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TRI ALL 3 SPORTS Original Velo Safe Pro-Series Bike Case

TRI ALL 3 SPORTS Original Velo Safe Pro-Series Bike Case

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The TRI ALL 3 SPORTS Velo Safe Pro-Series bike case is the bicycle travel case preferred by top triathletes and cyclists around the world. Features improved heavier duty latch system and velcro latch covers, as well as much stronger advanced high molecular weight polyethlyne construction on the case. A heavy duty fork mount secures the bike in one position. No need to remove seat (on larger bikes you will still need to remove the seat post) or pedals. Aero bars fit easily without removing or changing cable adjustments. With a new and improved lockable steel latch system, the Velo Safe Pro-Series rolls easily on four heavy-duty casters. Also has NEW velcro latch covers to help protect your case further from being dismantled by airport gorillas! Both road and mountain bikes fit securely. Plenty of extra room for wetsuits, clothes, helmets, etc. The spacious interior measures 48"L x 15"W x 30"H and the Velo Safe Pro-Series weighs only 38 lbs. Meets all UPS requirements (oversize 3). May not fit all types of bikes - no recumbents. Will NOT work for most bikes with fixed seat posts (see the Velo Safe ISP if you have a bike with an integrated seat post).

Question: "What is the difference between the Velo Safe Pro Series and the Compact Velo Safe Pro Series?"

Answer: The Compact version is a smaller case and is able to be shipped UPS at a lower rate. If you like to haul a lot of stuff around with you to the races and rarely plan on shipping your bike via UPS then the Velo Safe Pro Series is for you.

Shipping Weight: Actual 38 lbs. - Dimensional 70 lbs.

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