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POWERBAR Performance Bar

POWERBAR Performance Bar

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POWERBAR Performance Bar -

POWERBAR Performance bars contain an optimum blend of energy-related nutrients. They are low in fat and designed to be extremely easy to digest when eaten with water, even if consumed a few minutes before intensive activity. They also make a great sustained energy snack or light meal replacement.

POWERBAR Performance bar provides energy from carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates (40 � 45% of total carbohydrates) are in the form of glucose and fructose derived from corn, grapes and pears. Complex carbohydrates (50�55% of total carbohydrates), in the form of maltodextrin, brown rice and oat bran, offer a longer lasting source of energy. Each POWERBAR Performance bar is also fortified with 100% daily values of the eight B-complex vitamins important to energy metabolism. And approximately 15�17% of the calories in POWERBAR Performance bars come from a high quality source of protein that aids muscle growth and recovery.

Before beginning any training session or competition, athletes need to be fully energized and hydrated. When both those needs are met, muscles are ready to work. About an hour before exercise, energize with a POWERBAR Performance bar, with C2 MAX-optimized carbohydrate blend, a 2:1 ratio of glucose and fructose carbohydrate sources. The bars are also an effective option on those days when training starts very early in the morning and eating a pre-workout meal just isn�t realistic.

  • C2 MAX higher-octane carb blend

  • More sustained energy to muscles

  • The original energy bar

    Available flavors:

  • AppleCinnamon (APP)
  • Banana (BAN)
  • Chocolate (CAC)
  • Citrus (CIT)
  • ChocolateBrownie (COB)
  • ChocolatePeanutButter(CPB)
  • Nutty Berry (NB)
  • OatmealRaisin (OAT)
  • PeanutButter (PB)
  • PeanutButter & Jelly (PBJ)
  • VanillaCrisp (VAN)
  • WildBerry (WLD)

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