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Newton Women's Distance U LW Trainer Running Shoes
  • Newton Women's Distance U LW Trainer Running Shoes
  • Newton Women's Distance U LW Trainer Running Shoes

Newton Women's Distance U LW Trainer Running Shoes

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product description
Newton’s Women’s Distance U LW Trainer is, contrary to popular belief, actually not the name of a distance running university. That would be cool though. The Distance U is, however, a lightweight stability trainer that is perfect for speed workouts and race days. Featuring flex panels in the upper to allow your foot to flex and spread naturally, it feels like an extension of your foot. High-rebound EVA and Action/Reaction technology give more of your energy back, so you’re sure to be on your way to a slew of new personal records. With universal posting to give you just a touch of support, this is a fast shoe with the features you want. Grab yours and toe the line.

  • Highly-breathable, fast-drying, open air mesh
  • Minimal anatomical support strapping
  • Metatarsal stretch panels
  • Variable fit
  • Slip-proof laces with heel-securing double eyelets
  • High-density rubber in midfoot
  • Lightweight EVA heel
  • Action/ReactionTM technology in the midfoot
  • Biomechanical metatarsal sensor plate
  • High-rebound EVA
  • Universal posting
  • Met-flex enhanced midfoot flexibility
  • ETC anti-friction, anti-bacterial sockliner
  • Accommodates most orthotics
  • H designates half sizes. For example, 9H = 9.5

    Newton Shoes Require an adjustment period due to the lower heel to toe ratio. This is what Newton recommends to adjust to your new shoes.
  • Barefoot drills. Start with 2-4 low-intensity barefoot strides, focusing on landing softly on your midfoot. start slowly. Begin with a short run. 1 mile, no more than 2.
  • The 10-minute rule. Run every other day, increasing distance no more than 10 minutes each time. Rotate with your current shoes to maintain your fitness/training for at least 2 weeks.
  • Build your foundation. Do not introduce speed, intensity and distance until you have adjusted to the Newton Running shoes.
  • Why bother? Your connective tissue (muscle and tendon) and structure (the fine bones in your feet) need time to strengthen and adapt. Newtons allow your foot to feel the ground as if you were running barefoot. If you increase your running volume too quickly, you may experience calf tenderness.
  • Focus on form. Good Natural Running form allows you to run with greater efficiency and less injury.

    Shipping Weight: 3.0 lb.

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    Newton Women's Distance U LW Trainer Running Shoes
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