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Garmin Tacx Galaxia Rollers Tacx Galaxia Rollers
Garmin Tacx Galaxia Rollers Tacx Galaxia Rollers
Garmin Tacx Galaxia Rollers Tacx Galaxia Rollers
Garmin Tacx Galaxia Rollers Tacx Galaxia Rollers
Garmin Tacx Galaxia Rollers Tacx Galaxia Rollers
Tacx Galaxia Rollers
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Garmin Tacx Galaxia Rollers 5
Garmin Tacx Galaxia Rollers 3
Garmin Tacx Galaxia Rollers 4
Garmin Tacx Galaxia Rollers 2
Garmin Tacx Galaxia Rollers 6

Garmin Tacx Galaxia Rollers

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Mfg PartNum: T1100
(14 customer reviews)
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MSRP: $269.99
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Rockin' Rollers

The Garmin Tacx Galaxia Rollers incorporate a patented Swing System that makes it easy to ride hard and stand on the pedals unlike conventional rollers. Combined with a concave roller profile that helps keep the bike centered, the Tacx Galaxia Rollers greatly reduce the learning curve and fears traditionally associated with roller trainers.


  • Swing System absorbs motion for easy pedaling while standing or sprinting
  • Roller diameter is 100 mm at center
  • Compatible with wheel sizes from 26" to 29"
  • Retractable to 80 cm in length for storage
  • Claimed weight is 18.1 lbs

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Mfg PartNum: T1100 

Mfg Warranty: 12 Mo. Parts & Labor

Warranty URL: https://www.garmin.com/en-US/legal/consumer-limited-warranty/


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Beware - lack of usable bikes
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast

Decent product, no complaints so far. Most websites claim 26 to 29 inch wheels. My 26 inch road bike is the only bike that will fit. My XS 27.5 Canyon Mtn Bike will not fit. Absolutely my fault for not reading Garmin's website. Specs state "distance between front and rear axle is 980 mm and 1100 mm"

Reviewed 1/28/2024
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Good for days when you can't ride outside, maybe not the best for long term use
by Darryl
Cycling Enthusiast
Vancouver, WA
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I bought these in July 2021, but didn't start seriously using the rollers until October 2021. As with most new riders on rollers the initial learning curve was steep. If I let me focus slip for even a second I was going down unless I could quickly grab something (the advice to start riding in a doorway is good). You will be frustrated. You will think you have made a mistake and you'll never get the hang of rollers. You may even think that you'll never try it again and now you need to sell this monstrosity. My advice: don't give up.

I was ready to throw in the towel after the first ride. My daughter said it looked like I was using a torture device. I stuck with it and then I actually started looking forward to the roller sessions. I still couldn't take my hands off the hoods without wildly swinging the front end and riding off the rollers. I'm at the point now where I can pull out a water bottle for a drink and stand for extended periods of time. I no longer need a wall to start and stop. I don't have to concentrate super hard to stay on the rollers - it's all more natural and that's after only maybe 3 months of serious use.

Rollers are great, in my opinion, but the Tacx Galaxia Rollers are not anywhere near perfect. First, they are LOUD. My wife complained from the other room that she couldn't hear the TV. I don't know if I just have a bad set, but I've read some of these reviews that state they aren't very loud and I'm flabbergasted.

Second, there is some strange whitish powder or rubbings at the end of each roller. My trainer mat has this powdery white residue at each spot where a roller sits. The first time I saw it I thought I'd gotten a hole in my tubeless setup, but it's definitely not that - it's coming from the rollers and I have no idea what it is. I've only put about 800 miles on these things so I'm not sure what the longevity will be.

Third, something broke off _inside_ one of the rollers. How does that even happen? I don't mistreat the rollers, I carefully store them when they're not in use. I can now hear a bit of plastic rattling around inside one of the rollers. Again, I don't know if this will affect the longevity.

Fourth, the only way to vary resistance is to decrease your tire pressure. Not a big deal, and you typically run at lower pressure with a tubeless setup, but if you are serious about using these in an indoor training regimen I think you'll be disappointed. If you run at 120psi you will max out and just be spinning at 150W. I guess if you want to use these for recovery rides they would be perfect in that respect, but for all around training they just won't suffice.

In conclusion, I think these are an OK set of rollers. I have no issues standing or sprinting so I guess that means the Swing System is working. I haven't used any other rollers so I don't have a good basis for comparison. These do help you to focus on riding shape and form - using these rollers I was able to get my form to the point where I've eliminated all hand numbness. I think that alone justifies the rollers for me. They really let you build core strength where a fixed trainer may not. For long term all around training I don't think you can beat a direct drive trainer, but for a quick recovery ride or if you don't feel like mounting the bike on a rainy day these get the job done.

Reviewed 3/3/2022
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Mediocre and cumbersom
by wyomingboy
Competitive Racer
Casper, Wy
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

This was my 2nd set of rollers. For the money this costs, get a Saris AL metal roller set that folds up and is much more convenient ! So I bought into the hype of the tapered rollers for better centering. But they are not very effective. I've run off it twice now.

They came brand new with " bad rollers that were off balance or not round" and it shook violently like riding on cobbles! The selling agent steered me to Garmin for a warranty claim. Garmin sent me new rollers, but they caused to me to incur shipping charges on the returned defective rollers, so why hassle with these rollers? Once I got the 2nd new set of rollers installed they ride OK, but not as smooth as the metal rollers I had before. Plus the big fat plastic rollers set you up an additional 2", so your high and it's a bit difficult to get started without a wall or something (I'm 5' 10"). Last of all they are difficult to set up and you can't fold them up or make them shorter for travel without complete disassembly :( So if you want a nice set of rollers this is not them.

Reviewed 8/5/2021
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by JM Larrarte
Cycling Enthusiast
Florida, Broward County
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I love cycling and bought it for those days I can't simply hit the roads. At the beginning, it is extremely difficult to ride on them. I felt many times to the point of almost giving up. Well... I kept trying holding myself to the dinning table until I just simply got it. It is not that difficult; like any other skill, you have to keep on practicing. The swinging movement when you step on your pedals and off the saddle is just almost magical, I have pushed really hard and not falling or going out of the rollers. The only really bad side of this product are the instructions; these are the most random and nonsense instructions for something this simple. The assembly takes only about 10 minuets, all tools included.

Reviewed 8/18/2020
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No complaints so far
by Ant H

This product was easy to assemble and works as designed. This is my very first roller, so I'm a work in progress on getting comfortable using the roller. The ability to collapse the roller when not using it has been useful.

Reviewed 2/8/2022
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Teacx Rollers - Awesome
by KingMN
Competitive Racer

Very easy to assemble. Simple Instructions. Great construction of the rollers. they are smooth and not very loud. they have a little bend to keep you in the middle of the rollers and they have a movement in them when you stand up. The rollers keep you in place with a rocking movement in the stand part. Nicely done.

Reviewed 3/18/2021
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Easy to use. Folds up small
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast

My first pair of rollers so I don't have much to compare it to. I haven't had any issues to get up and rolling on these. The conical drums and sway system probably helped. I haven't fallen off yet.

Reviewed 12/17/2020
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Good Easy Rollers
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

These are rollers for beginners. If you have extensive experience already, these are probably not necessary. I have been using them for over a year and I am still not that comfortable, but I can ride in aero position on the tri bike and stand up while pedaling to give the sit bones a rest.

I'll confirm that they are noisy. The rollers are plastic, so they act to amplify the vibrations. The tolerances are not very tight, so this is where the small vibrations come from. It's not wobbly or anything, it just buzzes.

The front roller is in fact driven by the rear as it is with all rollers. There is no other way to spin the front wheel.

The parabolic shape is very helpful for keeping you in the middle of the rollers.

As for the resistance, you only get the mechanical resistance from the rollers themselves. You can add more by lowering your tire pressure. I weight 145lbs and go down to about 55psi on 23mm tires to get the max effect. Any less than that and it gets pretty squishy for me. I am able to turn nearly 300 watts in that setup, so as these are designed for beginners, you are probably not going to need much more than that. Keep in mind that rollers are mainly for technique refinement, so if you are expecting an all around trainer, you aren't going to get it. I have another trainer for the very hard intervals, and honestly if even I could get 500 watts of resistance out of these rollers, I'd probably fall off anyway.

Rollers take time to learn. Be patient. Be brave. It's probably you and not the rollers. Get a good fan.

Reviewed 4/21/2020
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by Anonymous
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Very happy with these so far. Easy to set up. Easy to use after a little trial and error. Seems like they will hold up well.

Reviewed 2/14/2022
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It worked good.
by anonymous
Casual Cyclist
San Juan Capristrano
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Kinda fashionable

works good

only problem was a little harder to set up than others

wasn't as much money as others

I liked it

Good Training

Reviewed 6/24/2019
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Challenging to stay upright,Big learning curve,if u can do track stands your Golden,if not its best to be in a hallway
by Road Bike Mike
Cycling Enthusiast
5 of 20 customers found this review helpful.

The fact that the front roller is driven by rear rollers makes the front end very squirrley, hold on. Being in a hallway

allows me to bounce off walls to stay upright,kinda of a bummer but more practice on it will make perfect they say.

Reviewed 1/30/2018
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Ok but not the best
by Anonymous
8 of 13 customers found this review helpful.

Very noisy

Not enough resistance

Nice parabolic shape and movement with increased effort

Setup not hard but not as easy as some

Reviewed 11/6/2017
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So Far So Good!
by Anonymous

Had these for a couple months for the winter. First time using rollers. As expected horrifying the first time, then less so! They are fairly quiet too, which is nice!

Reviewed 12/7/2020
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Easier to store then my pricer top of the line rollers, and they function just as well.
by HEK
Cycling Enthusiast
Atlanta Ga

I use these rollers a few times a week when the weather prevents an out door ride, or just for a short recovery day ride. They are great for my needs.

Reviewed 12/4/2020
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