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Brooks C19 Cambium Carved All Weather Saddle

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Good touring saddle!
by Kenny

Im a long time B17 and B67 user I love them, but the leather is not ideal for wet conditions. So I got an All Weather carved C19 for my touring bike.

It works! While it does not have that leather saddle feel of the leather, I have noticed is not that it feels so good to sit on (although it feels fine)rather, I feel good, without pain when I am done. (Ive done several 80 mile rides on it). Im happy, and picky enough to not put up with or say otherwise when I dont like things.

I tried my friends C17it did not work for me, but the wider C19 works for my upright posture.

Reviewed 6/17/2018
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It does what it was designed to do, but it's not for me.
by paleocyclist
Cycling Enthusiast
SW Missouri

Any complaints I have against this item is more a reflection on me than the product. The product description explicitly states that the saddle is designed for an upright riding position. My riding positions are all over the place. I go from upright to aerobars and back. In doing so, the seat cover grabs your shorts and makes sliding impossible. This is not a seat you would want to use on a racing bike. If you are locked into an upright position, this could be the seat for you. Brooks have been making bicycle saddles for a long time. There is no questioning the quality of the construction. It comes in various widths, up to 19 mm, wide enough to accommodate the widest tracked posterior. I am keeping the seat. Im thinking of buying a bike to fit the seat.

Used for the purpose for which it was designed, my ratings would undoubtedly have been higher.

Reviewed 6/22/2018
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Brooks C19 Good for relaxed ridine
by tryg
Daily Commuter

So I have used the C17 brooks for several years, so i deciede to try the wider one for bike packing. Its comfortable if you like a more upright position and you have a relaxed frame

Reviewed 1/27/2018
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