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Lake CX241-X Wide Road Shoe Reflective Silver / Grey
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CX241-X Wide Road Shoe

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CX241-X Wide — the wide road cycling shoe you've been looking for.

The Lake CX241-X Wide Road Shoe is a culmination of years of experience, advanced materials and shoemaking techniques to make a shoe that offers the best fitting solution for any foot type. With a heat-moldable heel counter and a uniquely designer upper that has enough adjustability to accommodate feet with any instep height or foot volume without sacrificing comfort.

The CX241 was designed for those riders with foot issues such as bunions, deformation, or wide feet who need a shoe that will not beat their feet up, giving the rider the endurance they need to stay on the bike. The upper has separated panels that allow for fine tuning the pressure and fit which also allows the upper to conform around sensitive and painful spots on the foot without the same level of constraint that is felt in traditional shoe uppers.


  • Pressure Relief Zones: Nufoam panels allow feet to remain comfortable and pain-free by removing pressure zones in places where feet may have bunions or deformations
  • 80K Force Carbon Sole: Great power transfer and comfort in a lightweight and supportive sole platform
  • Replaceable Heel Pad made of long-lasting TPU heel pad
  • Heat mold the carbon heel for a more customized fit
  • Lightweight, water-resistant and supple natural leather provides long lasting comfort.
  • Dual IP1 Closure features incremental adjustment when the dial is under tension, and a pull up for quick release interface.
  • Split Panel Upper offers ultimate adjustability for hard to fit feet that are sensitive to pressure and constraint found in traditional shoes

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    Shoe Size(US Men)9.5-010-011-011.5-011.75-012-012.5-013.5-0

    Footwear Closure: mounted Push/Pull IP1 BOA lacing system 


    Last Type: CX Competition 


    Outsole: Lake Competition 100 percent Carbon Fiber Sole. 


    Cleat Type: 3-bolt 


    Upper: Fullgrain Ecco Leather 


    Width: Wide 


    Cleat Compatibility: 3 Hole (Road) 

    Black/Silver - 42

    Mfg PartNum: 3015804 

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    Black/Silver - 45

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    Black/Silver - 45.5

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    Black/Silver - 46

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    Black/Silver - 46.5

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    Black/Silver - 47

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    Black/Silver - 48

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    White/Silver - 42

    Mfg PartNum: 3016715 

    White/Silver - 43

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    White/Silver - 44

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    White/Silver - 45

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    White/Silver - 47

    Mfg PartNum: 3016725 

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    A comfortable shoe that provides a wide forefoot.
    by Brick
    Cycling Enthusiast
    Folsom, CA
    1 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

    Purchased these for the footbed shape, with a wide forefoot. A plus is the segmented design of the upper that allows for independent tightening of the lower and upper section. As my feet have accumulated quite a bit of abuse over the years, I finally realized that I need a shoe with a contour that matches the foot, not pointy toe shoes that the foot has to match. The toe box could be a bit wider but the variable boa structure allow for a very customized fit.

    Reviewed 5/19/2022
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    Game Changer
    by cycledad
    Cycling Enthusiast
    Costa Mesa, CA
    1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

    I'm 66, I've ridden for 5 decades, and I can count on one hand the transformative moments in my cycling life--indexed shifting, Di2, clip-in pedals and cleats, disc brakes, my first Infinity saddle, and now--these shoes. They are so comfortable out of the box, it feels like my feet are being cradled in the palm of a beneficent god. The split uppers and Boa closure system put everything else to shame, and the incremental adjustability in both directions allows for perfect tensioning on the fly. These shoes transfer power to the pedals so efficiently, and comfortably, they make me a better cyclist. I've ridden the same brand of Italian shoe for decades and currently own four pairs of them, and while they will always have a place in my heart, I just don't know how often they will get used going forward. Buy these shoes--you won't believe what you've been missing.

    Reviewed 5/18/2022
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    Super Comfortable
    by Anonymous
    Cycling Enthusiast
    1 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

    I finally switched from mountain bike style shoes to cycling shoes. I always thought they'd be uncomfortable, but I was suprised! These are super comfortable and adjust perfectly to my wide feet. I can get the exact tightness and flexibility I need. The multiple vents keep my feet dry. The carbon base really helps transfer the power to the pedals. I didn't realize how much power transfer I was losing with my old shoes. Highly recommend for anyone with wide feet

    Reviewed 3/3/2022
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    Cruise on these Lakes
    by Maywantee
    Cycling Enthusiast
    6 of 6 customers found this review helpful.

    This shoe has changed my orthopedic cycling life in a good way. This shoe is like a collage of all the things missing from other shoes. I have been a shoe loyalist for over 20 years, I thought I had the best. This shoe has altered my allegiance and my old shoes are now my back-up pair. The features of this shoe are notable. Aside from being the most comfortable cycling shoe I have ever worn, the designers have incorporated small details that make a really big difference. There are drain holes in the bottom! If you have ever ridden in the rain and filled your shoes with water, you will know how beneficial this is. The quick release lacing is brilliant, the construction solidly durable and the fit for my wide feet is reminiscent of the most comfortable slippers I have ever owned.

    Reviewed 10/21/2021
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    Best shoe to date
    by Ben D
    Cycling Enthusiast

    I have had many shoes in my career but these are hands down the the best of all. Old school feel of supple upper and new school sole and cleat attachment. The markings on the cleat attachment make aligning the cleat easy and repeatable

    Reviewed 7/18/2022
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    Outstanding purchase for this wide-footed cyclist.
    by KSottak
    Cycling Enthusiast
    Baltimore, MD
    7 of 7 customers found this review helpful.

    I purchased these shoes after researching wide-soled/high-volume cycling shoes. I'm a bigger road cyclist (6'4"/190 lbs) with a high arch and apparently wider than usual front foot, although never required wide athletic or dress shoes. However, on longer rides (75 miles or more) in hot weather, I would develop excruciating hot spots on the balls of my feet, which I learned were caused by foot swelling/nerve compression inside a too narrow and rigid cycling shoe. I have tried many brands and styles, and ultimately took to wearing a PI model that was 1.5 sizes too large to allow extra space for my foot to swell. Read a good article about shoes with wider lasts vs. "high volume" and, after reading some outstanding reviews of the Lake CX241-X, decided to give them a try. I am very pleased. They fit like a glove--no more toes wiggling/foot sliding around inside the too long, poor fitting toe box. Boa adjusters make the fit perfect, and the soles are stiff and transfer power very well. Have ridden about 2 months, most recently on a century, and they felt great the whole time. They're not cheap (the only reason I didn't rate them a higher "value"), but at 50+ years old, I've come to appreciate critical importance of the foot-shoe-pedal interface to an enjoyable cycling experience,

    Reviewed 11/9/2020
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    Great Shoe for Folks with Foot Issues
    by kthuber
    Cycling Enthusiast
    Pasadena, CA
    5 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

    Lake designed these shoes specifically for people with foot issues. They are a game-changer for me. I have a bunion and hammer toe on my left foot, plus I have to wear a brace on that ankle. These are the only road shoes I have found that are comfortable.

    Your foot is inside a smooth fabric "sock", so there are no spots that rub or pinch. And you have lots of freedom of adjustment in terms of where the shoe is tighter and looser. These shoes are very high quality with a really stiff carbon sole and nice, supple leather.

    I love them so much I bought an extra pair for when my current pair wears out!

    Reviewed 10/16/2020
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    The Lake shoes are great.
    by Anonymous
    Cycling Enthusiast
    Victoria, BC

    The Lake shoes are well constructed and fit my wider foot perfectly. I had some wide shoes from other brands but they ended up causing me some real problems. These a a bit wider. I am a road rider and try to get out 4 or 5 times per week.

    Reviewed 5/16/2022
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    Fantastic shoes for wide feet
    by j.anthony
    5 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

    These shoes have changed my life... seriously. I have wide feet, and have tried every major brand�s �wide� options. My last pair, a major brand out of CA which makes some nice helmets, were my most comfortable to date, but when I first put on my Lakes, I knew right away what I was missing. The problem with most other brand�s wide or high-volume options is they use the same sole (last) as their regular fit, and just add more upper material and claim a �spill over� area. It�s cheaper to manufacture, but what happens is your foot isn�t fully supported. You wouldn�t ride on a saddle that was narrower than your sit bones, right? Well, I didn�t know any better, and thought I had a nerve problem in my big toe, as it�d go numb on rides over 90 minutes, and be downright painful. Cycling is pain, so Rule #5 (HTFU) and I pushed through.

    No longer. The Lake shoes have a wider last, and my foot is fully supported... the shoes disappear on my feet. No special insert is needed, and the uppers wrap around so nicely. They�re not the lightest, or the stiffest, but I don�t care anymore. They�re still very stiff, and power transfer is great... better yet, my feet are so comfortable that I can push harder, for longer, and do it without pain in my feet. Add the heat moldable heel cup and words fail to describe the perfection of the fit. I�m not going back.

    If you have wide feet, do yourself a favor and treat yourself. These shoes are worth it.

    Reviewed 8/23/2020
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    The most practical and effective road shoes for yours truly.
    by Anonymous
    Cycling Enthusiast
    Portland, OR
    4 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

    I do quite a bit of off the saddle cycling (hills), over periods of 3 to 5 hours. I appreciate the stability and nice power transfer afforded by these shoes. But what really sets them apart is the plush comfort and easy adjustability. I love them, though I probably should have ordered black, since they are heading in that direction anyway :)

    Reviewed 8/5/2021
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    Comfort and powerful
    by Go dog go

    This shoe with the independent front Strap and BOA is a savior for a wide metatarsal

    Or small bunion . Wonderful in warm weather Runs a 1/2 US size big . Excellent wide shoe .

    Reviewed 6/6/2022
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    Finally a bike shoe that fits very wide feet!
    by Anonymous
    Cycling Enthusiast
    Denver, Colorado

    Shoes fit great, I like the two boa system.

    Reviewed 5/23/2022
    Was this review useful to you? Yes/No
    Thank you for your feedback.
    Best road bike shoe I ever had!
    by Robert HertBerg
    orange county california
    3 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

    These shoes are very light, stiff and comfortable. They are everything you would ever want in a road shoe. They adjust so well with the double cable adjustment. I can get the right fit without pressure points anywhere.

    Reviewed 9/12/2020
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    Pricey but worth
    by Anonymous
    los angeles
    3 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

    I have pretty wide feet and if you have any type of foot that is wide, look no further. I do always recommend getting insoles, no matter the shoe choice. One thing I wish would be better for the next iteration is stack height. But otherwise it is a perfect shoe.

    Reviewed 8/20/2020
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    Thank you for your feedback.
    Wide Forefoot-Perfect Shoe
    by M Perry
    4 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

    Simply put, I needed a wide toe box in a performance shoe. I have about 1000 mikes on these and love them. No more foot pain.

    Reviewed 5/10/2021
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