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ISM Adamo Attack Saddle

ISM Adamo Attack Saddle

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The new Adamo Attack road and triathlon racing saddle is designed for better body movement so there will be nothing holding you back when you want to go flying off the front of the pack. Featuring a narrower transition from front to back and a lengthened central channel, the Attack is not only more comfortable, it's the most comfortable Adamo saddle, according to blood flow testing. Made with foam and gel padding, this will eliminate race day discomfort, so you can concentrate on dropping watts and making your competition uncomfortable.

Available in Black, White, or Limited Edition USA.

XLAB Delta 225 ISM Rear Hydration System
XLAB Delta 225 ISM Rear Hydration System
The ISM Adamo Saddle with the built-in transition hook on the back has a unique shape. So, if you're looking for a rear hydration system for this particular saddle, pick up the XLAB Delta 225 ISM Rear Hydration System. It's specifically designed to fit the Adamo Saddle with transition hook. The Delta 225 will allow you to store a single bottle behind your saddle, where it has no measurable drag. It comes with a XLAB Gorilla XT Cage, so you don't have to worry about your bottle flying out and becoming a hydration missile when you hit a bump. This is probably the best single-bottle rear hydration solution if you own an ISM Adamo Saddle with a transition hook.

Features & Benefits:
  • AERODYNAMIC LOCATION - Mounting to the saddle rails in the riderís draft allows for clean aerodynamics and easy access. Great way to increase your speed.
  • STABLE DESIGN - Strong, sturdy mounting. The material used on the carrier is high strength and will not sway, allowing for fast, safe access to the bottle.
  • SPECIAL CAGE DESIGN - The cage design is funnel shaped allowing for easy insertion of your bottle.
  • HIGH GRIPPING CAGE - The carbon fiber GORILLA XT Cage grips the bottle with 7 lbs of tested force to prevent slippage.
  • ANTI-VIBRATION - Using Loctite and locknuts, the screws are locked in-place for safety and security.
  • WEIGHT - 121 grams with mount, hardware and cage.
NOTE: The XLAB Delta 225 only fits the ISM Adamo Saddle with transition hook.

Shipping weight: 2.0 lbs.
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