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Chamois Buttr 32oz Bottle

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Review by Steve cullen

Very much easier to apply and quicker.. time saver.
by Steve cullen
Cycling Enthusiast
Reno, NV

I use it daily and love the ease of use and the quick application. Spreads very nicely.

Reviewed 9/6/2018
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Review by Anonymous

Love the pump.
by Anonymous
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Been using ButtR for years, great stuff. The pump dispenser is great.

Reviewed 6/30/2018
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Review by DocH

Economical and green (sort of) alternative to smaller containers
by DocH
Cycling Enthusiast
Modesto, CA

If you use chamois cream you've probably tried Chamois Butt'r. I've used a variety of brands and Chamois Butt'r is one of the better options. Buying it in this 32 oz bottle lowers the cost per ounce and creates less packaging waste than the smaller jars or tubes. The pump needs to be primed quite a bit before it starts working, and the dispenser will inevitably develop an annoying but removable plug (for which Park Tools PR-1, plug removal tool is recommended). As other reviewers have mentioned, don't expect the pump to fully drain the bottle. It will stop working with the bottle still about one-quarter full. However, you can then cut the bottle open and scoop out the goo just like it was in a jar.

Reviewed 2/24/2022
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Review by BAH

Good product, bottle not so good
by BAH

This is my go to Chamois cream. Works great. The pump bottle is economical unless you factor in the pump straw is too short so you can�t get the last amount which is a lot, seems like at least 10-14%. Need to fix this to get 5 stars.

Reviewed 1/30/2023
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Review by John

Good product, very fair price
by John
New Mexico

Four stars - Chamois Buttr is an old reliable that gets 4 stars for its combination of price and efficacy. There are better creams out there that last longer and are needed for the longest rides. I like the big size. There is a trick to getting the pump to work - before first use, drop the bottom of the pump into water and pump it until you get water coming out the nozzle. The. The pump can be inserted in the bottle and you should be all set.

Reviewed 11/4/2021
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Review by Anonymous

Great product and price
by Anonymous

This is truly the best bang for your buck when it comes to chamios cream.

Reviewed 4/17/2023
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Review by Jeffrey

by Jeffrey
Cycling Enthusiast
Portland, Oregon
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

First of all, I'm a fan of Paceline Chamois ButtR and have been for many years. I've tried various chamois creams through the years but settled on Chamois ButtR because it just, plain works. And it's made in USA.

However, what DIDN'T work (at least not for me) is the 32 oz. pump bottle. It just doesn't consistently deliver the cream when you push the nozzle down. Sometimes it comes out smoothly and puts the amount you want right on your fingertips. But it seems like most of the time it spits, spats, gives a tiny amount or nothing at all due to air locks in the pump.

Maybe I just got a lemon. And I'll buy Chamois ButtR again because it's a great product . But I will certainly

go back to the squeeze tube.

Reviewed 10/3/2020
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Review by quix

ButtR great, pump bottle not great
by quix
Cycling Enthusiast
Stillwater, MN
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Although the ButtR is a great product, the pump bottle is not. The pump on mine took a soaking in hot water to begin to work, and then after a few rides the pump began to leak out of the side of the tube under the pump, which is inconvenient as the ButtR now comes out from two places and so does not all go where desired. I like to idea of using the pump to refill a used ButtR tube as I still have one of those around. All in all I'd agree with 5 stars for the product inside but 1 star for the pump bottle and pump delivery mechanism. Cheers!

Reviewed 9/30/2020
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Review by Oaklander

Excellent product, lousy container
by Oaklander
Cycling Enthusiast
SF Bay Area
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I have used Chamois Buttr for years and it's a very good anti-chafe product. I got tired of buying the smaller tubes and thought, why not get a volume discount. The problem is that the pump container allows the Buttr to dry and harden in the spout of the pump. If you used it every day this would not be an issue. But who does that? So, then when you go to dispense some into your palm it doesn't come out from the spout, but from the top of the pump. Not cool. The work-around I settled on is to clear the hardened bit from the spout with a toothpick or a paper clip. Sort of a pain at 630am when you're trying to get organized for a ride. so the product would get five stars, and the container would get one. Final: three stars. Stick with the tubes that snap closed and prevent this problem.

Reviewed 8/10/2020
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Review by Fuelfool

Best Value in the Space
by Fuelfool
Competitive Racer
BlueRidge Mountains North Carolina

Hard to believe that I raced for twenty years before discovering that I needed chamois lubrication! My wife and I have been using this stuff for many years since after trying numerous competing and often more expensive products. We have found this one to be the most durable of them all. It is certainly not cheap, but if you catch a decent sale and buy it in bulk, it's not horrible given the "return" it provides on your investment.

Reviewed 7/21/2022
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Review by RussNealJ

Never Fails
by RussNealJ
Miami, FL

I've been using Chamois Butt'r for over 15 years and I've never had a saddle sore. This large bottle is great for refilling smaller bottles for use in various situations, particularly while touring.

Reviewed 1/1/2021
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Review by Ron

Works well, not greasy.
by Ron
Cycling Enthusiast
Ann Arbor, MI

It's more a skin conditioner than a lubricant, but it works well as a lubricant too. I use it more during hot weather when I'm sweating a lot.

Reviewed 10/9/2020
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Review by MW

Same great lube in a larger container. There is a lot of pumping required initially to get it flowing
by MW
Cycling Enthusiast

I have used this lube for many years in the tube form. This was my first time using the larger pump bottle. IT does take many pumps to get the lube primed in the pump before it starts to flow out.

Reviewed 6/26/2020
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Review by Anonymous

Better buy
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Chantilly, VA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

It's the same stuff as the 8oz bottle. But at a much better price point

Reviewed 3/11/2022
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Review by bobbyorr

Try getting the pump to work
by bobbyorr
Cycling Enthusiast
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

This is my second bottle of the Butt'r. On the first bottle the pump stopped working with about half the bottle remaining. To use the Butt'r I had to use my boxcutter to turn the bottle into a cup. I also had to keep on cutting the bottle down as I used more of the Butt'r.

Today I opened a brand new bottle and tried to use it. The pump doesn't work at all, so back to the boxcutter.

Reviewed 5/30/2020
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Review by wakejunky

Never experience the need of Butt'r!
by wakejunky
Cycling Enthusiast

This is the best deal, since the pump applicator is capable of evacuating 45ths of its volume. By cutting open the container, the remaining 15th of its volume can be relocated to another useful container. Thus, proving a sense of extra value, rather factual or not. You decide.

Reviewed 5/22/2020
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Review by Anonymous

Great product, non-greasy and washes out easily from clothing.
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast

Effective as a chamois lube, could be a little more viscous/thicker.

Reviewed 12/6/2021
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Review by Russell

Always the Best
by Russell
Miami, Florida

My wife and I have used Chamois Buttr for literally thousands of miles and weve never had an issue with saddle sores. The 32oz Pump Bottle is great for refilling the smaller tubes and make them even more economical.

Reviewed 7/22/2019
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Review by Gordon

Great to have the quantity.
by Gordon
Competitive Racer
Findlay, OH

This is really a good alternative to the Assos product. I had only used Assos in the past but this is just as effective and a better bargain price wise.

Reviewed 9/14/2021
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Review by Pierre M

23 ok
by Pierre M
Cycling Enthusiast
Dallas, Texas

The pump bottle worked great until about 13 was left. At that time, the pump could not give me anymore. I could tell by the weight of the bottle that it was not empty but it felt that the pump was sucking air. I used a knife and cut the bottle from the top and sure enough, there is plenty left. Now I get to use the rest of the bottle without the pump. This product should be improved.

Reviewed 4/15/2019
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