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Vittoria Mastik Pro Tubular Glue
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Vittoria Mastik Pro Tubular Glue

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Mfg PartNum: 1115MP0250111PK
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The Vittoria Mastik Pro Tubular Glue is the latest and best development in tubular glue to date. It addresses all known challenges for gluing your tubulars. With its quick and easy application, it is possible to glue two tires in under an hour. Mastik Pro cleans easily with water, making mess on your hands and equipment a challenge of the past. It also has a much increased resistance to high temperatures, contributing strongly to much higher safety especially for long descents.

The new Mastik Pro is non-flammable, so it can be carried everywhere regardless of the mode of transport. Glued tubulars are rideable in 24 hours and the packaging is especially designed to use to use a satchel per wheel.

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Mfg PartNum: 1115MP0250111PK 


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Better than old mastic room for improvement.
by chitrackie
Competitive Racer

Use these for track wheels and find that the mastic pro is much better than the original stuff.

- It doesn't come off with water

- It can be messy if you're not careful

+ I have 4 track tires glued with this stuff and it holds well

+ The old wheel cleans off nicely

+ It only takes a few hours to do a wheel

Reviewed 3/6/2024
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Big Fat Nope!
by Ercmicwil
Spokane, WA

I watched Vittoria's instal video and I was looking forward to this making tubular mounting a joy! Not so fast! The glue must have a very short shelf life. I tried two separate orders and they were both very thick and viscous. The glue did not go on clean. It was very very thick, and extremely sticky. I've worked with all sorts of adhesives and this is by far the worst. I like that it's non toxic, but calling it water washable is a joke! I had to use Naptha to get the mess off off my rim and tire. Thankfully I only made a mess of one wheel and tire combo. I'd rather use tubular tape, or regular cement. Honestly, just don't bother with this stuff.

Reviewed 2/26/2023
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It works, but requires careful technique to get good results.
by Eric in Chicago
Cycling Enthusiast
Chicago, IL US
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

If you go by the videos at the Vittoria lab, it looks like it takes zero care to get a clean glue job. However, they have one video that's much better httpswww.youtube.comwatch?vVEfMySzKOM because it shows the importance of spreading a thin layer, leaving a bead of excess near the edges to work in later, and not trying to use all the glue (a temptation because it's expensive, and they say 'thick' layer on the base tape). It also shows, or rather implies, that the layer on the base tape needs to be dry or nearly so. The instructions say slightly tacky, but does that mean nearly dry, or just past the liquid stage? This video answers that, or appears to. I've experienced trying to mount the tire if the glue on the basetape is still liquid - the tire slides off and throws glue everywhere, and it is NOT easy to get that glue off just by wiping with a wet cloth. All that aside, I have had no trouble with adhesion once on, and the left over glue can be spread thinly on sidewalls as a protectant. I'll continue to use it, partly because it doesn't have that give you cancer smell of others, esp. Continental carbon glue, but the expense is a deterrent. Also, Vittoria really needs to redesign the packets, as they make it impossible to get all the glue out since the plastic creases, and if you try to get it all, be prepared for a sticky mess. Avoid the temptation, and it's fine.

Reviewed 10/11/2018
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Very Good
by Michael
Competitive Racer
5 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

I have been gluing tubs for a long time, both for road and CX. This year i glued all CX and road tubs with this glue and have had zero issues. I followed the directions exactly and was left with easy application, it is in fact water soluble (use a wet cloth), and set within 24 hours. This works better than Mastik. With mastik it sets very fast and can be hard to recenter the tire, took forever to clean up with constant glue strings everywhere. I had a stage race this year and flatted on a friday night, reglued that evening, raced the next evening, the tire was 100% set and reay to go. As of this review i have glued 5 pairs of road tubs and three pairs of CX tubs with zero issues and have been very happy.

Also the fact the the one negative reviewer was using Gatorskin tubs says all you need to know about that review )

Reviewed 8/13/2018
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Limited application - not usable for a spare tire
by zed
Competitive Racer
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

The claims about easy cleanup with water are false. I counted on easy cleaning, was a little careless, and paid the price. This glue just gets worse with water. Better to let it dry and peel it up. The applicator tip isn't that helpful because the foil on the container rips no matter how careful you are. I would just prepare to use a brush to apply the glue and not bother with trying to squeeze like a tube of toothpaste. You CAN NOT apply this glue to a spare tire that you take on your ride/ race because once the glue drys, it is no longer tacky and the spare will not stick to the rim. It might seem like the spare is ok once it's inflated but the tire will slowly spin around the rim until the valve rips. Otherwise, it seems to work for a one-time application and tire install. But don't wait too long to let the glue cure b/c it might not stick. Going back to the old vittoria glue.

Reviewed 9/9/2021
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An effortless glue that simplifies the entire application process
by slice
Cycling Enthusiast

The good, the bad and the ugly

The good, simple to apply. easily seen when wet when good lighting conditions. viscous and minimal overflow. cleans fairly easily. drys fast and secure.

The bad no real downsides

The ugly Transparent so depending on rims or tyre need good light to see where applied. When removing flat or old tyre glue comes off so placing an older tyre as a spare doesn't have old glue to secure (may be good depending if you are planning on cleaning rim and reapplying glue!)

Reviewed 3/23/2020
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by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

This product is not what it claims to be, i.e. it is definitely NOT water soluble and easy to clean up. I ordered from the US Vittoria website. While applying the glue, the packet's foil backing tore very easily and glue ended up everywhere. Also, one of the packets had already cured. These packets were kept in my house until ready to use. I will definitely NEVER use this stuff again. BUYER BEWARE!!!

Reviewed 11/3/2021
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Love the New Formula
by Vegas Blake
Cycling Enthusiast
Las Vegas, NV

I have always used the Original Mastik One Glue on my Tubulars, but recently started using the new Vittoria Mastik Pro Glue. It is hot here in Las Vegas and the new formula does better in the heat, and the new formula cleans up easier as well.

Reviewed 12/11/2020
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Very simple and effective
by Slice

Still use sew ups - best glue by far - easy to apply - A little effort to clean but easier than most.

Taking off old glue fairly easy. Very smooth thin layer - transparent - no toxic smell

Reviewed 10/29/2020
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Easy to work with few compromises
Holladay, ut

This new generation tubular glue is great. Easier to apply, easier to clean up, easier to remove a tire, and has no impact to rolling resistance once it sets up. The only compromise is roadside repairs mounting a pre glued spare is no longer possible.

Reviewed 11/5/2018
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Easy to apply, terrible bond and expensive
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Dallas, TX
3 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

After years of fighting more traditional glue this one is a revelation. No more glue fumes getting you high in the garage. Stays a liquid for FAR longer than traditional glues and allows you to get the tire on and centered perfectly. But...what good is that if it fails to bond the tire? Sadly I got a flat the other day and was able to keep 15psi in the tire as I rode it home 3 miles. The sealant just won't hold so I started to change it out. The tire was waaaay too easy to remove. The old Mastik would have me cussing and getting out tire spoons to pull off the tire, but not with this stuff. And then the cost...the picture and description is terribly misleading. It looks like you are getting 8 packets for your money, but in fact you only get 4. Does the description ever state how many packets you get?? No... So in effect you are paying 2X what you expected. And cleanup with water? Eh...not really. It's sticker that that.

So back to the traditional glue for me...

And just for reference, it was Continental Gatorskins on Williams carbon wheels.

Reviewed 5/3/2018
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by Jrz
Denver, CO
5 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

This goes on much easier than Vittoria's regular mastik. Slicker for longer so tire slides on the rim and centers itself as you inflate. If you have to make adjustments it is less tacky so no problem. Doesn't clean up off tire and rim as easy as claimed but certainly easier than regular mastik. Most importantly, it seems to hold just as strong as Vittoria's regular mastik. After going to Effetto's tubular tape because of being tired of the hassle of regular gluing, this Mastik Pro has brought me back to gluing!

Reviewed 2/13/2018
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