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Continental Terra Trail ShieldWall 700c Gravel Tire

ContinentalTerra Trail ShieldWall 700c Gravel Tire(Return to Product Page)

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User submitted reviews

Review by David Allen

Trail tire
by David Allen

This is a very good tire.It is very fast and quiet on pavement. It is a tire that has great traction for climbing and braking as well. It does wear out fairly fast, but it is very fun almost bald.In the dirt it works great if you like a small 35m tires. I do and I will buy them again.

Reviewed 3/8/2024
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Review by OR_biker

Decent grip and comfort
by OR_biker
Portland, OR
5 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

Only around 100 miles on these so far, but has been a mix of pavement, dirt, and gravel. Rolls pretty well on all 3, doesn't feel sluggish, and haven't had any grip issues to make me lose confidence. Wasn't the hardest tire to mount tubeless that I've used but also not the easiest, at least not initially. First time, had to use both the soapy water and tire lever trick, since I don't have an air compressor. But after riding a few miles to test them out I noticed there was a direction arrow on the tires and I had mounted the front tire the wrong way. Nothing on the tread makes these look direction specific, but I went ahead and pulled it it off to mount it correctly. I noticed that the tire had stretched out a bit, and remounting was a piece of cake. No soap or other tricks needed, just used my track pump and heard the beads snap on at around 40 psi. These show a max psi of over 70, I've tried them between 30-50 and they've been fine. I weigh around 215 lbs so I prefer a little more pressure but 40-45 feels good for me.

Reviewed 2/21/2023
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Review by Doc Sprocket

by Doc Sprocket
Cycling Enthusiast
Mendocino County
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I'VE been running the continental SPEED KING gravel tires ( Great Tire by the way ). Well with the move into a New location I need a set of more Aggressive off-road tires & the Terra trail tire is it ! They deliver Great Performance be at dirt, mud, hard-pack or pavement put these babies to the test in the last week riding close to 200 miles in a combination of road and lots of off-road riding

Reviewed 7/23/2023
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Review by MG in NJ

Nice riding tire on both gravel and asphalt.
by MG in NJ
Cycling Enthusiast
New Jersey
7 of 7 customers found this review helpful.

I got this tire to use in the winter in New Jersey, kind of like a snow tire for a car.

It's doing great in a combination of wet gravel, wet dirt and wet asphalt.

I use the tire with a tube and it's easy to get on and off the wheel. Off the wheel the tire has a sturdy feel to it and while I only have a couple hundred miles on it and can't yet vouch for its long term puncture resistance, I mentally feel confident that I'm not going to be out in the cold fixing a flat. To paraphrase Yogi Berra Bicycling is ninety percent mental. The other half is physical.

This tire is exactly what I want/ need to get through crazy fluctuations in New Jersey weather and at a reasonable price.

Reviewed 2/3/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Soft and comfy
by Anonymous
2 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

Soft comfy and grippy. Curious to see how they last. But they seem to love them some VT gravel.

Reviewed 8/20/2021
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Review by Bob I

Great All Round Tires
by Bob I
Cycling Enthusiast
Tigard Oregon
7 of 7 customers found this review helpful.

This tire rolls well on pavement and still has great off road traction. The tires that came with my bike were wider but did not grip as well as these do. I have used these to commute on pavement as well as dirt roads and single track. This is my second pair and would highly recommend them.

Reviewed 11/29/2021
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Review by Long time biker

Great tire
by Long time biker
Cycling Enthusiast
Ebensburg PA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Have used it on crushed limestone trails and it is smooth and feels grippy when the path is soft.

Reviewed 7/29/2022
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Review by Rc

Great tires
by Rc
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

These tires are a good bargain.

Reviewed 11/18/2021
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Review by Joseph

Great tires
by Joseph
Competitive Racer
Central Oregon
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I really like these tires. Easy to install. Grippy and smooth

Reviewed 10/7/2021
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Review by Anonymous

Great gravel and road tires
by Anonymous
Kansas City, MO
3 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

Have made several rides on both asphalt and gravel. They handled well on both surfaces and they appear to be a good quality tire at a fair price

Reviewed 9/23/2021
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Review by bicyclebrendan

Where Budget Meets Performance
by bicyclebrendan
Competitive Racer
6 of 7 customers found this review helpful.

Rode these pretty hard on technical & gnarly terrain for a few hundred miles. Great on hard pack and not so bad on the loose stuff either!

Reviewed 9/13/2021
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