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Triathlete's Guide To Swim Training

Triathlete's Guide To Swim Training

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The Triathlete’s Guide to Swim Training is written for the beginner or advanced swimmer and addresses everything you need to know to create an individualized swim training program. The principles are well-grounded in easy-to-understand concepts that clearly explain proven methods used by some of the fastest swimmers in the world. These swimmers have each developed individual strokes that uses their natural strengths. Learn how to relax and breathe in the water, and use basic physics and some cutting edge techniques to effectively create your own personal stroke.

The psychological factors in reference to swimming and competing and the importance of making swimming fun and enjoyable are discussed, as well as:

  • Implementing cutting-edge swimming techniques
  • Open water training techniques for speed and safety
  • Fitness and competition training programs
  • Strength and flexibility training programs
  • Effective equipment use

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