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POWERBAR Recovery Bar

POWERBAR Recovery Bar

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POWERBAR Recovery Bar - POWERBAR Recovery Bar is a convenient source of recovery nutrition, specially formulated to jumpstart muscle recovery and help restore muscle lipids depleted during endurance exercise. Replenishing depleted stores are an important part to recovering properly and becoming a stronger athlete and POWERBAR Recovery Bar helps you get to that goal.

Athletes need to consume carbohydrates during recovery to replenish glycogen fuel stores that get depleted during exercise. Protein is helpful because it supplies amino acid building blocks needed for muscle tissue repair and the building of new muscle tissue in response to exercise. Unless carbohydrates intake during recovery is very high, carbohydrates and protein consumed together are better at boosting the rate at which glycogen stores are replenished than carbohydrates alone. The reason for this is that the combination is very effective at boosting insulin levels. Insulin is a natural anabolic hormone that helps the body build and recover after exercise. Thus, carbohydrates and protein provide the necessary building blocks to promote recovery, and when consumed together, they can help speed the recovery process.

  • 30g carbohydrates to kick off glycogen replenishment
  • 12g high quality protein, complete in essential amino acids, to help rebuild muscle tissue
  • 9-10g of fats to help restore muscle lipids depleted during endurance exercise
  • Two delicious flavors: Cookies and Cream (CNC), Peanut Butter (PBC)

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