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On Sale!Zoot Z Force 1.0 Triathlon Wetsuit

Zoot Z Force 1.0 Triathlon Wetsuit

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The Zoot Z Force 1.0 Triathlon Wetsuit is entry level and balanceed. Flexibility and speed make the Zoot Force 1.0 WetZoot your secret race day weapon. Whether you are a triathlon newbie or a regular participant you will appreciate the value and performance the Z Force 1.0 wetsuit brings to race day.

  • Aqualift provides maximum buoyancy raising yours legs and torso in the water for increased power and speed
  • DORSALflex zipper allows the zipper to stretch with the body
  • OKD Optimal Kick Design ensures more power in your kick
  • Gender specific ergonomically shaped panels

    Men's Weight(lbs) or (kg) Height(in) or (cm) Chest(in) or (cm)
    XS 120-134lbs or 58-66kg 5'3"-5'8" or 160-173 36"-37" or 91-94cm
    S 140-165lbs or 64.75 5'6"-5'11" or 163-175cm 38"-39" or 97-99cm
    ST 145-168lbs or 66-76kg 5'8"-6'1" or 173-180cm 38"-39" or 97-99cm
    M 162-185lbs or 74-84kg 5'8"-6'1" or 173-180cm 40"-41" or 102-104cm
    MT 165-190lbs or 75-86kg 5'11"-6'2" or 180-188cm 40"-41" or 104-106cm
    ML 180-200lbs or 82-91kg 5'10"-6'2" or 178-188cm 42"-43" or 107-109cm
    L 195-215lbs or 89-98kg 5'11"-6'3" or 180-190cm 43.5"-45" or 111-114cm
    XL 210-235lbs or 96-107kg 5'11"-6'5" or 180-196cm 45.5"-47" or 116-119cm
    XXL 220-255lbs or 100-116kg 6'0"-6'6"+ or 183-198cm 47.5"-48"+ or 121-122cm+
    Women's Weight(lbs) or (kg) Height(in) or (cm) Chest(in) or (cm)
    WXS 95-105lbs or 41-48kg 4'11"-5'4" or 147-158cm 28"-32" or 71-81cm
    WS 106-120lbs or 48-55kg 5'1"-5'7" or 155-170cm 30"-34 or 76-86cm
    WST 110-130lbs or 50-59kg 5'6"-5'9" or 155-175cm 30"-34" or 76-86cm
    WM 118-137lbs or 54-62kg 5'3"-5'9" or 160-175cm 33"-36" or 86-91cm
    WL 135-160lbs or 61-73kg 5'5"-5'11" or 140-180cm 35"-38" or 89-97cm
    WXL 155-175 or 70-80kg 5'6"-6'0" or 142-183cm 39"-42" or 99-107cm

    Shipping Weight: 4.00 lb.