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Synthe MIPS Helmet

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Aerodynamic, comfortable or safe? Pick three.

The debate between "aero" and comfort is over. The Giro Synthe has the most efficient aerodynamic profile of any of Giro's previous road helmets while also touting better cooling power than their lightest weight Aeonâ„¢. And now with MIPS Multi-directional Impact Protection System, the Synthe is safer ever before.

MIPS was developed by brain surgeons to reduce rotational forces on the brain upon impact during real-world cycling accidents. A patented slip plane inside the helmet allows the helmet to slide 10-15 mm upon impact. cradling your head to reduce the friction coefficient redirect the force of the impact, while still allowing unobstructed ventilation.

The Synthe's design is made possible thanks to a wind-tunnel aided design that uses integrated mesh panels to reduce drag and internal ventilation channels working in tandem with a Roc Lock® Air fit system that effectively suspends the helmet just over the skull to improve airflow.

The fit is micro-adjustable with a one-handed dial adjuster, and the X-static® padding keeps it plush and fresh. Among the 19 external vents, there is also a dedicated sunglass docking port to stow sunglasses when they're not in use, and featherweight webbing with a Slimlineâ„¢ buckle help keep the weight of this helmet down to a claimed 270 g for a size Medium.

Recommended as one of Bicycling Magazine's top helmets of 2016.

270 g. Available in multiple colorways. Ponytail compatible.

Unisex sizing. Small: 20-21.75" head circumference just above ears. Medium: 21.75-23.25" Large: 23.25-24.75"

Head Circumference20"-21¾"21¾"-23¼"23¼"-24¾"   

Matte Black - Small

Mfg PartNum: 7066352 

Matte Black - Medium

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Matte Black - Large

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White/Silver - Small

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White/Silver - Medium

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White/Silver - Large

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Matte White/Red - Small

Mfg PartNum: 7086724 

Matte White/Red - Medium

Mfg PartNum: 7086725 

Matte White/Red - Large

Mfg PartNum: 7086726 

Matte Iceberg/Midnight Bars - Small

Mfg PartNum: 7113071 

Matte Iceberg/Midnight Bars - Medium

Mfg PartNum: 7113072 

Matte Iceberg/Midnight Bars - Large

Mfg PartNum: 7113073 

Matte Black Floral - Small

Mfg PartNum: 7113062 

Matte Black Floral - Medium

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Matte Black Floral - Large

Mfg PartNum: 7113064 

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Saved my life- twice
by HelmetCracker
Cycling Enthusiast
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I've had two of these helmets. Bought the first one in 2015 and about a year after purchasing went down on some train tracks it the rain. My head bounced of the track pretty good and the helmet took the brunt of it. Got a replacement through Giro's crash replacement program, which at 40% MSRP. Went over the bars today landed hard, and cracked the second one in two places. Can't say enough about this helmet or Giro in general. I have been wearing them from 25 years as they just fit my head really, really well right out of the box so that's huge as far as protection is concerned. I have probably owned 20 Giro helmets (road and mountain) since 1992 and the Synthe is a great helmet, not noticeable when you wear it, very comfortable. I've wanted to check out POC and Kask but have had such good luck with Giro, there's really no reason for me to switch. Typically I'll average between 3-4000 miles a year on a bike, depending. Going to get another one of these or maybe an Aether.

Reviewed 11/18/2018
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Well designed high end helmet with good construction, attention to a rider's expectations.
by Jim McCloskey
Cycling Enthusiast
Northwest New Jersey

Have been riding for 30 plus years and have had prior Giro helmets. This product is very light, almost to the point where when wearing it is not noticeable, does not move around the perimeter of the head, has little to no interference with the rider's view from side to side. The enclosure is very snug and well fitting, though without any need to overtighten to bind to the rider's head shape. Giro has finally figured out how to create a helmet that even after long rides of over two-plus hours, the unit does not feel heavy, cumbersome, or need continual adjustments - something I have had with other high-end helmets and gear. The straps are not too long and are easy to adjust, the same for the dials to set the inner enclosure.

Reviewed 10/17/2018
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Great fit and protection.
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Brunswick, ME

I'm on my third Giro Synthe Mips. They fit me really well, are incredibly lightweight, and protect your head really well. I've had a couple of serious knocks in the head, serious enough to warrant a new helmet, and the Synthe Mips protected me head really well.

Reviewed 9/10/2018
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From Atmos to Synthe MIPS.
by avmartel
Competitive Racer
Minneapolis, MN

After 5years of use had to retire my trusty GIRO Atmos...Hello Synthe! Lightweight, good aero profile while very well vented and MIPS tech upgrade are all quite welcome. The interior is well cushioned and the straps are snug and comfy on your face. the dial ratchet is really adjustable and works better than the Atmos press-on system. Color schemes of all types avail..my white red orange gets plenty of nice lid remarks during training rides.

Reviewed 8/20/2018
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Love my new helmet.
by madoc41850
Cycling Enthusiast
Marco Island, FL

I ride between100 and 150 miles a week. My helmet is very comfortable and extremely light. The airflow helps keep my head cool. The interior lining is comfortable and the helmet can be easily adjusted. I recommend this helmet wholeheartedly.

Reviewed 8/24/2018
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Light, aero, well-ventilated
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Palo Alto, CA

Light, aero (supposedly), well-ventilated. And MIPS to keep your dome extra-safe. Great helmet.

Reviewed 9/9/2019
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The Giro Synthe really lives up to it's claims
by Old Man on Wheels
Cycling Enthusiast
Vancouver, Washington
5 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

This is the second Synthe I have owned. I tested my first one and competitors for cooling in a makeshift way at the Portland warehouse store. Cooling was a high priority for my selection since I ride hot in the summer. I use a Giro cap under it for cooler weather. On my first ride while going down a fast hill I had descended many times before, I had the distinct sense that my head felt more free in the passing air. My speedometer confirmed a small but noticeable gain. The other reason I chose this helmet was the very comfortable fit. The best I found for me.

So why am I on my second helmet in two years? It was the other reason for selecting the Synthe that I simply took for granted. I crashed at 18-20 mph. It seemed like a perfect 5 point landing and had the bloody scrapes on my knees, elbow, hip and shoulder to prove it. I thought I might have glanced my head, but the helmet seemed to have only minor cosmetic damage. I wore the helmet on the next ride and laid it on the table at the break. One of my fellow riders noticed that the helmet was now split at the back. It likely saved me from a concussion or worse, and I did not even know it. I am sold on this helmet!

Reviewed 6/29/2017
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Giro Synthe MIPS Helmet
by Jen
Emmett ID
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

This is a great helmet. I have an older version as well. My Smith glasses fit perfectly.

Reviewed 4/1/2019
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Even MORE comfortable than the Savant
by PJF
Cycling Enthusiast
Essex, CT

I had been using a Savant MIPS, upgraded to the Synthe MIPS when there was a sale, and love it. It's so comfortable I hardly even think about it while riding, other than occasionally adjusting the micro adjuster, which I can do on the bike. The micro adjuster is extremely handy to compensate for the change when I put a skullcap on or off in the winter. I also like that the height of the rear band mount is adjustable, easy to get the fit snug but not tight. The sunglasses dock seems mainly useful for pros (who have sunglasses sponsors) or folks who wear cheap sunglasses. Me, I need glasses to see where I'm going so (a) I'm not going to take them off while riding and (b) even if I did, they are Transitions Progressive lenses, which are FAR too expensive to risk leaving perched on the helmet where they might fall to the ground if I forgot they were there when I removed my helmet. And if they fell off and broke, finding my way home would be a problem! So I just keep my glasses on and fasten the helmet straps over them.

Reviewed 4/21/2017
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Great upgrade to my old Giro
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Southeast PA

I spend 300 hours a year on my road bike. We've had a number of crashes in my club this year and it made me think about the MIPS technology. I'm in right on the cusp of medium and large. Did the measurement and went with medium, which turned out great. Have just enough room for head cover if needed.

Reviewed 10/29/2018
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Perfect upgrade
by Peter P
Cycling Enthusiast
Los Angeles, CA

I stick with Giro helmets as they always seem to fit me well, and this was an upgrade from my last helmet. It's light, fits great with or without hatsheadbands underneath, keeps nice and cool, and the color scheme I bought is a great match for my bike. Only has a couple of the removable inner pads, which frankly I like as there is less to lose, and there is no compromise in comfort. I couldn't be happier with this one!

Reviewed 10/4/2018
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Great fit
by HG
Bellbrook OH

The fit on the helmet is great. Very comfortable. Straps are well designed and easy to adjust. Very lightweight. Low wind noise.

Reviewed 5/6/2019
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Perfect fit
by Tony G
Los Angeles

This helmet is great for hot days as well as cold due to a great ventilation system and the fit is spot on with multiple adjustments. Light weight and looks good too!

Reviewed 1/15/2019
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Great helmet
by Allan anderson
new mexico

This is the second Synthe mips helmet I have purchased for my wife. Last one was damaged in transit while stuffed in a suitcase. Inner fitting system broken and not replaceable I this helmet. Great style, fit, weight, and safety. I wear one also.

Reviewed 12/31/2018
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Saved my head in a crash
by Bike Dogter
Cycling Enthusiast
Portland, OR
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I am sold on MIPS after crashing and seeing how the impact force was distributed. Broke the helmet and didn't feel the impact as much as I had expected. I immediately replaced the helmet with a new Synthe MIPS. My prior helmet was a Giro Pro-light which was not as heavy as the Synthe, but I consider this a fair trade-off, though I do miss the lighter helmet.

Reviewed 8/17/2017
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Airy Comfort and a perfect fit
by Paul

This is the most comfortable helmet for my head. The quality of the finish is fantastic. I highly recommend trying this helmet on. Im a serious cyclist and very happy with this purchase.

Reviewed 12/22/2018
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Excellent Helmet
by TexasCyclist
Competitive Racer

This is a great light helmet with excellent ventilation and improved safety utilizing the MIPS system. This is my everyday helmet and I recently wore it while racing at the National Senior Games in Birmingham, AL finishing on the podium twice.

Reviewed 7/17/2017
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It's an awesome helmet.
by Waldemar
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Hi, I've had this helmet-in all black-for a few months and I've really enjoyed it's quality. It's very breathable and comfortable. If you happen to be considering buying one, I have no regrets with my purchase of it, and if you do get one, you shouldn't have any regrets either.

Reviewed 7/10/2017
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Great Road Helmet
by Anonymous
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Did a lot of research on road helmets and this particular one is at the top. Fit and adjustments is outstanding. Ventilation is amazing. Aerodynamics again is at the top. I am really glad I made the purchase and would recommend for serious riders.

Reviewed 7/8/2017
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Best helmet I have owned.
by mbrooks
Cycling Enthusiast
Savannah GA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Lightweight. Cool. Great airflow. Great helmet for south GA heat. Best helmet I have owned.

Reviewed 6/26/2017
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