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New!I Run, Therefore I am STILL Nuts!

I Run, Therefore I am STILL Nuts!

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I Run, Therefore I am STILL Nuts is a humorous look at the things runners do and go through in their running lives. This book has 43 hilarious and insightful essays that take a look into the crazy and sometimes obsessive nature of "the runner". Feel free to laugh while reading this book, but not too hard though. You might be doing some of these crazy things without even knowing it. I Run, Therefore I am STILL Nuts will entertain and might even be a self help book too, who knows.

I Run, Therefore I Am—STILL Nuts! brings out the humor in situations that every runner can relate to:
  • Suffering from RWIA, otherwise known as running watch information addiction
  • The addictive nature of high-intensity interval training
  • The depths of despair upon learning your favorite shoe will be discontinued
  • Embracing the saving grace of age-graded race time calculators
  • Attempting to run with a reluctant canine companion
  • Trying out running in the oxymoron of barefoot shoes
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