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Blackburn Road Mirror

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User submitted reviews

Review by BikerBill

Used these for years - critical for safety.
by BikerBill
Cycling Enthusiast

Large mirror provides a good view of what's happening behind. Easily removed and re-installed w/ tools. Major issue is the mounting piece breaks easily if the bike falls over to the left. Mirrors themselves are pretty robust. Have a modest collection of orphaned mirrors. (Blackburn has actually replaced a couple of these for free over the years. Good customer service!)

Reviewed 2/5/2024
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Review by Mike from SB

Scared me silly
by Mike from SB
Cycling Enthusiast
Long Beach, CA
1 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

On flat smooth pavement works well. BUT on a fast downhill the pavement unexpectedly turned very rough and I needed to brake quickly. I could not immediately get my hand around the base of the mirror to grab the brake lever before I reached the rough patch. What should have been a moderately quick slowdown turned into a exciting ride that I do not want to repeat. I immediately removed the mirror and put it I my back pocket. I will use during leisurely rides around the neighborhood but that is it.

Reviewed 3/21/2022
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Review by patsdiner

Fun house mirror
by patsdiner
Cycling Enthusiast

I've been a long time fan of the previous iteration of the road mirror. I purchase three new ones, only to discover they've changed the design. You know that distorted passenger side mirror on your car? The "Things may be closer than they appear" one? Yeah, they did that with a bike mirror. Equally as useless. Do you want a car closer then it appears when your on a bike? Wrote to Blackburn about it, got indifference.

Reviewed 3/21/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Terrible quality control -- blurry mirror
by Anonymous
Daily Commuter
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I've used this brand for years but at least once every few years I knock my bike over and break it. This time when the replacement arrived it was clear that the manufacturing specs have changed. It came with a protective film which I removed yet the mirror was terrible and distorted badly. I contacted Blackburn and they said they'd replace it but it's been on backorder there for over 2 months... I've had poor experiences with Blackburn in the past 2 years but this is the only mirror that fits my bike nicely so I'll have to be patient.

Reviewed 10/19/2020
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Review by Bryan

Good mirror
by Bryan
Hillsboro, OR

Glass is clear. Shape is perfect. I like the added reflector. Holds position and doesn't vibrate.

The only think I don't like is it seems the clip that straps to your shifter was designed before modern shifter gained some girth (the edges of the clip land on the center of the shifter instead of wrapping around at all, but the Velcro still holds it just fine). So fit isn't perfect. But it works. I use it every day.

Reviewed 10/28/2021
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Review by Anonymous

by Anonymous

Works great

Reviewed 9/9/2021
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Review by TD

A very flexible product.
by TD
Cycling Enthusiast
Orlando FL

I ordered this product because I have a very unique bike frame that does not allow for standard mirrors to be attached. This product allows me the flexibility I need to have mirrors that attach easily to my bike frame in a safe and useful manner and location on my bike.

Reviewed 7/13/2021
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Review by Anonymous

Full View
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Naples Florida
6 of 6 customers found this review helpful.

I use this mirror for touring because it provides a full scale, accurate reflection. All others I have found represent vehicles as farther back, faster moving and more difficult to pick up. If the bike falls the mirror will usually be broken so the trade off is that some others are more durable. I carry a spare and buy a couple when on sale but the crystal clear accuracy is well worth it on the open road. I have ridden across the country 7 times and this product is as important as the right tires.

Reviewed 11/8/2013
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Review by JARHEAD

easy to install
Cycling Enthusiast
the villages, fl.

multiple mounting options, easy to install, good clarity

Reviewed 4/22/2019
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Review by Anonymous

Always needs to be adjusted
by Anonymous

This mirror just didn�t work for me when you strap it on youre good and then as soon as you start riding the view is jiggly and it never stays put it seems like I always had to adjust it and it would get out of adjustment about every two or three minutes.

Reviewed 7/16/2021
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Review by Dr. Courtenelli

Any bump makes this one droop
by Dr. Courtenelli
Cycling Enthusiast
Pacific NW
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

This is a great mirror for someone who wants to be distracted from the road, traffic and other riders as you'll constantly be reaching down to readjust the mirror.

A bump in the road makes it droop.

Expansion joints in the road makes it droop.

Riding on concrete roads makes it droop.

A smooth road with a minor anything makes it droop.

Did I mention it can't be tightened enough to keep it from (...wait for it) drooping?

I liked the optics, but I'm sending it back.

Reviewed 6/21/2018
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Review by Johanzel

Safety is the reason for rear view mirrors!
by Johanzel
Casual Cyclist
Bay Point, CA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Easy to set up and provides security on traffic lanes.

Reviewed 6/4/2018
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Review by THE BRAD

Cycling Enthusiast


Reviewed 3/15/2021
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Review by laidbackrider

good optics, mount is OK
by laidbackrider
Cycling Enthusiast
East Bay SF area
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

The optics on this mirror are great, however I had problems getting the universal joint tight enough to hold on bumpy roads.

Reviewed 10/26/2014
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i love this rearview mirror, wish i'd bought one for my right side! it survied IOWAS RAGBRAI!
Cycling Enthusiast
north Iowa
3 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

I've installed it on my surly long haul trucker touring bike. its an awesome product and easly removed .

Reviewed 8/8/2013
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Review by Murray Montreal.

I wouldn't ride without it.
by Murray Montreal.
Cycling Enthusiast
SE Florida and Montreal
Review for Blackburn 2012 Road Mirror
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

My club mates insisted that I get this mirror if I were going to cycle in a pace-line. Frankly, I was hesitant. Now that I have it, I've become dependent on it for safety and security. Further, I can call out the Car Back warning when I am riding at the tail of the line and I can see that we are All In. I think it's a necessary.

Reviewed 1/31/2013
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Review by TruElvis

Will not fit if you have Dura-ace hood
by TruElvis
Cycling Enthusiast
Princeton, NJ
Review for Blackburn 2012 Road Mirror
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

This product will not fit on a bike with a Dura-Ace 7900 hoods. The end that you are supposed to attach to the brake hood is too curve to wrap properly around it. It's too bad because the rest of the product looks to be well made.

Reviewed 12/24/2012
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