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Continental Rim Cement

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Review by Andrew S.

Hey! It works!
by Andrew S. (TriSports.com Staff)
Cycling Enthusiast
Portland, OR.
7 of 12 customers found this review helpful.

This stuff works, really.

Reviewed 10/30/2009
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Review by Flatlander

It Works For Me
by Flatlander
Cycling Enthusiast
Sacramento, CA

As far as I can tell, there are about as many ways to glue on a tubular tire as there are people who do it. For a new tire on a previously glued rim that works out to about 4 coats, 3 on the tire and one on the rim, over at least 3 days, for me. One tube did the job. I only have one set of tubular rims, so I don't do it very often, so one tube at a time is enough for me. This stuff always works, even for an amateur.

Reviewed 4/29/2019
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Review by Rick

Can't beat Conti Rim Cement
by Rick
Cycling Enthusiast
PA Endless Mountains
5 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

Product goes on easily, dries clear, and sticks very well. What I like best about the Conti cement is that is does not squeeze out between the tire and rim once inflated. I am a former Cat 3 racer now over the hill.

Reviewed 9/22/2014
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Review by Christopherdart

Can't complain about this product.
by Christopherdart
Competitive Racer
Middle Haddam, CT

Great for gluing tubulars to rim. The tire is still holding. I'll see how it holds up in the Jamestown Classic, next Monday.

Reviewed 10/9/2014
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Review by Anonymous

easy to iuse if directions are followed
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast

glue on tubular tire rims

Reviewed 5/22/2014
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Review by rrwms28

Works as stated.
by rrwms28
Cycling Enthusiast
SF Bay Area
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

All sewup glue is messy, Continental glue is clear and doesn't stand out as much. I had to remove 20 year old glue from a rim and it come off easily with citrus solvent. It holds the tire on the rim and that is all I ask of it.

Reviewed 6/10/2013
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Review by MidwestCyclocross

Works Great!!
by MidwestCyclocross
Competitive Racer

Easy to use, and I haven't rolled a tire yet!!

Reviewed 12/6/2012
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Review by Dan Warrington

I applied the material per the manufacturers recommendation of a single layer per side, and it sets up too quickly to be able to move once it touches the carbon rim.
by Dan Warrington
Competitive Racer
Cedar Falls, Iowa
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I applied per Continentals recommendations for this carbon fiber application. The cement dries too quickly to allow for final alignment of the tire to side and particulary around perimeter. It ended up to be loose at stem end, while stretched at other for tire to be out-of-round. The new tubular failed at stem 30 miles into a road race... !!! I may try applying two coats, or to use cement intended for aluminum rims as another friend of mine did, I believe successfully. I would appreciate any suggestions. I have applied over one hundred sew-ups a few years ago without any problems for team members.

Reviewed 8/30/2012
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Review by Christoph

Continental cement remains the racer's choice
by Christoph
Competitive Racer
Silver Spring Maryland

Continental Cement is my standard of choice for training and racing tires. Compared to other major brands it lays down very nicely. Other brands tend to be too thick and harder to manage. One tube is sufficient for two tires. I use it on my carbon rims without worry. Instead of a single base layer on the carbon rim, I use two thin layers. Continental cement has never failed me in over 20 years of riding and racing.

Reviewed 7/26/2012
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Review by G.land

Tried and true.
by G.land
Competitive Racer
Santa Rosa,Ca

I have been glueing tubies for 10 years. Started with conti glue. Tried the carbon glue which was fine and am now back with the tried and true.

Reviewed 7/13/2012
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Review by Charley

I have been using this glue for 25 years and always feel confident that it will perform.
by Charley
Cycling Enthusiast
Tucson, AZ
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I like knowing that my tires are on the rim nice and secure. That is the reason I choose continental rim glue.

Reviewed 3/12/2012
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