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Newton Men's Gravity Neutral Trainer Running Shoes
  • Newton Men's Gravity Neutral Trainer Running Shoes
  • Newton Men's Gravity Neutral Trainer Running Shoes
  • Newton Men's Gravity Neutral Trainer Running Shoes
  • Newton Men's Gravity Neutral Trainer Running Shoes

Newton Men's Gravity Neutral Trainer Running Shoes

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product description
Itís a lightweight training shoe. Itís a race shoe. Itís the Newton Menís Gravity Neutral Trainer! The Gravity might not make you faster than a speeding bullet, but youíll look a little bit like Superman and your newfound running form will feel like itís out of this world! At just 9.1 ounces, itís great for everything from daily runs to tempo runs, but can also double as a race shoe for those who want a little extra cushion or are running half and full marathons. Featuring highly breathable, fast-drying, open air mesh and the ETC anti-friction sockliner, the Gravity feels light and comfortable on. The Action/Reaction lugs provide plenty of cushioning and a little extra bounce in your step, while reminding you to maintain good form. Get the Gravity and get ready to fly. Up, up and away!

  • Highly breathable, fast-drying, open air mesh
  • Minimal anatomical support strapping
  • Metatarsal stretch panels for comfort and fit
  • High-density rubber
  • Carbon rubber heel
  • Action/ReactionTM technology in the midfoot and heel
  • Biomechanical metatarsal sensor plate
  • High-rebound EVA
  • Met-flex enhanced midfoot flexibility
  • ETC anti-friction, anti-bacterial sockliner
  • Accommodates most orthotics
  • H designates half sizes. For example, 9H = 9.5

    Newton Shoes Require an adjustment period due to the lower heel to toe ratio. This is what Newton recommends to adjust to your new shoes.
  • Barefoot drills. Start with 2-4 low-intensity barefoot strides, focusing on landing softly on your midfoot. start slowly. Begin with a short run. 1 mile, no more than 2.
  • The 10-minute rule. Run every other day, increasing distance no more than 10 minutes each time. Rotate with your current shoes to maintain your fitness/training for at least 2 weeks.
  • Build your foundation. Do not introduce speed, intensity and distance until you have adjusted to the Newton Running shoes.
  • Why bother? Your connective tissue (muscle and tendon) and structure (the fine bones in your feet) need time to strengthen and adapt. Newtons allow your foot to feel the ground as if you were running barefoot. If you increase your running volume too quickly, you may experience calf tenderness.
  • Focus on form. Good Natural Running form allows you to run with greater efficiency and less injury.

    Shipping Weight: 3.0 lb.

  • reviews
    Newton Men's Gravity Neutral Trainer Running Shoes
    3 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
    Kingston, NY
    5 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    Best shoes ever!
    September 29, 2014
    Before I switch to Newton Running Shoes I had constant knee and IT band issues. I also had to replace my shoes every 300 miles to make sure there was enough heel cushioning to help stop the knee pain & IT problems. 4 years ago, I switched to Newton Running shoes and slowly worked up my mileage and focused on a mid-foot running form. Now I have no knee & IT band problems and my Gravity shoes last up to 800 miles before I need to switch. The price is a little steep, but in the long run I'm saving money and my knees with shoes that promote good running form.
    Promotes good running form. Encourages you to land on the mid-foot. The shoes last a long time if your form is good.
    If you are just starting out with Newton Running shoes, you need to work into them slowly. Low mileage, high focus on form.

    Warren, RI
    1 Stars

    Newton magic missing from these
    October 2, 2013
    I have had more than 10 pairs of Newtons (mostly Gravity's) since 2007. Last pair before these was the red 2012 Gravity's - made in China, loved them. This pair - made in Indonesia - doesn't even feel like a Newton. Fit is terrible, and the lugs seem nonexistent. They feel like an old pair I had where I broke the pressure plate. Yes the Newton fit has varied over the years as upper design has changed, but I could always count on the biomechanics to be there. Not with these - stay away until they go back to old manufacturing. I have moved to another brand.
    Poor fit, Unresponsive

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