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InterPhase Premium Protein Powder | 24 Servings

InterPhase Premium Protein Powder | 24 Servings

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InterPhase Hypertrophy Matrix from SportQuest is great to use to help maintain, build, recover and train hard.

Each 50g serving provides 34 grams of highly bio-available, non-denatured proteins such as ion-exchange crossflow membrane whey protein isolates and concentrates, peptides, micellar casein, calcium caseinate, egg protein isolates, and free-form amino acids,and cofactors and coenzymes. The product is allergen-free; and gluten-free.

InterPhase Hypertrophy Matrix is designed for hard training power, strength, and endurance athletes to optimize their recovery and muscular strength, by facilitating the increase in the number (not just increase in size) of actin and myosin contractile proteins in the myofibrils (myofibrilar hypertrophy). It can be taken any time; before or after exercise, between meals or to complement a light meal, in order to enhance protein synthesis and increase and maintain muscle growth and help with critical metabolic functions and homeostasis. It provides maximum nutrient utilization with none of the digestive system discomfort that can be caused by lower quality proteins. InterPhase rebuilds, repairs, prevents catabolism and delayed onset of muscle soreness, prevents inflammation, supports immune function, and improves fat-burning.

Flavors: Swiss Chocolate (CHO) and French Vanilla (VAN)

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