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New!Thunderbird Nutrition Bars

Thunderbird Nutrition Bars

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It starts here...embrace life and the romance of real food.

Thunderbird Nutrition Bars are undoubtedly the next generation of superfood. They come in six flavor-packed bars that are just plain good for you. Serve your multi-purpose activities with Thunderbird bars, honed to perfect your own body's natural ability to perform at its peak. Increase your hyper-state of being with outrageously delicious tastes that are all-natural, free from preservatives, chemicals and commercial nonsense. Release your body from harmful sugars, agave and soy...while feeding your Vegan soul. Find bliss in a sensory experience that's purely magical, inspired by the diet of our ancient ancestors. Thunderbird hand-made Nutrition Bars are a masterpiece of [real] raw ingredients with a rainbow of flavors that'll fuel your next big adventure.

Explore Thunderbird:
  • Non-GMO, soy, dairy and gluten-free
  • Agave-free with no sugars added
  • A great source of vitamins and fiber
  • Nutrient-packed, flavorful and delicious
  • Wholesome ingredients to fuel adventurous activities
  • All-natural and naturally low in calories
  • Fits into a low glycemic plan
  • A perfect choice for Vegan enthusiasts
  • Earth-friendly 100% biodegradable wrapper is fully compostable
  • Choices: Hyper Hawaiian Crunch (HAW), Cherry Walnut Crunch (CHY), Cacao Hemp Walnut (CHW), Lamb Currant Mint (LMB)

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