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SHFT Intelligent Virtual Running Coach
  • SHFT Intelligent Virtual Running Coach
  • SHFT Intelligent Virtual Running Coach
  • SHFT Intelligent Virtual Running Coach
  • SHFT Intelligent Virtual Running Coach
  • SHFT Intelligent Virtual Running Coach
  • SHFT Intelligent Virtual Running Coach

SHFT Intelligent Virtual Running Coach

Item #: SHF16400 Usually ships the next business day
Price: $199.99
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product description
Start running right using sophisticated software that takes hundreds of readings every second, the Intelligent Virtual Running Coach from the innovators at SHFT, gives you feedback through your headphones while you're on the run. The length of your stride, the strike of your foot, the tilt of your body... SHFT is right there, providing useful information like your very-own personal run coach. And after each run, you'll be able to see a full breakdown of your technique with tips on which areas need additional work. SHFT will help to reduce the risk of injury while improving your running technique and energy consumption. It helps eliminate unnecessary and inappropriate movements while helping you focus on how every body movement can be more efficient, contributing to maximum propulsion. The SHFT system consists of two (2) pods, one placed on the chest and the other on the right shoe, this combination collects your individual running data - in real time - providing direct trainable feedback in actionable and useful commands. With true and measurable running metrics, the SHFT Intelligent Virtual Running Coach will improve your performance, on each and every run!

SHFT Running Coach Metrics:
  • Landing Position: Measures your foot's position at initial ground contact; then into three (3) styles from heel, forefoot and mid foot landing
  • Steps per Minute: Provides feedback on step rate to positively affect Landing Position and increase overall Running Efficiency
  • Ground Contact Time: Knowing how long your foot remains on the ground helps to lower contact time and improve Running Efficiency
  • Time in the Air: Highly connected to Ground Contact Time, Steps per Minute, and running pace; more time in the air and less time on the ground means better Running Efficiency
  • Landing Angle: Perfecting the landing angle between your foot and the ground; the higher or lower the angle is, the more extreme you are landing on your heel or forefoot
  • Toe-Off Angle: The angle between your foot and the ground, right before you leave the ground; a low toe-off angle - leaving the ground a little too early- can put a powerful stride at risk
  • Step Length: Used to get more information about other metrics like Landing Position; if steps are too long, the coach will instruct the runner to take shorter steps to improve running technique
  • G-Landing: The force of the impact at initial ground contact; when you speed up, G-Landing will always increase, but the distribution of impact will differ depending on your Landing Position
  • Watt: The total amount of power you use in your running movement; using Watt ensures you're not over-working during a long run or taking it too slow during an interval training session
  • Running Efficiency: Defined as being the power used to move forward compared to overall power use (Watt); used as a tool to see how you're improving your running technique
  • Brake Effect: The deceleration of your running movement, a measure of force which is going backward instead of forward
  • Body Bounce: The vertical up and down movement of your center of gravity; bounce to high and you'll travel a longer vertical distance with every step you take on a run
  • Body Angle: Measures the forward or backward lean of the upper body; a forward lean is optimal and means you're efficiently using gravity to propel yourself forward
  • System includes: SHFT Pods (2), Chest Strap (1), USB Charger (1), and instruction manual
Shipping Weight: 1.0 lbs.

SHFT Intelligent Virtual Running Coach
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Tucson, AZ
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

SO much more than a running power meter!
November 3, 2016
I learned more in seven minutes about my run form than I have in long, expensive gait analysis's. The system is easy to use, and the coach walks you through every step of the way. The metrics are a bit overwhelming when you look at all the data on it's own, but the coach helps break it down and feed you one thing at a time. If you are serious about improving your run form, this should be a tool in your tool box.
Easy to use, immediate feed back, tremendously effective.
Operates via bluetooth so you need to run with your phone.

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