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On Sale!Zoot Z-Force 4.0 Triathlon Wetsuit

Zoot Z-Force 4.0 Triathlon Wetsuit

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The Zoot Z-Force 4.0 Triathlon Wetsuit makes going your fastest in your next triathlon seem so easy. Cutting-edge design and materials make the Zoot Z-Force 4.0 Wetsuit an exceptionally comfortable high performance wetsuit. Design evolution has delivered new advancements most don't even know are possible. Confluence Fluid Design (CFD) allows your arm to travel through the water with less energy expenditure while the Optimal Kick Design (OKD) ensures more power in your kick, getting you out of the water fresher and faster. Translation, the Zoot Z-Force 4.0 Triathlon Wetsuit gets you through the swim fast, period.

Features & Benefits:
  • SCS Nano hydrodynamic finish reduces the suit's coefficient of friction by 97%
  • Yamamoto C39 makes the suit lightweight, flexible and buoyant
  • 3mm SCS GLIDEflex grooved chest/waist panels increase lung expansion, shoulder rotation and extension
  • Zero Water comfort neck closure to eliminate neck constriction and minimize chafing
  • Super Stretch non-absorbent polyester interior lining for next-to-skin comfort
  • CFD Confluence Fluid Design allows the swimmer's arm to travel through the water with less energy expenditure
  • Aqualift provides maximum buoyancy raising your legs and torso in the water for increased power and speed
  • DORSALflex zipper allows the zipper to stretch with the body
  • OKD Optimal Kick Design ensures more power in your kick
  • Gender specific ergonomically shaped panels
Size Weight (lbs) or (kg) Height (in) or (cm) Chest (in) or (cm)
XS 120-134lbs or 58-66kg 5'3"-5'8" or 160-173 36"-37" or 91-94cm
S 140-165lbs or 64.75 5'6"-5'11" or 163-175cm 38"-39" or 97-99cm
ST 145-168lbs or 66-76kg 5'8"-6'1" or 173-180cm 38"-39" or 97-99cm
M 162-185lbs or 74-84kg 5'8"-6'1" or 173-180cm 40"-41" or 102-104cm
MT 165-190lbs or 75-86kg 5'11"-6'2" or 180-188cm 40"-41" or 104-106cm
ML 180-200lbs or 82-91kg 5'10"-6'2" or 178-188cm 42"-43" or 107-109cm
L 195-215lbs or 89-98kg 5'11"-6'3" or 180-190cm 43.5"-45" or 111-114cm
XL 210-235lbs or 96-107kg 5'11"-6'5" or 180-196cm 45.5"-47" or 116-119cm
XXL 220-255lbs or 100-116kg 6'0"-6'6"+ or 183-198cm 47.5"-48"+ or 121-122cm+

Shipping Weight: 4.00 lb.