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Crank Bros Multi-10 Tool

Crank BrosMulti-10 Tool(Return to Product Page)

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User submitted reviews

Review by Daniel

Versatile multi-tool that is well-made, compact and light.
by Daniel
Cycling Enthusiast
Alameda, CA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I like this Crank Bros Mluti-10 Tool because it's straightforward and easy to use.

This multi-tool has all of the fundamental bits to prep and maintain my bike for a ride. It appears to be well-made (parts are maintaining their integrity) and it's relatively lightweight with a good (non-bulky) shape for storing in a bag or one of my jersey pockets.

If I had one criticism, it would be that the hex tools could be shorter or have angled ends. Then I could more easily fit them in tighter places when trying to loosen/tighten some parts. Their length makes some adjustments a bit of a struggle.

Reviewed 5/19/2022
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Review by Oaklandbiker

Solid value, all the tools you need on the road
by Oaklandbiker
Cycling Enthusiast
Oakland, CA

I bought this Crank Bros Multi-10 tool after problems with other brands that broke, fell apart, or lacked a few tools. This one is made with quality manufacturing and it is durable. A no regret purchase.

Reviewed 7/17/2023
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Review by bjm21866

this is the swiss army knife of multi tools,,,actually, its better than that.
by bjm21866
Cycling Enthusiast
Boston, ma
5 of 9 customers found this review helpful.

I often pull this out in my shop, which is funny since i have all the full size tools i need there. There is something great about being able to switch from tool to tool so quickly, not to mention not having to find the right tool to begin with. I have even installed new chains removed old chains with this multi tool. And being able to take all that on the Visa says, priceless. it takes a wicked beating as well. Only drawback is keeping tools not needed folded while operating the one you do need.

Reviewed 12/21/2013
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Review by Ron

Had one, wanted another
by Ron
Competitive Racer
Ann Arbor

Like a lot of active cyclists I have multiple bikes for multiple surfaces and I have a tool kit for each so I don't forget to swap it from bike to bike. This is a good multi-tool with everything you really need to carry, I already had one and needed another for the latest bike.

Reviewed 5/25/2023
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Review by Cesar4

Perfect for the road
by Cesar4

I bought this multi tool because I lost my last one. I decided to try Park tools because they're mentioned a lot when it comes to cycling tools. Also, I watch GCN on YouTube and they're always using Park tools which they vouch for.

Reviewed 6/20/2022
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Review by Steven

Perfect size & number of tools.
by Steven

This is a high end tool for a great price. Perfect compact size for my under seat bag. All the sizes you will need on the road. More leverage than I expected when opened up to the tool you need.

Reviewed 8/3/2021
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Review by Anonymous

fist of hex
by Anonymous
Daily Commuter
san francisco, ca
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

fits in a seat pack and has every size for my bike. 90 degree and straight out give leverage and speed and can fit places the tri-wrenches won't.

Reviewed 1/9/2017
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Review by SHBiker

Great Multi-Tool!
by SHBiker
Cycling Enthusiast

Got this particular model over others for the 8mm hex key to remove/install pedals. Sturdy enough to get enough leverage for most basic bike repairs/adjustments. Light enough that I don't hesitate to throw it in my pocket or top tube bag for long rides. Would definitely buy again!

Reviewed 11/28/2020
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Review by VeganTrackCyclist

The perfect tool
by VeganTrackCyclist
Cycling Enthusiast
Montreal, QC
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Never leave home without it. It's great, and quality like.

Reviewed 1/14/2015
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Review by Carl S

Perfect multi-tool.
by Carl S
Talleyville, DE

All the things you need, nothing you don't. Solidly built. Compact, if a bit heavy due to the 8mm hex bit. Hex bits are long enough to reach any recessed bolt.

Reviewed 7/29/2022
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Review by bionicblint

Handy 10-function tool fits in a small seat-pak
by bionicblint
Cycling Enthusiast
Eugene OR

I carry this tool all the time in my seat pack with tubes and tire irons - unless I'm doing a long tough climb and am geeking out about weight. It isn't the lightest tool around ...but if you're obsessing about weight stop drinking so much beer...yeah right!

Reviewed 8/6/2020
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Review by GravelBro

Fine tool
by GravelBro
Cycling Enthusiast
Los Angeles area
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

It's not the smallest and lightest tool out there, but this is a good-feelin and fine-workin piece.

Reviewed 11/25/2021
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Review by Thomas

Dont Leave Home Without It
by Thomas
Cycling Enthusiast
Fredericksburg, VA

Although there are not that many occasions to use a bicycling multi-tool When you need one YOU NEED ONE! Light and well made it packs easily into a pocket or saddle bag.

Reviewed 3/8/2019
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Review by Steven

Great selection of rugged tools included in a small package.
by Steven
Cycling Enthusiast

I keep this multi tool in my under seat bag. A perfect size & made tough enough with hi quality steel to do the job many times.

Reviewed 9/16/2021
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Review by criz

excellent tool, good enough to use as a shop tool
by criz
Cycling Enthusiast
Minden, NV

this tool has all the sizes you really need. You would be surprised how many sizes you actually need and don't realize it until you need it on the side of the road. computer mount loose, ooops you need a 2.5. Spd cleat 3, everyone knows you need a 4,5,6 but it's the other sizes that are often missing on a multi tool. The tool is slightly heavier then other less equipped tools but is solid when you are cranking hard to break a bolt loose or tightening extra hard.

Reviewed 6/21/2018
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Review by John

Solid piece of equipment
by John

I bought this for my son to use on his bike. I was impressed on the solid aluminum construction and versatility of it. Hopefully, he will have it for years to come.

Reviewed 5/3/2021
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Review by Anonymous

Well built Multi-Tool
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Love it. Well made and compact.

Reviewed 5/1/2014
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Review by Steve F.

Solidly built.
by Steve F.

This is well made and should last a long time, perfect for the saddle bag in case you need to make mid ride adjustments.

Reviewed 5/17/2019
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Review by mag7

Good multi-tool
by mag7
Cycling Enthusiast

Not too light, but small and has everything you need on the side of the road.

Reviewed 4/17/2019
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Review by Bud

great tool at a great price
by Bud
Cycling Enthusiast
Salem, OR

Lost my old one while on a ride last year. This one is even better. Would have bought two if had them in stock!

Reviewed 2/7/2014
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