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New!Skratch Labs Hyper Hydration Mix | Single Serving

Skratch Labs Hyper Hydration Mix | Single Serving

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Skratch Labs Hyper Hydration Mix isn't your everyday, run of the mill sports drink. It's made for athletes who are faced with extremely challenging conditions. Hyper Hydration is an EXTREMELY high sodium mix developed and designed for times when the body can't replace all its fluid lost through sweating in any other way. It has more sodium than a bag of potato chips, and may not be for everyone. This hydration mix isn't for sipping on the couch, or hour-long mellow bike rides and runs. It helps increase the body's water and sodium levels, so you can perform at your best when faced with the worst conditions. Skratch Labs Hyper Hydration Mix is made for all-day, all-out efforts when normal hydration drinks just won't do.

Features & Benefits:
  • Made for extreme conditions
  • Contains large amounts of sodium
  • A single serve stick contains 1700mg Sodium (71% DV)
  • Helps maintain optimal hydration during challenging times
  • Keeps you going when faced with the worst conditions
  • Helps the body load-up on sodium and water for all-day, all-out efforts
  • Flavored with real fruit
  • Convenient single serve stick
  • Flavor: Mango (MNG)
Usage: Add one single serving stick to approximately 16 fl oz. (500ml) of water. Click on image above for nutrition information.

Note: Because this mix contains real fruit, there may be small particles that don't dissolve completely.

Please read before ordering: Dr. Allen Lim on Hyper Hydration

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Large mouth design is great for adding ice cubes and sports drinks. Best of all, buy 4 or more and the price drops to $4 per bottle!
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