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The Stick | Marathon Stick

The Stick | Marathon Stick

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Wouldn't it be great to get a massage after every workout? How much better do you think you would feel the next day? Now you can find out. The Marathon Stick was specifically designed for long distance runners, or any runner for that matter, that would like to get any of the following benefits:

  • Increases flexibility
  • Extends endurance
  • Accelerates recovery time
  • Reduces muscle soreness, stiffness & pain
  • Prepares muscle for rigors of activity
  • Flushes muscle from rigors of activity

    All of this in the comfort of your own home, before a race, after a race, before you work out.... Basically whenever you want. Small enough to be taken everywhere, even on airplanes or to the office. Mainly for use on legs.

    Measures 20" with 11 roller. Flexible model.

    Shipping Weight: 2 lbs.