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ROKA Men's Maverick Elite Wetsuit

ROKA Men's Maverick Elite Wetsuit

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The Men's Maverick Elite Wetsuit is a revelation in wetsuit design. They kept the bulk of the buoyancy where it belongs in the parts of the body that do not need much range of motion. There is more material in the legs and core of the wetsuit for a more streamlined and efficient freestyle without hindering body movement. With the Maverick Elite you will get entry level pricing with top shelf speed. I dare you to find a better value than that.

  • Yamamoto #39 neoprene
  • Smart design buoyancy areas
  • Super Stretchy ankle for faster T1 times
  • Stabilized core
  • Helps improve technique
Shipping Weight: 1.5 lb.

Size Height(in) Weightt(in) Height(cm) Weight(kg)
XS < Up to 5'7" < 135lbs < 170cm < 61kg
S 5'6"- 5'9" 135-150 167-175 61-68
ST 5'10"- 6'2" 145-165 178-187 66-75
M 5'6"- 5'11" 150-170 168-180 68-77
MT 6'0"- 6'3"+ 160-185 183-191 73-84
ML 5'6"- 6'1" 170-195 178-185 77-88
L 6'0"- 6'3" 185-210 183-191 84-95
XL 6'2"+ 195-230+ 188+ 89-104+

Wetsuit Maintenance Kit
Wetsuit Maintenance Kit
Take care of your prized neoprene rocket with this Wetsuit Maintenance Kit. It has everything you need to fix, clean and condition your wetsuit. Kit includes:

  • Urethane Repair Adhesive and Sealant: Repairs the common fingernail holes and other holes and tears in your wetsuit. 1oz.

  • Wetsuit Shampoo: Extends the life of your wetsuit by cleaning and conditioning the neoprene. Lemon Scented, Biodegradable. 8 fl. oz.

  • Silicone Spray: Lubricates and protects your wetsuit. Can also be used for easy wetsuit entry and exit!! 11.5 fl. oz.

  • BodyGlide: Protects against chafing and rash and it makes wetsuit entry and exit easier and faster. This product is a must have in the sport of triathlon! 1.5 oz.

    Shipping Weight: 2.0 lbs.
  • Retail Value: $27.80
    Our Price: $25.99