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XLAB Carbon Sonic Hydration System

XLAB Carbon Sonic Hydration System

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The CARBON SONIC has a choice of 3 different angles when attaching to the seat post. This Bike Hydration system was specifically designed to work with the Cervelo P4C, P3C and P2Cís seat post. The cages have a forward lowest drag position which sets the bottles close to the seat or a position 1inch (25mm) further back for triathletes that like to sit off the back of the saddle when climbing. There also a wide variety of bottle cage angles. You can even invert the carrier for a further 15 positions.

The Carbon Sonic only weighs a miniscule 49 grams. It is made of aircraft grade High Modulus Carbon Fiber. The screws for the bottle cages and the mounting screws to attach to the seat post are all TITANIUM. XLab uses only 6AL-4V grade 5 titanium as it has a tremendous Tensile Strength of 130 Ksi. The CARBON SONIC weighs in at 28 grams lighter than the alloy Sonic Wing.

This hydration system is designed for Cervelo P2C, P3C and P4C bikes only

The Carbon Sonic comes with one pair X-Straps. Bags, bottle cages and inflation accessories sold separately.

The Carbon Sonic is warranted for its lifetime for the original owner.

Shipping Weight: 2.0 lb.

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