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Quintana Roo Bicycles

Let's get one thing straight, Quintana Roo (QR) invented the triathlon bike. They breathe triathlon. They embody it. They don't make triathlon products as an afterthought. Instead it is the focus of their entire operation. The end result? Look at Quintana Roo bike and you are looking at the best possible equipment to help you go farther and faster than you ever thought possible.

Quintana Roo began in 1987 by creating the world's first triathlon specific wetsuit, and in 1989, pioneered the use of tri-specific frame geometry in their bikes, forever changing what triathletes ride. Quintana Roo invented triathlon specific geometry which is now so prevalent in triathlon bikes. In addition they have worked with Quintana Roo founder, Dan Empfield, to create triathlon bicycles certified by the F.I.S.T. (Fit Institute Slow Twitch).