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Castelli Mens Estremo Glove

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Review by greg c

Very disappointing not nearly as warm as I hoped.
by greg c
Cycling Enthusiast

Not warm enough

Reviewed 11/30/2023
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Review by Brian Oldham

Best Winter Glove for the Pacific North West
by Brian Oldham
Bellingham, WA

Superb gloves. Perform flawlessly

Reviewed 11/9/2023
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Review by ChrisInPDX

Excellent in cold and wet
by ChrisInPDX
Cycling Enthusiast
Portland, OR, US
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

These are now my go to gloves for temps below about 40 F. Good with cold and wind. They do a pretty good job on wet as well, but a real soaking rain will definitely soak into them. That being said, I totally did NOT want to spend this much on biking gloves because it seemed really pricey, but I have no regrets after. I also felt they looked bulky and I would have issues with shifting/bell/brakes and that has NOT been the case. They fit well enough to allow for dexterity even on my road bike with di2 shifters. The ONLY gripes I could come up with - I wish the velcro attachment was a little larger so you could have a better tight seal on the wrists, and I wish that they were more touch screen capable, but you just can't get that on thick/warm gloves it seems. If I lost these, I would absolutely rebuy again.

Reviewed 3/20/2023
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Review by Tony M

Great Gloves
by Tony M
Cycling Enthusiast
New Jersey

These are great gloves for cold weather riding. Did a 2.5 hour mountain bike ride where the temp was 22-25F. My hands were never cold. I've used them on the road also but never at those temps, so I can't say how they would perform there.

Reviewed 3/9/2023
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Review by Jim

Awesome Winter Riding Gloves!!!!
by Jim
Competitive Racer
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

I commute daily to work and do training rides on the weekends. I have used these from the high 30's to -10 degrees and they are awesome! These are the best winter cycling gloves that I have owned. I don't know how they did it, but these gloves are able to pass the moisture from sweating without losing too much warmth. If they are still kind of wet from a ride, they are dry in about 4 hours.

Reviewed 4/6/2020
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Review by Michael

Finally the Right Cold Weather Glove
by Michael
Competitive Racer
Salem, OR
3 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

We all own a like 10 pairs of gloves that aren't the right ones - ever. Basically I end up hating every glove I buy. Except these.

After many years of buying the wrong gloves, these finally seem to work for me in most of the temperatures I ride in so far this winter. 32-42, above that, they are too warm for me but even when hot, they don't get that weird sticky thing that lobster gloves get. Hands start to chill around 32 after about an hour but so is everything else.

Minus points for not working with touchscreens

Plus points for working most of the time anyway

The more modern long zipper would be better too

True to size - use the size chart on these

Reviewed 12/14/2022
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Review by CycleRef

Great cold weather gloves
by CycleRef
Cycling Enthusiast
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

These are great when it's too cold for my medium-weight gloves. Still feel like I have plenty of control on the Di2 shifters and my hands stay plenty warm into the 40's (and probably 30's)? I got them at the tail end of winter so haven't used them yet during super cold rides. But have no doubt these will keep my hands much warmer than double up on medium gloves. Good wind blocking for sure since that's the thing that seems to cause the most discomfort over the course of a cold ride.

Reviewed 6/3/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Warmest cycling gloves I've found!
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Essex, CT
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Definitely warm, down to at least mid-40's F and probably below that, yet with the dexterity needed to work the brakes and shifters. I have some XC skiing gloves which are very warm but too clumsy for cycling. And mittens, which would be even warmer, offer even less dexterity. Be aware that insulated gloves like these can't work on touch screens.

Reviewed 3/20/2017
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Review by B''ham Biker

Pretty good, just a little bulky.
by B''ham Biker

I guess to protect from cold temperatures, you need thickness. These gloves will keep your hands warm, but they are a little bulky for shifting and braking. Maybe they will get more flexible with use over time. Seem to be well-made and up to the usually excellent Castelli quality.

Reviewed 3/28/2023
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Review by Chris

Hands are warm and happy
by Chris
Cycling Enthusiast

Cycling in the cold and rain of PDX makes a good set of gloves a must. The castelli estremo glove has kept my hands warm enough to enjoy rides in the less than ideal winter weather in Portland. The fleece liner is soft and warm, the closure around the wrist holds secure, there is ample grip on the palm and fingers so you can keep hold of the handlebars in wet and rainy conditions.

Reviewed 1/17/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Fantastic cold weather gloves!
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Exeter, NH

Recently after freezing my hands on a road bike ride I determined I really needed a good set of cold weather gloves. The Castelli Men's Estremo Glove is exactly what I needed! Now my hands stay warm on cold weather rides! Highly recommended!!

Reviewed 1/5/2023
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Review by rockn Randall

really nice glove
by rockn Randall
Cycling Enthusiast

9 1/4 palm size large fit perfect. great feeling glove but my fingers still got cold after 45 minutes in the low 40's. However my fingers get cold in lobster gloves.

Reviewed 12/4/2022
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Review by Steve F.

by Steve F.
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

These gloves work as well as advertised and maybe better. I went on a fairly long ride with temps around freezing, I began the ride wearing lighter gloves until my hands started to get pretty cold and then put these on. Within a few minutes my hands were no longer stinging and after about 10 or 15 they were starting to sweat, very impressive indeed. These gloves are fairly bulky but not bad considering the warmth they provide, the silicone grip is really secure on the bars as well. Sure I wouldn't mind having touchscreen compatibility but it's something I can live without, if that's a dealbreaker for you I would suggest the warmest PI gloves.

Reviewed 2/22/2021
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Review by rockyMTNhigh

very well made gloves from Castelli!
by rockyMTNhigh
Cycling Enthusiast
Grand Lake Colorado
8 of 8 customers found this review helpful.

I bought these gloves in hopes of using them at temps down to say 15 F. They are very warm in temps ranging from 40's F down to 28 F, but I can't recommend them at temps any lower than that. I rode today at a consistent temp of 20 F for 3.5 hours and they lost all warmth capabilities after 1 hour. I will wear my snowmobile gloves next time at those temps. The gloves are very well made and comfortable and wind proof, they just lack insulation for the cold here in the Colorado winter season, and it's only Dec. 3rd.

Reviewed 12/3/2020
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Review by nhmtnbkr

Excellent winter gloves
by nhmtnbkr
Cycling Enthusiast
Nashua, NH
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I bought these for mountain biking without a lot of expectations and was quite pleasantly surprised overall. Fit is excellent and these are considerably warmer than I thought they'd be, figuring they'd be warm enough for the 30's at best. These have kept my fingers warm down below 20 degrees, which is saying something, because my fingers run cold after getting frostbite while mountaineering some 20 years ago.

About the only thing these could be said to suffer from is a lack of padding for mountain biking, so you'll feel your bars and vibration after a long ride, since the one palm pad isn't sufficient for shock damping.

Reviewed 1/31/2020
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Review by Michael

Well made, moderate warmth for those with cold hands
by Michael
Cycling Enthusiast
Maine coast

My hands run cold, not Reynauds, but colder than average. These well made and comfortable gloves are excellent for cycling down to about 45F, and to 25F for running. I'm not so sure there is really an acceptable option for me in a full fingered glove to the mid 20's for cycling other than heated gloves. Reading between the lines of numerous reviews for many a warm winter glove, I sense none of them are really suitable for cycling below freezing if your hands tend to run cold. I'll wear shorts and short sleeves if it's 55-60, but opt for light full fingered gloves as the first warm layer to consider.

Reviewed 1/13/2020
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Review by Pedro

Antidote to early spring or late fall sub 40degree frostbitten fingers
by Pedro
Competitive Racer
Truckee, CA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Even with modest bulk, the Castelli Estremo glove is easy to grip handlebars, brake hoods or push shifters. These gloves are a superb and uber effective choice to keep cold-prone hands/fingers toasty warm even on the chilliest rides, road, gravel or mountain. So very happy to have them in my cold weather cycling clothing arsenal!

Reviewed 4/21/2022
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Review by Mark Nardone

Warm without bulk
by Mark Nardone
Boston, Ma
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

Super cold days I use Pogies, but as the temps get above freezing I move to my lobsters and now these Extremo gloves.

Nice and warm, found my hands overheating at times above 40F.

My one negative is that when hands are moist the inner liner can displace from the fingers when you remove them. It can take some tugging and wiggling to get the hand back in, not something you want to be doing while pedaling.

Reviewed 3/31/2022
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Review by Doug

Warm and Dry Fingers!
by Doug
Cycling Enthusiast
Bellingham, WA
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Just purchased my second pair. Fingers usually stay warm and dry. I order a size or two larger than expected, which is typical for Castelli sizing in most of their gear. These are excellent all-winter riding gloves. They sop of winter nose drips well, too. Material around outside fingers starting to wear after third season of heavy use but this hasn't affected their use.

Reviewed 3/24/2022
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Review by Troy

Warm but bulky
by Troy

Great warm gloves but just a bit bulky when trying to unzip my jacket otherwise very nice

Reviewed 1/26/2023
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