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Spinervals Competition Cycling Videos - DVD
  • Spinervals Competition Cycling Videos - DVD
  • Spinervals Competition Cycling Videos - DVD

Spinervals Competition Cycling Videos - DVD

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Spinervals cycling videos are a great way to make use of your indoor cycle trainer. Your interest in Spinervals cycling videos shows a sincere desire to improve your pedal power. This desire, fueled by the know-how and training intensity contained in each Spinervals video workout will have you smoking your friends on the road and trail in no time! Join internationally known coach Troy Jacobson for an intense cycling workout that produces results. Each Spinerval workout is geared toward a specific skill set allowing you to focus on the area of cycling that you want to improve. Entertaining and easy to follow, each video has on-screen graphics describing training intensity, time and gearing and is set to upbeat music. Fun to watch and motivating! Discount Pricing (shipping & handling not included):
  • One video: $29.95
  • Any 3 videos: $86.85 ($28.95/ea)
  • Any 6: $169.50 ($28.25/ea)
  • Any 12: $324.00 ($27.00/ea)
  • Buy the complete volume pack and save even more!

  • Spinervals Competition 1.0 - No Slackers Allowed!! Join Coach Troy and 20 competitive cyclists in this 45 minute high intensity workout. An exciting combination of interval sets including ladders, superspins, tempo sets and sprints, "No Slackers Allowed" is for any athlete hoping to improve all aspects of their cycling fitness. Length: 45 Minutes, Difficulty rating: 9.0

  • Spinervals Competition 2.0 - Time Trial Special The Time Trial. The Race of Truth! You against the clock. In Spinervals 2.0 - Time Trial Special, you will prepare yourself for the race against the clock with sustained intervals above your 40k Time Trial Pace. Perfect for the serious time trialist or triathlete, this 60 minute workout will increase your anaerobic threshold pace faster than you ever thought possible! Length: 60 Minutes, Difficulty rating: 9.1

  • Spinervals Competition 3.0 - Suffer-O-Rama Let's face it. In order to become a faster cyclist, you have to endure discomfort in training and racing. In other words, you have to learn how to suffer!! Spinervals 3.0 - Suffer-o-Rama, will teach you how to suffer on the bike with 45 minutes of explosive power sprints and highly anaerobic sets. Brutal, but soooo effective! Length: 45 Minutes, Difficulty rating: 9.3

  • Spinervals Competition 4.0 - Muscle Breakdown In order to become a stronger cyclist, you need to overload your system and break it down. Overload followed by rest and proper nutrition allows your muscle to rebuild and become stronger. In Spinervals 4.0 - Muscle Breakdown, you will experience a level of training intensity that does just that breaks the muscle down! A variety of effective interval sets in this 45 minute workout add up to one of the best indoor cycling workouts ever produced! Length: 45 Minutes, Difficulty rating: 8.5

  • Spinervals Competition 5.0 - Mental Toughness Mental toughness is about learning how to tolerate discomfort. It is about training your mind to take your body to a new level. Spinervals 5.0 - Mental Toughness, is a 90 minute workout with the emphasis on steady state intervals. In the middle of the workout, you will actually hop off the bike and participate in a set of Isometric squats the ultimate 'mental toughness' developing drill. This is the ideal workout for those longer sessions necessary to develop high-end aerobic conditioning. A great addition to your Spinerval Video collection! Length: 90 Minutes, Difficulty rating: 9.5

  • Spinervals Competition 6.0 - Zoot Challenge Join the elite athletes of Team Zoot for 45 minutes of creative, leg burning and power producing intervals! The Zoot apparel company sent some of their top athletes to train for a day with Coach Troy. The result... a 45 minute workout that gets you ready for the toughest competition! Length: 45 Minutes, Difficulty rating: 9.5

  • Spinervals Competition 7.0 - The Uphill Grind Hills... You either love 'em or you hate 'em. Our cast of elite female cyclists, triathletes and road cyclists suffer with you while developing incredible hill climbing strength! Join Coach Troy and the group for the ultimate 45 minute hill training workout video. Train alongside U.S. Olympic Triathlete Joanna Zeiger as she prepares for world class competition! Length: 45 Minutes, Difficulty rating: 9.5

  • Spinervals Competition 8.0 - Recovery and Technique After the hard "hammer sessions" with your buddies, do this workout for maximum technique and cycling skill development. Coach Troy takes you through several technique building sets including one-leg spinning drills and high cadence super spins. Length: 45 Minutes, Difficulty rating: 7.5

  • Spinervals Competition 9.0 - Have Mercy What word describes this video? Tortuous!! "Have Mercy" is a 2 hour compilation of the hardest intervals sets from other Spinervals video workouts! Remember the brutal acceleration sets?! The race simulation? The sprint sets? Well… do them one after the other and you have one of the toughest two hours you can spend on an indoor trainer!! You'll be begging Coach Troy to "Have Mercy". Length: 120 Minutes, Difficulty rating: 10.0

  • Spinervals Competition 10.0 - Ride and Stride Master the bike to run transition using Ride & Stride, the ULTIMATE “brick” workout for triathletes! This workout is for cyclists too! Coach Troy simultaneously conducts a highly effective cycling workout interval session that will prepare the cyclist for time trial efforts. Length: 70 minutes, Difficulty rating: 9.1

  • Spinervals Competition 11.0 - Big Gear Strength with Team Excel Big Gear Strength - Develop cycling specific strength and power with this incredibly effective workout. Join Coach Troy Jacobson and the athletes of Team Excel in this hour long session of big gear low cadence strength building intervals designed to increase your power output and speed. This workout is a MUST HAVE for any serious cyclist. Length: 55 minutes, Difficulty rating: 9.3

  • Spinervals Competition 12.0 - Recharge Keep your leg muscles supple and relaxed between your hard workout days. This lower intensity workout designed to promote technique development and faster recovery. “Recharge” is the perfect workout for your easy days. Length: 50 min, Difficulty rating: 7.5

  • Spinervals Competition 13.0 - Tough Love This is an incredible 3-hour interval session designed for the cyclist preparing for long distance events such as centuries, road races or Ironman distance triathlons. This brutal but effective 3 hour workout will increase your endurance, strength and confidence better than any other! Learn why Coach Troy says, “3 hours on the trainer is worth over 4 hours on the road!” DVD only. Length: 3 hours - (yes, that's right .... 180 minutes!), Difficulty level: 9.9

  • Spinervals Competition 14.0 - Totally Time Trial They call it the “race of truth” …athlete versus the stopwatch. There is no better measure of a cyclist’s fitness. Perfect for any rider getting ready for a time trial or simply wanting to increase their lactate threshold! Length: 90 minutes, Difficulty level: 9.7

  • Competition 15.0 - Have Mercy, "The Sequel" By popular demand, we've developed one of the most challenging workouts you'll ever do on a bicycle and created Spinervals 15.0- Have Mercy!, "The Sequel". This brutally intense 2 hour workout is a compilation of some of the most demanding interval sets from Spinervals 8.0 through 14.0 designed specifically to make the fittest athletes suffer and beg Coach Troy to once again 'Have Mercy"!! Compatible with LeMond RevMaster and all stationary trainers. DVD only. Length: 120 Minutes, Difficulty level: 10.0

  • Competition 16.0 - Aero Base Builder I "Aero Base Builder I" is an 80 minute workout focusing on technique and 'aerobic' or 'blue zone' intensity training. Join Coach Troy as he guides the cast of elite athletes through a structured and highly effective aerobic workout that will greatly enhance your fat burning metabolism, capillary density and other physiological parameters important to maximizing your peak fitness. Compatible with LeMond RevMaster and all stationary trainers. DVD only. Length: 80 Minutes, Difficulty level: 7.5

  • Competition 17.0 - Aero Base Builder II Maximize the development of your aerobic base this post season with Coach Troy's 'Aero Base Builder' additions to the Spinervals Competition series. These structured 'aerobic' intensity cycling workouts are designed to enhance your aerobic energy system and prepare your body for the harder, anaerobic training that will take your fitness to a new level! 'Aero Base Builder II' is a steady aerobic session that will help you maximize your fat burning metabolism. Follow Coach Troy as he has you build on your cadence throughout the workout with short work to rest ratios for maximum aerobic benefits. Compatible with LeMond RevMaster and all stationary trainers. DVD only. Length: 70 Minutes, Difficulty level: 7.5

  • Competition 18.0 - Aero Base Builder III Maximize the development of your aerobic base this post season with Coach Troy's 'Aero Base Builder' additions to the Spinervals Competition series. These structured 'aerobic' intensity cycling workouts are designed to enhance your aerobic energy system and prepare your body for the harder, anaerobic training that will take your fitness to a new level! Join coach Troy for this workout designed to improve your capillary density and mitochondria activity in the muscle, allowing more oxygen to reach your working muscles and be converted to energy for greater endurance during competition. Compatible with LeMond RevMaster and all stationary trainers. DVD only. Length: 70 Minutes, Difficulty level: 7.5

  • Spinervals Competition 19.0 - Bending Crank Arms Building maximum strength on the bike is best achieved by working hard and generating force in a range of motion specific to cycling. In Spinervals 19.0 - "Bending Crank Arms", Coach Troy guides you through a muscle building, cycling specific strength workout that will make you stronger and more powerful. Join him for a very challenging workout of 'off the bike' strength work with dumbbells and 'on the bike' strength work with huge gears for an extremely effective combination for maximum strength development. Do this workout and you'll soon be so strong, you'll be 'bending crank arms'. Compatible with LeMond RevMaster and all stationary trainers. DVD only. Length: 58 Minutes, Difficulty level: 9.5

  • Spinervals Competition 20.0 - The Sprinting Machine Get ready to sharpen your leg speed and improve your maximum power output by doing this high intensity workout with Coach Troy. Spinervals 20.0 - The Sprinting Machine, will enhance your short burst sprinting abilities by developing those hard-to-reach fast twitch muscle fibers and improving your nervous system response. In this incredibly challenging and effective workout, you'll do a series of short, high intensity sprinting efforts followed by longer rest intervals on a 1:5 work-to-rest ratio designed to optimize your ATP-CP energy system. Towards the end of the workout, get ready for a set of power producing polymeric jumps that will give you the edge in any group sprint. This workout is for experienced competitive cyclists who have a high level of aerobic base fitness and are ready to take it to the next level of performance! Compatible with LeMond RevMaster and all stationary trainers. Has a 'music on/music off' option allowing you to listen to your own music. DVD only. Length: 50 Minutes, Difficulty level: 9.9

  • Spinervals Competition 21.0 - Aerobase Builder IV Develop your aerobic endurance system with this highly effective aerobic base building workout with Coach Troy. Join Coach Troy Jacobson and over 95 cyclists from Ft. Wayne , Indiana and surrounding communities for this workout designed to enhance your aerobic capacity. During this workout, you'll focus on training in your 'blue aerobic zone', ideal for building your endurance by teaching your body to use fats as fuel. Get ready for a challenging but entertaining 60 minute 'steady state' set where Troy keeps things interesting by constantly having you change hand positions and focus on your form. Spinervals Aero Base Builder workouts are perfect for long distance endurance cyclists and triathletes or anyone who simply wants to become more efficient at burning fat. Use these and other Spinervals workouts as part of your comprehensive, year-round training program for peak performance! Compatible with LeMond RevMaster and all stationary trainers. Has a 'music on/music off' option allowing you to listen to your own music. DVD only. Length: 70 Minutes, Difficulty level: 7.5

  • Spinervals Competition 22.0 - Time Trialapalooza Successful time trialing requires a highly developed sense of pacing and energy management. Spinervals 22.0 - Time Trailapalooza is the ultimate workout for the competitive cyclist or triathlete who wants to get faster in the race against the clock! Join Coach Troy and a group of elite athletes from the Minnesota cycling community for this scientific time trial workout based on improving your sustainable power output. Designed to be done with (or without) a PowerTap power meter, Time Trialapalooza will help you to increase your anaerobic threshold while learning how to pace yourself properly for your next time trial event. Add this workout into your training program and you'll be amazed with the results! This workout includes progressively harder sets (20 minutes / 15 minutes / 10 minutes / 5 minutes) with 5 minute recovery intervals. SPECIAL BONUS FEATURE This DVD contains a special time trial bike chapter with bike fit guru and top mechanic, Kevin O'Connor. DVD Only. Length: 80 Minutes, Difficulty level: 9.8

  • Spinervals Competition 23.0 - Time Save I Short on training time and have just 30 minutes to squeeze in an effective workout?! Join Coach Troy Jacobson and 200 athletes from the Minnesota cycling community for a 30 minute 'Time Saver' workout, each designed to focus on a specific area of your fitness while saving TIME. Workout 'A' - Technique: This 30 minute technique session includes one legged drill work and high cadence pedaling to maximize your leg speed and create better efficiency on the bike. Workout 'B' - Tempo/Time Trial (TT): Challenge yourself to maintain your maximum output above your anaerobic threshold during a set of leg burning 90 second reps. Workout 'C' - Sprint/Power: Develop explosive power output and sprinting speed with short bursts of maximum intensity. SPECIAL BONUS FEATURE This disk includes a short interview with 3-Time Tour De France Winner and cycling legend, Greg LeMond and an overview of Bicycle Maintenance with top bicycle mechanic, Kevin O'Connor. Length: 30 Minutes, Difficulty level: A) 7.5, B) 9.5, C) 9.9

  • Spinervals Competition 24.0 - Hillacious with Great Harvest Bread Co. Learn to Climb as if you have HELIUM in your Tires! Learn to DEFY GRAVITY and climb as if you have HELIUM in your tires! HILLacious is a tough workout that will challenge even the most experience cyclists but promises to improve your climbing strength and technique. Join Coach Troy and several athletes representing the Great Harvest Bread Co., a national bakery franchise that makes delicious, whole grain foods for healthy and active lifestyles, for this HILL focused workout taped on the rooftop of the Maryland Science Center, overlooking the majestic Baltimore Inner Harbor. During the workout, you'll be coached through interval sets focusing on gradual climbs of 4-6% grade, rolling hills and steep, short climbs of 10% grades. This is an excellent workout for anyone who wants to climb faster! SPECIAL BONUS FEATURE This DVD includes a special bonus chapter on proper hill climbing technique with Coach Troy. Length: 65 Minutes, Difficulty level: 9.5

  • Spinervals Competition 25.0 - Aero Base Builder V - The Compilation A 2 Hour Aerobic Workout combining the BEST of Aero Base Builders I thru IV Aerobic Base training is an important factor in any serious endurance athletes training program. Coaches agree that that more expansive an athlete's aerobic foundation becomes, the more efficient that athlete becomes at utilizing oxygen, enabling them to go longer and faster. Aero Base Builder V by Coach Troy is an aerobic base training session combining some of the best sets from the first four Aero Base Builders in the Spinervals Series in a 2 Hour workout. Athletes will find this workout to be ideal for longer aerobic training sessions and will enjoy the variety this workout has to offer. Length: 120 Minutes, Difficulty level: 7.5

  • Spinervals Competition 26.0 - The Hardcore 100 A 5.5 Hour Endurance Workout (A Century Ride!) designed specifically for the long distance cyclist and Iron Distance Triathlete! This 3-Disk set will challenge even the most experienced athlete. Length: 300 Minutes, Difficulty level: 9.8

  • Competition 27.0 - Threshold Test & Suffer Fest Spinervals 27.0 - Threshold Test & Suffer Fest serves dual purposes. A great threshold building workout designed to boost your anaerobic threshold and sustainable power output for time trialing events including triathlons, this workout also functions as a repeatable 'field test' used by many prominent coaches and exercise physiologists to determine an athletes 'Functional Threshold', or that output of work (power) one can sustain on average over a 20 minute period. By learning one's functional threshold and retesting it every 6-8 weeks, an athlete can accurately determine the proper training zones as well as assess their training progress over time. This form of performance testing is critical for anyone interested in getting faster on the bike and achieving optimal results through a structured training program.

  • Competiton 28.0 - Aero Base Builder VI Build your Aerobic Base and Endurance with Aerobic Intervals. Effectively build your aerobic foundation with 'aerobic interval training' in this Aero Base Builder workout with Coach Troy! Aerobic training at lower intensities can be boring, but is essential for endurance sports training success. In this workout and others in the Spinervals Aero Base Builder series, the coach guides you through entertaining and effective aerobic interval sets designed to improve your aerobic energy system and pedaling technique simultaneously. Make this and other Aero Base Builder workouts the foundation of your training program and you'll be amazed at how strong and fast you become in the long run!

  • Competition 29.0 - Dropping The Hammer This workout features a variety of interval sets that will keep you focused and motivated to train with the highest quality possible. Combined with aerobic endurance training days, adequate recovery and proper nutrition, this workout will boost your fitness and have you DROPPING THE HAMMER on your training partners and competitors in your next ride!

  • 30.0 Muscular Endurance Plus Participating or competing in long distance cycling events requires that the athlete develop their aerobic and muscular endurance by training at moderate levels of output. This Spinervals workout developed by Coach Troy, 30.0 - Muscular Endurance PLUS, features over 75 Cycle Club members from Life Time Fitness (Vernon Hills Athletic in Vernon Hills, IL). This workout offers riders of all abilities the ideal 'Zone 3' workout designed to boost muscular and aerobic endurance for improved long distance cycling speed and comfort.

  • 31.0 Endurance BOOSTER Getting stronger on the bike means moderately overloading your system with workloads that challenge you, but also allow for adequate recovery. Spinervals 31.0 - Endurance BOOSTER, is a 'Zone 3' workout developed by Coach Troy designed to focus on building your aerobic and muscular endurance. Suited for intermediate and advanced riders focusing on long distance cycling events, incorporating this moderate intensity workout into a well designed weekly training schedule will greatly enhance your ability to ride longer and stronger!

  • 32.0 Extreme Threshold Training! The key to faster time trialing is improving your ability to sustain higher levels of output (power) over a longer duration. By boosting your anaerobic threshold, you'll become more efficient and be able to generate more watts for a longer period of time before fatigue sets in, allowing you to ride faster in the 'race of truth'. In this workout, Spinervals 32.0 - EXTREME Threshold Training, Coach Troy guides you through an effective, challenging (and sometimes painful!) series of threshold sets designed to stress your anaerobic energy system and 'raise the ceiling' of your AT.

  • 33.0 The Pain Cave Enter The Pain Cave and build your speed, endurance and power on the bike! Join Coach Troy and athletes from the Life Time Fitness Cycling Club for this high intensity workout that targets your key energy systems. Starting off with some aerobic work involving pedaling technique drills, you'll gradually build intensity through the workout with threshold work and finish up with leg burning sprints for maximum power development! Incorporate this workout in to your weekly training program to develop that 'top end' necessary for high performance fitness at any level!

  • 34.0 Super High Intensity Training Stick to the basics for results! Super High Intensity Training is the 'meat and potatoes' of interval training for performance cycling. In this workout led by Coach Troy and featuring the elite athletes from the Gear West Triathlon Team and others from the Minnesota Cycling and Multisport community, you'll go through a progressive series of sets focused on building your lactate threshold to the next level for faster cycling times at your next race. Train with your power meter or heart rate monitor as the coach guides you and the other athletes through tolerable levels of discomfort in this 'meat and potatoes' workout until the very end of the session. You WILL get stronger and faster on the bike if you use this exciting and effective workout on one of your high quality training days!

  • 35.0 Cycling Technique Focus Power is one thing. Having lots of power on the bike is great, but those with high power output AND efficient pedaling technique cross the line first! This workout by Coach Troy, featuring elite athletes from the Gear West Triathlon Team and others from the Minneapolis Cycling community, focuses primarily on drills designed to improve your pedaling technique and efficiency. High cadence work and one leg drills help to polish the efficiency of your pedaling technique, enabling the rider to produce maximum speeds at their present power output. Incorporating technique development workouts in to your weekly training schedule will take your race results to the next level, so start that process today!

  • 36.0 Warrior Training Ride with Team 4 Mil and increase your Lactate Threshold! Ride faster in the race of truth by doing this threshold training session with Coach Troy and the athletes from Team 4 Mil! Cyclists need to train at and above their lactate threshold in order to enhance the body's ability to ride faster over sustained lengths of time. This workout incorporates a series of tempo efforts where you'll generate optimal power output over a series of 10 minute reps. As you continue to perform this training session over a period of several weeks, you'll notice your power increasing at a given metabolic output (i.e. Heart Rate). Done as part of a well conceived training plan, this workout will take your performance to the next level!

  • 37.0 Suffering on the Chesapeake This workout appeals to the competition needs of both the serious road cyclist and the competitive age group triathlete! Join Coach Troy and members of the Annapolis Bike Racing Team and the Annapolis Triathlon Club for a tough interval training session that will elevate every aspect of your competitive cycling fitness! In this workout, you'll go through the various energy systems, focusing on skills required for faster criterium racing and time trialing. This is a 'must have' interval session for anyone who needs to get a quality training session finished in an hour or less. Enjoy training with the age groupers from these respected Annapolis, Maryland based clubs as they train outside overlooking the majestic Chesapeake Bay!

  • 38.0 Develop Technique & Power Maximize your metabolic output by improving your pedaling skills and power output! Join Coach Troy and the athletes from the Annapolis Maryland cycling and triathlon communities for this highly effective technique and power building workout as you overlook the majestic Chesapeake Bay! Getting faster on the bike requires a combination of greater mechanical and metabolic efficiency. In this workout, you'll do a series of highly effective pedaling drills to improve your smoothness and pedaling action, followed by a set of high intensity sprint sets to maximize neuromuscular coordination. Perform this workout periodically throughout your training plan and you'll be amazed by your improved performance on the roads!

  • Competition 40.0 - Have Mercy!, Part III You'll cry, beg and plead for Coach Troy to HAVE MERCY! Sometimes everyone needs a dose of self-inflicted discomfort as a reality check and to shock the system to reach a new level of fitness. Have Mercy- Part III, is an insidious and strategic compilation of brutal high intensity interval sets from the Spinervals Competition Series 27.0 through 33.0, designed to make grown men and women whimper in self pity for the pain they are enduring at the hands of Coach Troy. This workout will take you to your limits and drive your fitness to the next level to the point that race day feels easy. So jump on the bike, prepare yourself to suffer and get ready to beg coach Troy to "Have Mercy" again in Have MERCY, Part III!

  • Competition 41.0 - Ascending Mountains in Leadville, CO Ascend the steepest hills and mountains faster with this effective hill climbing workout by Coach Troy. Join Coach Troy and athletes from the Life Time Fitness Cycle Club in this hill climbing simulation workout designed to improve your sustainable power output and muscular endurance. Video taped at 10,000 ft. above sea level in Leadville CO, home to the iconic Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race, the coach takes you through a set of hill repeats and race simulations designed to improve your hill climbing skills for your next race or club ride. Add this workout to your training program and you'll be pulling away from the pack as the road tilts up! So mount your bike and get ready to climb faster with coach Troy!

  • Competition 42.0 - Quads on Fire Learn how to properly manage your energy output and pacing for better cycling performances! Featuring the athletes of Team, this workout is designed to boost lactate threshold and power output while developing an advanced sense of pacing for cycling and triathlon events up to 3 hours or 60 miles. Join Coach Troy Jacobson as he takes you through a workout series of progressively harder sets and pushes you towards your limits! Starting with a simulated "half Iron" effort just below your "FTP" or functional threshold power, you'll progress to an effort simulating a 40K time trial, followed by a 'sprint distance' and finally some all-out killer minutes! You'll enjoy the challenge this workout has to offer, as well your improved sense of pacing and power. This workout is ideally suited to the triathlete and time trial specialist. Add it to your weekly training regimen and see how your results take off!

  • Competition 43.0 - Aerobic Engine Builder Train in Zone 3 to maximize the size of your aerobic engine and increase your muscular endurance! Ride farther and stronger by increasing your aerobic endurance with this Zone 3 workout, featuring the athletes of! Join Coach Troy Jacobson as he takes you through a two--part workout engineered to boost your muscular endurance, as well as your leg speed and pedaling efficiency. In the first half of the workout, focus on lower cadence repetitions that will bring about gains in muscular endurance. In the second half, change the focus and work on a fast and supple spin. Combined, this session promises to take your cycling to the next level while burning an estimated 1,000 calories in the process! Get in gear and get ready to build your aerobic engine with Coach Troy!

  • Competition 44.0 - On The Limit Just when you thought it was safe to get back on the trainer! Suffer like you've never suffered before! Join Coach Troy in this 3-hour compilation of extreme interval, threshold and strength sets from Spinervals 30.0 through 41.0. This workout is designed for the serious athlete wanting to understand pacing at higher levels of endurance performance. Find your breaking point as you are challenged to work the high end of your aerobic zone while dancing dangerously over the edge tapping into anaerobic power. As you survive each grueling set you will learn exactly when to back off before it's too late. And should you survive, you will be stronger!

  • Competition 45.0 - SHOWDOWN at the Coyote Corral Spend time on the saddle with this 4-hour training session to build your aerobic endurance! Raise your tolerance to long distance cycling and build your endurance with Spinervals, Volume 45 - Showdown at the Coyote Corral, video taped in Tucson, Arizona! Join Coach Troy and a cast of focused athletes as he takes you through a series of aerobic endurance interval sets designed to enhance your fat burning capabilities, enabling you to ride longer distances at higher speeds! Performing this workout as your weekly long ride is ideal for any cyclist preparing for an epic cycling event!

  • Competition 46.0 - Shake it Out - Active Recovery hake your legs out after a hard day with this active recovery workout. Research shows that the best way to improve recovery after a hard workout is to do a light, active recovery workout session. Join Coach Troy Jacobson and a cast of competitive athletes for a 30-minute, low intensity workout designed to improve blood flow to the legs and enhance fitness adaptations to intense training. Get stronger and faster by focusing on your recovery.

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    Spinervals Competition Cycling Videos - DVD
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    San Tan Valley, AZ
    5 Stars
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    Staple for indoor training
    August 14, 2011
    I use the Spinervals DVD's for the majority of my bike training, I work long hours and the roads where I live are not particularly bike friendly, so indoor training is the way to go. Spinervals worked for me, I was new to triathlon had never raced a Tribike before and after 5 months of using the Spinervals DVDs I was winning races and breaking course records. They are fun, user friendly and break up the monotomy of indoor training.

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