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Infinit Nutrition

Infinit Nutrition Infinit Nutrition - Infinit Nutrition makes nutritional drinks that you can customize to your own liking or you can choose from one of the formulas that have been created by the experts at Infinit Nutrition. All the major nutrients are available to choose from to adjust. The options are: Flavor, Carbohydrate blend, Calories, Electrolyte Blend, Protein, Amino Acid Blend and Caffeine. Flavors you can choose from Orange, Lemon-Lime, Fruit Punch. One of the great things about Infinit Nutrition is that you can customize the osmolarity of the product. Osmolarity is the concentration of the solution. That is the number of particles in a solution. The optimal osmolarity is around 300mosm/kg. Solutions that are hypertonic will pull fluids out of your body and into the gut. Not only will this dehydrate you, but it will also reduce performance. Osomofit is a process that Infinit Nutrition does to make sure you will be able to digest your fluids.