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Continental Grand Prix 4-Season Black Edition Road Tire

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User submitted reviews

Review by Fred

Extended mileage and resistant to flats
by Fred
Cycling Enthusiast
rocklin ca
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I have been road biking for many years, completing many centuries. I get more miles out of this tire than any other I have tried. I have less flats, too. The grip is good on wet pavement and cornering is excellent. Great traction. I use the 25's.

Reviewed 6/6/2020
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Review by FR

So far these are great
by FR
Daily Commuter
San Francisco, CA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I have a set of these on my Lynskey Helix, on which I've been doing an 11-mile urban commute. I have a 28 on the back, 25 on the front. So far, these have been great. They're showing minimal wear, I've had zero flats, they seem to hold pressure pretty well. They feel fine to ride on - it's true what they say about wider tires giving a smoother ride and not adding to the overall effort. They were easy to put on. Feels like I have good feel, good control, tight in the turns. Two thumbs up.

Reviewed 4/3/2020
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Review by Mike C

Great balance for an every day tire
by Mike C
Portland, OR
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

Puncture resistance, stickiness, low wear. This has become my everyday tire.

Reviewed 11/28/2019
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Review by Anonymous

A fantastic training tire!
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast

I have a Canyon Ultimate SLX that came w Mavis 25c, so waited until fall to change tires. Went w a 28c on these GP4 Black edition what an upgrade! The ride quality went way up, no more bone vibrations going down the Chicago roads, and these seriously feel faster. Traction and grips on wet roads also is much, much better. Really wish I would have changed over sooner, but makes the upgrade feel even better. Strongly recommend as a daily training tire that is fast, comfortable, and gives you confidence.

Reviewed 10/13/2019
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Review by Mark A

Compromise between ride and durability
by Mark A
Cycling Enthusiast
Princeton, NJ
3 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

These tires deliver the best compromise between ride quality, grip, and durability. They don't excel at any one of those aspects and that's likely the objective. Heightening one seems to take away from the other. These are good for everyday commuting or training but they definitely don't roll and ride as well as others targeted for speed or ride quality. For the money, they can't be beat. They'll survive a century ride over rural roads and last a long time. I just wish these delivered a better ride but that would mean the sidewall losing strength and puncture protection being compromised. I am going to try the 5000s and compare. Given I just used the Vittoria Corsas (zero durability but buttery smooth), that's likely the next tire I'll try to get a better ride.

Reviewed 9/17/2019
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Review by Anonymous

Great Tires!
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Seattle WA

Bought these tires to ride a Gran Fondo that included some gravel. The comfortable ride and added stability from these wider tires has me thinking I won't go back to the previous brand. They seem very durable but also roll well on all the paved roads I like to ride.

Reviewed 8/27/2019
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Review by Anonymous

Great all around tire
by Anonymous
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

These are my go to tire. Love the 4000s which just retired and have the new 5000s. The 4000s sidewalls has a tendency to blow after so many miles though. These 4 season have good flat protection, good roll and great grip. Rode 4000s and dura skin for years. These are all I ride now. I put on 10000 miles or more a year between commuting and weekend rides and good wheel sets, tires and saddle make all the difference.

Reviewed 7/1/2019
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Review by Flying On Iron Horses

The best all-around clincher tires available
by Flying On Iron Horses
Cycling Enthusiast
St. Louis, Mo.

The Continental GP 4 Seasons tire is an awesome all around clincher tire. I am currently using these on all of my machines, 700x25c and 700x32c. They have great protection and stick really well in the dry heat and cold and wet road conditions. I have been using these tires for over five years and get great mileage out of them, especially if you rotate your tires from front to back every 1,000 miles. They were designed for the Paris-Roubaix race. I have no complaints at all toward these fantastic tires. I had put 4,000 miles on a set of these one time.

Reviewed 4/8/2019
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Review by summerd

Longest lasting Continental race tire in my experience
by summerd
Cycling Enthusiast
Chattanooga area
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I've ridden several tire brands for the last 26 years - Continental has always been durable but not necessarily long-lasting in my experience (in the competitive-race category tires).

It was a pleasant surprise to realize I rode almost 3000 miles on this rear tire (granted, it was off-season), 2000-2500 is more the norm for my usual go-to brand. So if there's something new with the Grand Prix 4 to make it tougher than before, then I can vouch it's true!

Reviewed 3/28/2019
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Review by Anonymous

This is the only tire I use
by Anonymous

Have been using this tire for years now.

Reviewed 12/22/2022
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Review by oaklandmark

My go to road tire
by oaklandmark
Cycling Enthusiast
Oakland, CA

First a confession - this review is for the non-black version of this tire as I have yet to use the black ones, but am reasonably certain the difference is cosmetic only.

I've tried many brands of tires, and many varieties within each brand, and for my use Conti's Grand Prix 4 Season is tops. They are a tiny bit less supple and grippy than many others, but more than make up for it in durability. They roll well, are nicely grippy, and really last. I have gone over 3000 miles on a pair, but find that by then, the rubber has squared off and does not have as strong a grip as I want, so I'm now running them about 2000 miles a pair, and that seems to be a good compromise. When I change them, they still look totally usable. That's always going to be an individual call.

As for durability, these tires will win out over the kinds of glass, rocks, thorns, etc that have flattened pretty much every single other road tire I have tried. On a recent ride, I goofed and rode over a large, sharp rock. No flat. When I got home, and inspected the damage, i could see that not only had I sliced open the riding surface, but had sliced clean through the fibre body of the tire as well! In spit of this catastrophic damage, it was still ridable, although I did replace the tire rather than risk it blowing on me.

Rides well on dry or wet pavement.

If you are patient and wait for the sale, you can also pick them up at about half price, which is frankly a steal.

Reviewed 1/14/2019
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Review by Doug L.

The commuter standard or close to it.
by Doug L.
Cycling Enthusiast
Knoxville ,TN
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I ride gravel trails with the grand kids and occasionally commute on debris laden deteriorating city streets with inattentive drivers. Good side wall protection is a must and thus have avoided many opportunities for punctures. Adjust the air pressure to the terrain 40 - 55 lbs. and ride with confidence. I have not made a direct comparison with comparable Compass tires but I think they are close in speed and comfort - on sale well worth the price. Had been using 32 mm Gatorskins and these are better for all weather traction, comfort and speed. The black edition actually improves the appearance of my beater VO campeur. To sum up, A tire that does its job very well.

Reviewed 12/11/2018
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Review by MidwestBiker

Live in Midwest. Best year round tire.
by MidwestBiker
Cycling Enthusiast

Use these year round on both my bikes. Swapped out my cotton tires for these to reduce flats in the summer too.

Reviewed 11/10/2022
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Review by 700cfanatc

Love at first ride!
by 700cfanatc
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I was looking for a road tire to use on my gravel bike. Something wide enough to handle poor roads and the occasional unsaved trail but with low rolling resistance and a great ride. These fit my needs perfectly. Continental is my go to brand and the tires definitely live up to my expectations.

Reviewed 8/6/2021
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Review by Dave

So far this has worked fabulous.
by Dave
Cycling Enthusiast
Duluth, MN

I have been using these tires for the last year and now I put them on my wife's bike and she is happy with them.

Reviewed 7/22/2021
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Review by AndyMc2021

Two defective tires after about 1100 mi
by AndyMc2021

First rear tire threads starting unraveling at the rim causing wear in side wall and then the front tire had started doing the same. Had purchased a new tire but I am returning it since the front tire is having the same issue. fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I'm going back to Conti 5000s .

Reviewed 7/24/2021
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Review by harrisam

So far a couple of hundred miles on these tires, no flats and the sprue tags haven't even worn off.
by harrisam
Cycling Enthusiast
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I have been using Continentals for a long time without any serious issues. The quality control seems to have improved. They go on easier and seem to seat better. It's too early to tell about the durability, but so far it is starting to look better as well.

Reviewed 7/1/2021
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Review by Roadaddict

This is the One!!!
by Roadaddict

After years of trying brand after brand of racing and enthusiasts all around road tires, I was fortunate to come across the GP 4-season "black edition" and its now been my only choice for replacement. Long miles and great on protection from road debris. Stop with the frequent flat repairs that hold you back, and ride for hours without the worry of having to call for SAG.

Reviewed 6/21/2021
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Review by SATXcyclist

Excellent road tire
by SATXcyclist
Cycling Enthusiast
San Antonio, TX
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I log 6000 miles per year on several bikes and only use Continental tires. The GP 4 season is one of my favorites. My county does a poor job of accommodating cyclists so that riding is on county roads and shoulders that are filled with debris. The GP 4 does an excellent job of soaking up the rough pavements with minimal punctures.

Reviewed 6/10/2021
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Review by smileyme

Happy with these tires.
by smileyme
Cycling Enthusiast
New York, New York
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

These don't feel faster than GP5000's; however it last 3x as long. Solid tires for all seasons if you're in the North Coast. I never got any flats to the roads we have here in NYC. I'm happy with Continentals and will be using them forever.

Reviewed 4/18/2021
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