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New!KASK Bambino Time Trial Helmet

KASK Bambino Time Trial Helmet

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Bobtail aero helmets are the wave of the future – especially in long distance triathlon where there is little chance that you’re going to hold perfect aero position for 56 or 112 miles – and the KASK Bambino is riding the top of that wave. The choice of the pro-cycling Team Sky, the Bambino features a unique, dual internal and external ventilation system, with channels to allow cool air into the helmet and channels to help vent warm air away from the head. The moderately flexible ear section means you won’t have to spend five minutes in T1 trying to shoehorn your head into the helmet. With a magnetic visor that is easy to change, always snaps perfectly into place, and seems a little more magical than magnetic, and the luxury and attention to detail you can only get from a KASK helmet that is hand-made in Italy, it’s easy to see why this helmet is whipping up a tsunami of buzz about it. Hang loose and ride hard.

  • 3D Dry Padding
  • Eco-Leather Chinstrap
  • Coolmax removable and washable inner padding
  • Self-adjusting lateral divider
  • Soft lateral spacers
  • Colors: White/Black (WHTBLK), Black/Black (BLKBLK), Red/White (REDWHT) or Black/White (BLKWHT)
  • Sizes: Medium (M) 55-58cm or Large (L) 59-62cm
Shipping Weight: 3.0 lb.

KASK Bambino Visor
KASK Bambino Visor
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