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Castelli Mens Perfetto RoS Long Sleeve Jersey

CastelliMen's Perfetto RoS Long Sleeve Jersey(Return to Product Page)

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Great piece of kit for the worst of conditions.
by Ace
Competitive Racer
Salt Lake City, UT
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I've been looking at this jersey for a while now and finally decided to pull the trigger. I couldn't be happier. It's not really a jersey, and it's not really a jacket, or maybe it's both. It doesn't matter what it is, only that it does what it was designed to do perfectly. I hate riding in jackets with any amount of flap, so the RoS jersey is perfect. The jersey is very windproof, which makes it exceptionally warm for its weight. With a thin long-sleeve base layer underneath, it has been very comfortable down to the low 40's. There are vents on the side that are functional, but I'm not sure they would be enough it warms up. I got the blackout color which is nice and stealthy with its use of logos. The sizing is, well, it's Castelli. I am 6' 2" and just a hair under 170lbs most days and got a size large. I like the fit, and it's snug. I only wear one thin base layer underneath, like a jersey. That is the fit that I wanted. I probably could have gone with an XL as well if I wanted more of a jacket fit. The bottom line is that it is an excellent jersey for cold, wet weather. You need to make sure you get the right fit for you.

Reviewed 3/15/2021
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by kahunamike
San Mateo, CA

Castelli sizing is always confusing to me and I think the rule of thumb is to order a size larger than you would with other brands. This was no exception. I originally had a medium size of the Perfetto and it was too tight to the point it was hard to take a full breath in let alone fit anything underneath. Would probably fit someone thinner (although I'm not that big - 30" waist). I went with the Large as it has a big more wiggle room for a base layer. Still tight enough that it doesn't flap in the wind.

Great as a single layer at 50F. Below that I wear another jersey or a mid-weight long sleeve depending on how cold.

Reviewed 1/15/2021
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Perfect, as the name implies
by dgm
Cycling Enthusiast
Edmonds, WA
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I got this jersey for winter riding in the Seattle area, something to block the wind and provide warmth and water resistance. This jersey checks all the boxes. It blocks the wind very well and yet breathes better than any "breathable" garment I've ever owned. The insulation is not so heavy as to be too hot and the jersey works well with a base layer to adjust for cooler or downright cold temperatures. I've never been more comfortable riding in the winter when temperatures are typically in the high 30's to mid 40's. I haven't worn it riding in any significant rain yet, but when I splashed coffee on the sleeve it beaded right up so that a good sign! I usually wear a large and got an XL which fits well. It seemed a little snug at first, but after a couple of rides it felt just right.

Reviewed 12/21/2020
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Works well in hard rain
by jdromick
Cycling Enthusiast
Eugene, OR

I bought this jacket (not a jersey) for winter riding (rain and cool/cold conditions). Today, it got tested. Hard rain at 45F and 15-20 mph wind. I was comfortable and stayed pretty dry. I am 6' and 172 lbs and I bought the 2x so that I could wear a couple of layers beneath it for cold conditions. I normally wear a L size Castelli jersey. This fits pretty snuggly, so when in doubt go at least one size larger. The rear pockets are large and useful. The fluorescent green is particularly useful for poor lighting conditions.

Reviewed 11/13/2020
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Good cool weather upper
by EricT
Salt Lake
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This is a very nice garment. The look is very good and the feel is nice. It keeps you warm. The one big concern for me is the sizing. This must be a Castelli brand issue. Their sizing definitely does not fit the description. I am a 44 chest which should be an extra large. But for this jersey I would need like a double extra large to be comfortable. Castelli XL is like a medium so definitely go a size larger when ordering.

Reviewed 5/11/2020
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Just brilliant
by Mark G
Cycling Enthusiast
Bay Area CA
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Great jacket for mid 30's to high 50's. Goretex is fantastic for wind block. With a base layer under is just the perfect jacket

Sizing is small so use the size chart to the letter. I have a 42" chest. And 2XL is just right even though I'm L on most other brands

Reviewed 1/23/2021
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Love my Castelli Perfetto LSJ! Wear it whenever temps dip below 45-50F. Sleek, comfortable and warm.
by jhlindsa
Cycling Enthusiast
Minneapolis, MN

Don't go by their size chart. They fit very tight and very small. I started with a Men's Medium to be on the safe side and ended up with a Men's XL. Now wish I had ordered an XXL. I am 5' 8 and weigh 150 lbs - the sizes are way off, but you'll love it when you get one that fits.

Reviewed 11/19/2020
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It is a great jersey take the arms off if it gets to hot superb.
by Dan
Cycling Enthusiast
N Idaho
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I use on colder days and if it starts to warm up peel the arms off.

Reviewed 5/15/2020
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Great lightweightstylish race jacketjersey that fits snugly
by SCrider
Cycling Enthusiast
Charleston, SC
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Nice jacket, with thin technical fabric that is soft and stretches. I haven't ridden it yet but it feels like it will block the wind and light rain very well. Some have warned you need to size up twice from your normal jersey size due to the snug fit in the arms, chest, and shoulders(especially if you intend to wear a thermal base layer).

I bought an XL, whereas the sizing from Castelli indicated a large might be right(40 chest is between L and XL). The XL fits me with my Nike baselayers, however, it is a very snug, race fit. All the other dimensions for a Large fit me fine, except I thought the neck might be a little loose.

Since I plan to use the jacket more for group rides and training rides, I'm considering going with the 2XL instead of XL to give me more room for layering, and a less aggressive fit.

These are my measurements

Chest - 40

Waist - 32.5

Hip - 35.5

Neck 15.5

Biceps - 11.5 - 12.5

Height - 5' 11

Weight - 160 lbs

Reviewed 11/8/2019
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