axle on my DH bike and wanted the 1355 version for my 29er hardtail, since I like the ease of use and re-positioning of the DT Swiss system very much.

This skewer is well worth its money and provides a very secure mount of the wheel.

The ratchet re-positioning is perfect to get it right every time!

Reviewed 9/6/2016
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Review by Gino L

I love these skewers
by Gino L
Cycling Enthusiast
Cupertino, CA
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Skewers are a small thing we don't really pay attention to them until we have to take our wheels off. These skewers are a step up from the old-style clamp downs. There's no more fiddling around or guessing if the skewer will close too tight. After rotating the handle to tighten the connection, you can adjusttuck the lever handle in any position by simply raising it and positioning it in the desired spot. It's practically fool-proof.

There is a slight difference between the MTB and Road QR handles. The former has a flatter handle whereas the latter has a curved handle. It looks cosmetic, but it may be important if you've got largewide forks and clearance is important. When in doubt, the MTB skewer will provide the most room (it's raised away from the forks).

Reviewed 9/4/2015
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Review by RideBikesEveryday

Cheap, Light, Holds Tight
by RideBikesEveryday
Cycling Enthusiast
Seattle, WA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

The skewers are cheap and lightweight, while at the same time they are very attractive and hold VERY tight.

Bonus points that I can re-position the lever after tightening.

After buying these I can't imagine using anything else.

Reviewed 4/1/2015
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Review by Paul

Keeps your wheel in place
by Paul
Cycling Enthusiast

I bought this for an old mountain bike with QR rear dropouts. The ratchet design makes it easy to dial in proper clamping tension, and the skewer hasn't come loose while riding (sometimes a problem with other QR skewers).

Reviewed 8/23/2020
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Review by Transitioningtothruaxle

So Simple, So Strong
by Transitioningtothruaxle

Reverse Engineering at its best. Through Axle actuation meets Quick Release. The advantages of increased leverage will keep you locked in and the ratchet mechanism enables locking the handle in the least conspicuous location.

Reviewed 6/10/2019
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Review by Grimes

Now I need these for all my bikes
by Grimes
Competitive Racer
Minneapolis, MN
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

My son's bike (Trek Roscoe 20) came with weird skewers that need a 5mm hex wrench to remove so I got a pair of these for him and they're great. Holds the wheels securely and being able to reposition the handle is awesome. He's got a goofy boost qr rear hub so I went with the 150mm tandem version for the rear.

I have these on my cx bike too and my fat bike has the Bontrager labeled thru axle version.

I'll probably order a few sets of these as stocking stuffers. They're especially great for those people in our lives that crank down a normal qr skewer without using the cam.

Only downside I can think of is that other colors aren't offered.

Reviewed 7/11/2018
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Review by dide

Next best thing to a through axel.
by dide
Competitive Racer
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Really , really, secure. Great product and price.

Reviewed 10/26/2017
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Review by Burmapeak

Best Skewer if you really need to crank things down! New Improved Design!
by Burmapeak
Cycling Enthusiast
Salem Oregon
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I've used these DT Swiss skewers on many different Mountain Bikes but where it really shines is using it on a Trek Carbon SuperFly Single Speed. The bike was converted (Temporarily!) from SS to 10-speed. Keeping the rear wheel in place using a standard skewer was impossible. With the Crank Down design of the DT Swiss you can really squeeze the wheel into place. Not to mention the aggressive biting teeth where the skewer ends bite into the drop out surface. I've also been really impressed by the new internal gear design. You can really feel the engagement versus their older models. They are more expensive than a standard skewer but...This is a very well engineered design and they look good too.

Reviewed 5/2/2017
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