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Continental Terra Speed Gravel 650b Tire

ContinentalTerra Speed Gravel 650b Tire(Return to Product Page)

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Review by Newt C

Best Gravel Tires Ever!
by Newt C
Cycling Enthusiast
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This is my second set of these Continental gravel tires. My first set gave me over 6,000 miles of gravel with only one flat. I will be racing Gravel World's and USAC Nationals on these tires!

Reviewed 6/30/2023
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Review by Anonymous

My tire of choice for wet winter riding
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Everett, WA
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These are now my goto tire for winter riding, they are pretty quick, inexpensive when on sale and grip is better than a non-knobbed tire but still rides like a slick. they don't last too long in my experience but i'm ok with the trade off since they do roll pretty nicely.

Reviewed 3/18/2023
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Review by blueTexan

Once more voice of praise
by blueTexan
Cycling Enthusiast
East TX
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I love the feel, the handling of these tires, though I was too impatient to wait to comment on durability -- I just started using them. I agree completely with the reviewer who appreciated how easy these mount on a rim. Pure joy when I heard the "POP!" sound when inflating with my humble floor pump -- so many tires I've tried have failed this simple test. Good job, Conti!

Reviewed 3/1/2023
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Review by adermard

Reliable and easy to mount.
by adermard
Cycling Enthusiast
Boston, MA
8 of 8 customers found this review helpful.

I am using them tubeless on some Mavic CrossRide wheels. I had a bit of trouble at the beginning with them holding air but according to the bike shop it turned out to be not enough sealant and the valve was not tight enough. Now they hold 30psi for a week at least.

They are comfortable and smooth but they do not have MTB tire edge grip, I almost went down cornering hard over some loose gravel on top of hard pack dirt.

Easy to mount up onto the rim, just a bit harder than a typical MTB tire but not as hard as a road tire. And you can pretty easily get them to seat and pop into the bead lock with a floor pump or even with my single action mini pump so no need to carry a co2 cartridge.

I have about 300 miles on them so far with no issues. I have high expectations for Continental tires and these have met expectations.

Reviewed 11/24/2020
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Review by Anonymous

Awesome gravel/touring tire
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Bellingham, WA
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Just put 350 miles on these on GAP and C&O trail ride with 30# of pannier bags on the rear. Smooth rolling and fast on pavement (with a bit of noise) and excellent grip and handling on hard packed gravel, dirt and mud holes. They shed mud well and don't seem to spray wet stuff up on the rider very much. Running tubeless.

Reviewed 10/7/2021
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Review by RICKEY


So far very happy with these tires. Excellent ride and handling on loose gravel and shallow sand. Not wide enough for deep sand or gravel.

Reviewed 8/18/2022
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Review by Brian

Capable on and off road.
by Brian
San Diego County

Purchased these to down size for more road use...capable on hardpack too! Not for loose or sandy dirt. Ok with me because they are perfect for my use.

Reviewed 5/5/2022
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Review by Couvbiker

Quiet and smooth on pavement and easy to install
by Couvbiker
Daily Commuter
Vancouver, Washington
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Bicycle is being used primarily on pavement with occasional use on dirt trails.

Reviewed 6/15/2021
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