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On Sale!Timex Ironman TAP Sleek 150

Timex Ironman TAP Sleek 150

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Timex Ironman TAP Sleek 150:
The Timex Ironman TAP Sleek 150 wristwatch continues the legacy of excellence expected from Timex with valid technology. This is an athlete's watch, not jewelry.
In the gritty reality of needing information during a race it may be impossible to touch a button, to navigate a logic circle. You simply need information and you need it fast and big. To see your mile split on the Timex Sleek 150 Lap TAP Screen you simply touch the screen. You get your split in enormous numerals instantly. The controls and logic circle of the original Timex Ironman were good, the TAP screen makes it better.

The refinements to this neo-classic don't stop there. Hydration and nutrition alarms are easily set by you to remind yourself of when to drink and eat during training and events. An on-board training log gives you up to 150 dated entries and even allows you to lock reference PR performances.

Total capacity is 100 hours for the stopwatch so even ultra-distance events can be timed and logged. There are three alarms and two time zones (so you'll know what time it is in Kona even when you're in Dubuque). The INDIGLO feature with the new "Night Mode" actuation has been included along with a 24 hour countdown timer.

Pick up the Timex Ironman TAP Sleek 150 watch today for value that will last a lifetime.

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