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Continental Terra Speed Gravel 700c Tire

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Review by Dana

Great tires for what they are
by Dana
Cycling Enthusiast
Tucson, AZ
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

I've been testing these tires out (35mm width) recently as a "go fast" gravel tire that has some grip to it, and they work well. I'm running the Winspace gravel wheels, and they measure at 35.3mm on those wheels - I know there have been many complaints that they are more narrow than advertised, but you need really wide wheels to get the full width. I used these yesterday at BWR SD on the short course (41 miles/4,100 feet of climbing and 4 dirt sectors), and they rolled fast on the pavement, and didn't crash on the dirt. I had them pumped up a little harder than normal at 45 rear/35 front (I normally run them at 35 rear and 30-32 front) to favor the pavement, so the more technical/rocky dirt parts were a little more hairy (and bumpy), but they held up. Oh, and I didn't use any sealant in the tires, and they held air just fine as tubeless. At those tire pressures and the terrain on those dirt sectors, the tires didn't really give a ton of confidence in the grip department (especially on steep downhill dirt/rocks)....BUT, they held on. A 40mm or 45mm would've been a better choice for the more technical sectors, but the 35mm is the better choice for pavement (and like all things BWR, always having the wrong tool for the job). Oh and they handled fast downhill flowy road cornering pretty well too....the roads were a bit wet, and was able to keep up with everyone (had to slam on the brakes coming into a turn to avoid a guy who had slammed on his brakes, which loosened up my front end as I was already turning, but kept it upright without issue). I'd like to do Steamboat gravel at some point, and these tires would be perfect on those types of gravel roads.

Reviewed 4/17/2023
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Review by slick rick

Siiiiick Tires
by slick rick

Fastest rolling knobby gravel tire on planet earth. period. if you want to shred gravel with the big kahunas, this is your tire. Continental knows what they are doing. I�d trust them with my newborn child, or at least my tire choice. Stop contemplating and buy them now.

Reviewed 9/18/2023
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Review by theCaptain305

Fast Rolling and Grippy
by theCaptain305
Miami Fl

I ordered the 40 c size , and they are fast and grippy . I recommend them ! I ordered the size 45 c for more comfort. I was hoping the 40s would be a larger than my stock Pathfinder Proa size 38c. But No so extra money ?? spent of this

Reviewed 10/30/2023
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Review by Isaac

Always the best ride
by Isaac
Cycling Enthusiast
Catskills, New York

The terra speeds are my favorite gravel tire. They are the quickest, most supple tire I've ridden, they are extremely supple and provide surprisingly tenacious grip for how small the knobs are. They've worked for me in sandy, rocky, wet terrain just fine. No worse than other SK in mud really, and they are very predictable in corners and on descents. I do with they had better side knobs for cornering, but you just choose a more direct line and your are fines. Ridiculously fast on the road. BUT they will wear down quickly on the road. I use them for gravel events, races, saving them for when I want my fastest tire. I ride the Michelin PowerGravel for everyday exploring, etc... they are great also, nearly as fast, but not nearly as supple as the Terra Speeds. Both are extremely tough though and can handle sharp rocks and flint.

Reviewed 9/7/2023
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Review by Jim J

Low rolling resistance and great comfort.
by Jim J
Competitive Racer
Portland, OR

I used these on two gravel races in the past month and have found them to perform very well. I ended up flatting on one of the races but that was due to a rusty nail piercing the rim tape inside my wheel. I let the sealant do it's job and took the same set on to a race last week where they were simply top-notch. My only complaint is that they are a very tight fit on my rim. I was having a lot of trouble getting the tire back on when I experienced the flat due to the nail. Usually I don't have to use a tube so outside of catastrophic failure these are worth it for the excellent overall comfort and performance.

Reviewed 6/29/2023
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Review by Tom

Great tires with low rolling resistance
by Tom
Cycling Enthusiast
Portland, Ore

I bought these because their rolling resistance is among the lowest of gravel tires, and they were also some of the most aerodynamic according to one test. Great choice for gravel racing. The knobs are very short so this would not be a good tire for really loose or rough surfaces, but they are fast on gravel and pavement. They've also withstood some pretty chunky stuff without flats yet (set up tubeless with sealant).

Reviewed 9/21/2023
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Review by Joel

great tires but not TR
by Joel
Cycling Enthusiast
sw ohio
7 of 8 customers found this review helpful.

I mounted these tubeless on my Haanjo, loved them from the start. Very fast rolling for this type of tire, good confidence on light gravel and trails, even some snow. They seemed to leak down pretty fast, and I started noticing sealant randomly seeping through the casing. Went back to tubes and they're still great tires, perfect for what I wanted. They do seem to wear fast, back tire nubs are 50% worn after 1000 miles approximately

Reviewed 1/4/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Fast rolling in the right conditions
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer

As a big GP5000 S TR fan, I wanted to try a gravel tire with the Black Chili compound. These are very fast on road and light gravel, with a decent level of grip when things get loose (as long as it's dry). I am 150 lbs and run the 40mm version between 30-40ish psi depending on conditions.

Reviewed 7/21/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Fast and smooth
by Anonymous
7 of 7 customers found this review helpful.

Love these tires so far! Fit them to my Surly Straggler for winter road riding and general thrashing. Have been on pavement, gravel, and single track with them so far. Due to the minimal tread pattern, they obviously aren't super grippy on gravel and dirt, and especially in mud, but roll super fast, which make them a lots of fun. On the road, they feel and handle like regular road tires at normal speeds, but push them up into the 20 mph range and you can start to feel their inefficiency compared to slick road tires. Their comfort is excellent when fitted with latex tubes. For an all around tire they are excellent especially if you prioritize fast rolling.

Reviewed 12/1/2022
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Review by Victor

Fast Gravel Option
by Victor

Good option for a fast gravel tire or even all road tire. The puncture tread is decent, but I did have a sidewall puncture which required replacement. The casing on one tire also developed a wobble which I think was from over inflation and not a quality issue. Even with these issues they are still great and fast tires. I've not had mileage issues either

Reviewed 7/10/2023
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Review by mroger82

Not Disappointed, Excellent Gravel Tire
by mroger82
Cycling Enthusiast
34 of 34 customers found this review helpful.

I ordered a set of these and a set of the Terra Trail because I wasn't sure which I wanted and I wanted a better look at them than what the pictures provided. I kept the Speeds and sent the Trails back opting for better speed on the hard pack and gravel that I ride most often. The Trails would be good if you're riding a lot of chunky, loose gravel, but overkill for most everyday gravel riding IMO. The Speeds were easy to mount on my DT Swiss XR1501 wheel set. I was able to seat them tubeless with just a floor pump, but on my wife's DT swiss X1900 wheel set, I had to use a compressor in order to get the bead to seat onto the rim. First ride was on hard pack for 25 miles. Easily handled and fast, no problems at all. Second ride was a gravel race and a good test for the Speeds. It had stormed the night before the race and the roads were a good mix of mud, gravel, sand, etc. The Speeds performed flawlessly. I was able to descend and take corners without worry. There was just enough grip to get me through the wettest parts of the course and the mud did not stick into the treads. They also roll fast on the parts of the course that were pavement in order to get from one gravel road to another and I did not feel like I was losing any time compared to the semi-slicks I had on my bike before. No punctures for either myself or my wife. We are both very pleased with the Speeds and I do definitely recommend them. I see no drawbacks to having these. They are indeed another high quality product put out by Continental.

Reviewed 10/9/2019
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Review by BigA

Fast G bike tire
by BigA
East TN

I've got about 200miles on them & I expect the rear to last about 450 miles. Fast & great grip for gravel & appalachian singletrack. Gonna stick with them for sure. I am running rear vittoria insert.

Reviewed 5/26/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Love these tires
by Anonymous
New Hampshire
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Affordable alternative to rene herse. These tires are light and supple with plenty of grip and a smooth ride on pavement. I've converted most of my bikes over and have run them tubeless and with tubes. Highly recommended.

Reviewed 5/18/2023
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Review by Jake B

Good fast rolling gravel tires. Great for racing.
by Jake B
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Put these on for a gravel race and they performed very well. The tires roll fast and smooth on the road but offer enough grip to tackle a variety of gravel. The only issue was setting them up tubeless on my rims. Even after reseating them 3 times the tires still had a noticeable amount of wobble to them. Could just be the rims though, or I got a bad batch.

Reviewed 5/20/2023
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Review by GritCityHealth

Just the right size and grip
by GritCityHealth
Tacoma, WA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I mounted these up as a bigger option to run instead of my usual Pathfinder Pros in 38c. These measure 45mm wide on a 25 ird rim. I was quite happy with the feel, responsiveness, and overall confidence they give me without feeling their size or weight at all (not that it�s much different.) I also use them with a tire insert so I can comfortably ride them at 30-33psi. Great tire all around!

Reviewed 5/1/2023
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Review by Mfeoidxa

by Mfeoidxa
mcallen, texas

Excellent service with fast shipping. Would recommend to all my friends!

Reviewed 8/3/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Several tiny pinhole leaks
by Anonymous
8 of 8 customers found this review helpful.

Tires ride well and felt good, but quickly (less than 2 months) developed several tiny pin hole leaks on the very edges of the knobs that sealant wouldn't fill. Wouldn't recommend. Going back to the Terra trail

Reviewed 1/23/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Best off road gravel tire
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Santa Barbara, CA
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

This is my go-to tire for true off-road gravel riding. Dirt/fire roads are where this tire excels. Handles well and has never slipped. The rolling resistance is low enough that it can be used on road, too. Excellent puncture resistance.

Reviewed 1/23/2023
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Review by Gravel rider

Fast and supple, wears quickly
by Gravel rider
Cycling Enthusiast
New England
15 of 15 customers found this review helpful.

Had these in 40mm size on my gravel bike. They were set up tubeless, and I had no trouble mounting them. The were great in all conditions, from hard pack to pea stone to chunky gravel. These were the softest and grippiest tires I've used on my gravel bike, and really comfy. After about 900 miles (my rides are 40% paved, 60% dirt), the nubs wore down to the casing, and dozens of tiny pinprick holes wept sealant along the entire contact patch of the tire. Curiously, they didn't lose pressure. It looked odd, but the performance didn't suffer. I will buy these again.

Reviewed 8/31/2021
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Review by Chatma856

Better than expected.
by Chatma856
New Jersey
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I ordered Continental Terra Speed Gravel 700c Tire in a pinch because other preferred tires were not available. To my surprise they handled gravel very well, on asphalt rolled fast handled corners extremely well on fast decents 40+mph

Reviewed 10/10/2022
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